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  1. My Uncle asked me if I wanted this??? I have the box, warranty card & manual. I opened it up to clean it but it looks new.
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  2. Welcome again, @RBQ. Well, I should share..., (been just slow at posting a thread on this...) but..., A friend on the Phoenix site helped me WOPL my Carver Corp., C-500. Very similar to the PL400, but with an extra row of transistors. Fun project..., if I ever get spare time to organize all the photos, I may post a thread. But, to be sure, a WOPL C-500 is one rare and interesting piece in my collection. WOPL folks were very good to work with. ...oh, and yes, don't forget the DC Protection module... 😉 OK, realizing I'm the kettle calling the pot black, here..., a photo of proof that my C-500 WOPL exists... Looking forward to seeing your photos of your rig, too.
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  3. Found in Denver at a garage sale for $10 bucks. Luckily, since I fly a lot & have a 70lb bag allowance as it weighed in over 55lbs. After finding the Phoenix Audio forum, I began rebuilding it. I've since collected a few more Phase Linear pieces such as the 1400 EQ, 3300 II Preamp & just because it also looked cool a 5100 Tuner. I have been playing around with Sansui stuff and now have some real fun. Now I'm trying out some Carver stuff with a very clean M1.5t & C4000.
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  4. Hi everyone. I’ve worked for the railroad for 30 years and travel almost weekly from Birmingham AL to Everett WA. After modifying a PL 400II from the help of the Phoenix Audio community, I desired to try a Carver M 1.5t amp from my uncle’s basement. Will see if this will be easier or cheaper then my flame amp. Thanks
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  5. Yeah that looks amazing. Great mkII upgrade candidate.
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  6. Thanks Dennis. Yeah I had a great experience with White Oak doing the WOPL mod. Thanks for the M1.5t info
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  7. Welcome @RBQ! You might want to research the MKII upgrade for your M-1.5t from Nelion Audio. Did you do the WOPL modification your PL 400 II? Both are nice amps! Good luck with your upgrade/refurb project. What AJ said....well love pictures
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