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  1. We know longer plan to mirror reservation requests from here to Carverfest.com. All cabin reservations will be routed through this site to the Watershed management. We will be working with Watershed to establish rates in the next month or so. Vacation rental rates on the rise like all other costs in this economy so I been warned that our increase maybe a little more than previous years. Our position has not been helped by all of the talk of seeking another venue. I am continuing to assure the Watershed owners that the majority of us have no intention of going anywhere else. Not only that but we are hopeful that ALL will continue to come to Bryson City. It is our general consensus that the only pecking order that exists is one of common sense. Complete consideration will be given to previous year cabin occupants. Previous occupants will be given sufficient time to state to their intentions to attend again before a cabin is allotted to a newcomer. To be clear…..when the time is appropriate we will provide a list of renters from the Reservation List on this Soundroom to the Watershed Management Group.
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  2. Well Greg, That is a timely question. I am having conversations with Misty and Mike about rates for this years Fest. There is a small group of people that seem to be dissatisfied with Watershed and are seeking another venue further north. We will have to see how this develops. I do not see it happening in time to do anything different in 2022. For this reason I have decided to leverage my relationship with the Watershed owners and make this the primary place for reservations, information, etc. It is my opinion that most people that currently attend would not shift to a Northern Venue so we may be headed towards a Southern Carverfest and a Northern Carverfest. I can tell you that Misty, Mike and the rest of the Watershed team have been offended by the public comments about the quality of the venue. The discounts offered have been steep and even increased as related to normal seasonal rates the last several years. They have also offered us additional perks the last year or two and for this the thanks has been to publicly slam them on the Carverfest.com forum. I will be updating the reservation list here and only here. Watershed has been instructed to only accept reservations from renters who stake their claim here. Ed
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