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  1. Welcome the 2 newest additions. The "Listen to the music" C-11 and the "Franken-amp" TFM-45 from the master @kve777 They are joining the "Mighty Miller" TFM-45 from the wizard @dennismiller55 who worked over several years ago They join a Technics SL1200Mkii tricked out, Denon DNP-800 network streamer/DAC, Teac CDP-650, Tube buffer from @4krow, Maggie LRS, modified Klispch RP600
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  2. Top to bottom live wire power conditioner Tascam CD-200 Emotiva UMC-200 Carver AV-405 Carver M-0.5t Denon DP-300f turntable polk LSI-15 mains Mirage nansats for surrounds changed the picture, close up of the rack mounted gear and an overall picture of the entertainment console. I made the console with the idea of left and right 19” rack mounts (I play guitar and was going to make the left side into a guitar rack, never got past the idea stage on that one). Center channel speaker spot was made for the Polk center channel speaker. The rest of
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  3. I am very pleased with the LRS and TFM-45 combo, which I have had for almost a year. The C-11 is replacing another pre-amp that lacked tone control, which I need in my room. I run a JL sub along with the LRS and it does very well FYI
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  4. Great looking system. Thanks for sharing......
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  5. Thanks for sharing Pat. We love to see pictures. 🙂
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  6. 2 points
  7. I like the screen. Also the music room.
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  8. Just signed up, was a Carver owner in the mid-80’s. Had a m1.0, C1, and TX11. Had kids and sold it all, you know for food and mortgage... anyhow, back in the game for the past couple years. Built a home theater with 2 carver amps m0.5t and a AV-405 with a emotiva UMC-200 pre-amp. (I wanted HDMI switching). Polk LSI15’s for the mains and matching center channel. I use Mirage nanosats for the surrounds and rears. Carver sub is also in the mix. Coupled that to a 129” projector screen. Movies are great and plenty of power on tap. I'm building a 2ch system with a C1
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  9. I really like the C-11 paired with a TFM45. I've settled on this combo in my home office .... I have a pair of LRS coming next month. Something tells me that trio is going to end up together.
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  10. Excellent! Thank you for sharing those, Pat.
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  11. Nice looking cabinet and gear!
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  12. Very nice. Always like to practice a little voyeurism when it comes to stereo equipment😁
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