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  1. My history with Carver goes back to the mid 80's when I sold hifi gear for a living at a place called Lechmere (anyone remember them?) I still own the M1.0t and the M200t that I bought back then and they are both still going strong! The M200t is doing center channel duty (bridged) in my A/V system. I've just purchased a C-1 on eBay which should arrive next week which I'm going to pair with the M1.0t as the start of a vintage 2-channel setup. Cheers!
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  2. Thanks all for the warm welcome! I would put up any pictures of them both together, but they are packed away in storage at the moment. I do have the service manual for the PSC-50 but not the TFM-35 so I will look for it. Me personally, I am originally from Vermont and now live in Northern California, and have been tinkering with audio stuff for a little more than a decade. At one point I was the informal "tech guy" for a then-local record shop after they figured out I knew how to wrench on gear. That was a lot of fun and learned a lot, and super rewarding to get people's old beloved gear on the road and not really charge them anything beyond the cost of parts. Edit: Realized I did work on a Carver once, it was a Magnetic Field Power Amplifier that just had dirty pots. The channel came back after I cleaned them, so I didn't charge the guy anything and he was psyched. Now I am mainly focused on repairing the rest of the broken stuff I have in the garage (like the Carver gear). Also, I am the guy who does the free magnet re-centering for folks over on the Polk Audio forum (also super fun to get people's old locked-up Polks on the road with no cost to them beyond postage). Anyway I currently am listening to my McIntosh C32/MC2105 with some tiny bookshelf Infinity speakers and a small sub. I listen to Polk SDA 3.1TLs in my 2-channel TV setup. Once the Carver gear is going, I'd like to swap it in for the McIntosh stuff and look forward to observing the differences in sound. Off to find that TFM-35 service manual ... oh and here's the PSC-50 with its missing power button & PCB:
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  3. @CarvEAR Welcome to the site. You have chosen a classic vintage pair with the C-1 and M-1.0t. There is lots of info on both of these units. But be careful, you might get the bug to upgrade them. Small note on the C-1/M1.0t combo. You may get a slight buzz in the speakers if you stack the C-1 directly on top the M-1.0t. Its not bad, and you may not even hear it depending on your speakers. Once again, welcome.
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  4. The Beatles (in the recording studio September 25th & 26th 1968) Happiness Is A Warm Gun
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  5. The Beatles Mother Nature's Son
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  6. Welcome! Loved Lechmere - I'm up on the North Shore of Boston and it was a favorite.
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