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    The relays on the speaker terminal board SP-508 are in need of replacement, no doubt, along with a plethora of electrolytic caps, plus R635 needs to be 3.3KΩ 1W. Spend the time to check for shorted or open caps! Fix the main amp board MA-508A first, then the smaller boards. Leave the main tuner board TIM-510A and Noise Reduction board CNR-527D for last. Give the two switches for TAPE functions on FEQ-508A a good shot of DeoxIt.
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    Roman Street 'Balcony Of The World' from the same-titled album released March 2020
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    Will Bernard, Freelance Subversives was released on May 1, 2020. "Will Bernard’s new recording is titled Freelance Subversives; the title itself is the best description of his method, his mindset, and his storied career. His journey began in Berkley California, itself a hotbed of both freelancers and subversives. Listening in to underground radio as a young man he picked up on the greats - first in rock and roll with The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Dr. John, The Rolling Stones - and then the typically Bay Area sounds of The Grateful Dead, Santana, Tower Of Power, and more. Sent off to a culturally diverse school courtesy of the the US busing program, Will was exposed to some great teachers as he picked up the guitar as his choice of musical expression." You can read the rest of the review here...
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    I have smoked the Opus X cigars, and I enjoyed them a great deal. A biker buddy gave me one at a rally, and when he got married, I gave him a box (5 cigars). If you don't mind waiting on shipment from Switzerland, I've bought Cuban cigars here a couple of times: https://www.finestcubancigars.com/ IIRC, I got the cigars in about 3 weeks.
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    Hi All, I just acquired a somewhat broken MXR-130. I had no idea there was so much info on fixing these receivers! I've already ordered some refurbish kits on Ebay, plus deoxit etc. I am a little concerned though that I may have screwed something up; after I took off the covers, blew the dust out, etc I though I wanted to run some of the basic sm alignment procedures to better understand it's current condition. The first one I ran, per the sm, was to clip onto the D626 diode and chassis with my voltmeter and see if it's at 61.1v. It was at ~42v, so I adjusted the SVR603 trim pot to ~61v. At that point the tuner came back and I was able run up and down am/fm, listen to stations etc. BUT I noticed the top two big resistors on the tuner board were running (what appeared to me) to be super hot -- the top one was at 163 degree F and climbing. I turned off the receiver, turned it back on, clicked the FM tuner button and the back panel 6a fuse blew. I'm waiting for new fuses. I later learned some stuff---the tuner resistors typically run hot (I've ordered some new ones at the same ohm value, but higher power 5w) . I've also ordered a kit to replace the main power board resistors. I'm thinking I should not have changed the existing SVR603 trim pot value until I had performed a general refurbishment (new caps, relays, higher rated resistors etc) I'm thinking of turning the trim pot BACK to the 42v value before I proceed with the ebay kit refurbishment. I should also add that BEFORE I did any of the things I described above, I hooked it up to my CD player and listened to Beethoven, it sounded both loud and awful--crackling, distortion, just terrible. But both channels worked and no fuse blew until I adjusted that trim pot to the sm spec'd value. I also maybe should have been using a true 8 ohm dummy load (I don't even know what that is) before screwing with the trim pot? Probably. I'm sure more experienced techs have spotted a bunch of dumb things, but I am new to fixing receivers and am still learning. Anyhow, I'm so glad this site exists! I hope to learn and eventually be able to pass on real knowledge to others in this forum. I am looking forward to continue working on this receiver till it works as spec'd in the sm. I am genuinely appreciative of any and all advice and comments related to this project. I am sure many of you are old hands at this stuff, but I am still somewhat new to power amp design and troubleshooting procedures. Thanks in advance, Matthew
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    It’s not uncommon for an application to stop responding on Windows 10. When it happens, you can force the app to shut down, effectively unfreezing said application... https://www.howtogeek.com/680236/how-to-force-quit-an-app-on-windows-10/
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    The development of electronic applications can take on many new forms to include foldable and wearable displays to monitor human health and act as medical robots... https://phys.org/news/2020-07-active-matrix-light-emitting-diode-human-skin.html
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    Damn, that'll do it! That ought to be something you could fight in court! That said, you picked 3, so picking on poor @Balokfor wanting 2 isn't fair, alien or not. Then again, he does have the advantage of a high-power disintegrator/discombobulator pistol should the cops try to pull him over... I'd have to agree, though - just about anything from Moving Pictures will put me north of the limit pretty quick.
