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  1. Joe Bonamassa, Time Clocks was released on October 29, 2021. "The new album is a collection that sheds new light on Joe's life as a journeyman, constantly creating and always on the run. As "Notches" and "The Heart That Never Waits" would suggest, this album shows that even though Joe chose the road less travelled, it's led him to success in the end. And he's not backing down any time soon. A bit older in years but wiser in knowledge earned, his new sound has a raw and vital flavor, combined with a resolute skill that can only be gained through years of perseverance and unyielding dedication. "Time Clocks" follows Joe on his never-ceasing evolution as he continues to forge ahead, bending genres, breaking down walls and defying the odds of the music industry." You can read the rest of the review here. My take: Joe just keeps getting better as a guitarist, as a vocalist, and as a musician.
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  2. It's just to raise up a little bit as you know how when you stand up the sound can really change. My wife had an old dining room table, I cut off some chunks of it, got some wooden furniture "buns" at a hardware store (they're normally attached to couches), cut the threaded posts on the buns down a bit, drilled the underside of the table and glued the posts into the old table top. It worked out just right and it's easy to slide them around, too.
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  3. Oooh nice. Like the black. Saw another on Ebay of the gold face, at $1295..., a few dings and scratches. Conrad Johnson EV-1 Tube Phono Preamplifier Stage | eBay https://www.ebay.com/itm/333750116741 One drawback, from reading the reviews, is that to change the settings, for different cartridges, you have to open it up, and set DIP switches..., so if you swap cartridges a lot, or have multiple headshells with different carts, it's a PITA..., not everyone does that, though, so the Ron Popeil approach works for many - "Set It and Forget It." Very interested in your review. Saw this one from 2002, that was a good read: SoundStage! Vinyl Word - Conrad-Johnson EV1 Phono Stage (3/2002) (soundstagenetwork.com) http://www.soundstagenetwork.com/vinyl/vinyl200203.htm
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  4. "A fresh and open music, delicate and space-conscious, is shaped as drummer Thomas Strønen and Ayumi Tanaka, previously heard in the ensemble Time Is A Blind Guide on Lucus, resurface in a new trio with clarinettist/singer/percussionist Marthe Lea. The group first came together at Oslo’s Royal Academy of Music, where for two years the players would meet each week for exploratory music making. Strønen: 'We always played freely- drifting between elements of contemporary classical music, folk music, jazz, whatever we were inspired by. Sometimes the music was very quiet and minimalistic: playing together generated some special experiences.' The spontaneous spirit of the music is reflected in the trio’s debut recording, which was made at the Lugano radio studio and produced by Manfred Eicher. With the exception of the title piece, based on a traditional Norwegian tune, the music on Bayou was collectively created in the moment."
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