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    For me its "Hocus Pocus' by Focus! By the time I half-way through the song, I'm doing 200MPH+...
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    Welcome to the group. I can see exactly what your problem was and yes, you made a terrible mistake - blowing the dust out is guaranteed to make it all fail in bizarre and spectacular ways - the magic dust is what makes it all work! Obviously I can't offer any good assistance in helping you get that receiver going, but as you've seen, there are lots of folks here who do know there way around the circuits and are happy to offer good help and guidance. Personally, I admire anyone willing to dive in there and have a go at things. Good for you. I'm sure it will get sorted out and making beautiful music in no time. Tanks again for joining!
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    Berries and other foods containing antioxidants may alleviate cellular damage caused by cosmic radiation... https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/video/video-short-cosmic-ray-danger/
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    Better YouTube Experience in Chromium... https://www.tomshardware.com/news/raspberry-pi-os-64-bit-sees-improved-1080p-youtube-performance
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    Welcome @Pooklord, that looks like a super project. Can't wait to see some pictures of your results!
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    Greetings @Pooklord ! Looks like you are well on your way!!!
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    Welcome! If you want to eliminate the hot resistors all together here is an option available from a trusted eBay seller CircuitsAndConcepts. Les is also a member here though not very active anymore. I have used this regulator in both of my MXR-130 recievers. A bit pricey for a repair and flip unit but well worth it for personal equipment. High Efficiency Regulator to repair refurbish CARVER MXR-130 -150 THE RECEIVER
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    My favorite meal is a nice balsamic salad as a starter. Then, a nice 18oz filet mignon blackened with cajun spices. Pair that with roasted asparagus and garlic mashed potatoes or sweet potato drizzled with butter, molasses and brown sugar . Dessert would be creme brulee with port wine to chase it down. Yeah, I'm the cook in the family!😁
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    Have you ever tried the Fuente fuente opus x cigar? A little pricey but a lot of spicy notes at the end. I can also get some Cubans every now and then...
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    Homemade baked Lasagna! For desert fresh baked cheesecake topped with fresh fruit!
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    My favorite entree is a 1" thick, medium rare burger with a grilled pineapple slice and mozzarella melted over the pineapple on the patty. The bun is brushed with evoo, sprinkled with garlic and black pepper, and lightly grilled. Dessert is a shot of Kahlua, a shot of Bailey's Irish Cream, and the rest of the glass willed with Java Monster. I enjoy that libation with a Cuban Montecristo cigar.
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    Awake by Godsmack. Best Navy commercial soundtrack ever to boot.
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    Well, now that I bought some +2.00 bifocals today, I'm actually going to be able to read up close with my contact lenses on. LOL I read gun, motorcycle, muscle and fitness and hot rod magazines.
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    Roof open - windows down... Drive in Drive Out - Dave Matthews Band Suck My Kiss - Red Hot Chili Peppers
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    Rev on the red line by Foreigner.... I can remember a few Saturday nights welding up the cluster gear in my M22 Rock crusher tranny when I used to race my 70 Chevelle SS In Florida.😁
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    Back when 140 wheel HP was king? 😀 And I owned several of those awesome 307s, with the lead cams!
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    Like my grandfather used to tell me... Engines are like women. they're all the same on the inside but different on the outside. He had a1968 Chevy Impala with a 307 and 2 speed powerglide. That thing was pretty Peppy in it's day.
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    Come on Rod. That's kinda cold.....😄
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    Jefferson Starship Jane
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    Nope. But it does have a powerhouse Chevy 305, bullet proof 200 4R, and that off-the-line thrust that you can only get from a 2.73 rear end with 14" wheels.
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    Well he is still making small positive strides he still has a long way To go. They gave him plasma from a Covid Survivor they say its the new way to help the cure
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    BC. Canada's left coast. Kinda like California.......
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    As one of the youtube comments says, the vehicle in this video is not driving nearly fast enough.
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    How do you know when you are low on oil in your 305? It stops smoking...
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    Yup. Needed bifocals 14 years ago......
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    I'm looking for a pic of the $700+ ticket I got in the company van when the bast@rds played 3 RUSH tunes in a row....
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    But officer when AC/DC is playing in my helmet the speed limit goes up
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    On the first day in a college communication class, we had to choose our entrance music. I chose this one, and it's still fitting.
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    Not sure I can remember how many cams I have replaced on those 305's...LOL
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