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  1. Welcome Duncan. I am sure you will find a number of like minded folks here to share with.
  2. Dominique Fils-Aime Birds The song "Birds" many used it at CF to tune their speakers.
  3. Dominique Fils-Aime Birds Got turned on to it at CF this year as it seemed many used it for speaker test.
  4. Happy B-Day my friend. Hoist one for me
  5. Charlie a question if I may?

    Was it you that said you knew where or had a driverack PA2 for sale? 

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    2. oldtexasdog


      Thanks Charlie--hope all is well and your looking forward to your retirement:D/

    3. jazzman53


      12 more working days and I'm off like a prom dress!

    4. oldtexasdog


      Just don't let the dress get over your head🤣

      BTW ever have any experance with a Conrad-Johnson Premier 17LS or a Conrad Johnnson premier 16LS Series 2 ? If so what should I look for if I am purchasing?

  6. Today is Chuck Berry's B Day
  7. M500t MKII, Polk Sub, Tube amp, JBL Stadium speakers.
  8. Lana Del Rey-Season of the Witch. Again in my humble opinion done much better than the original by Donavan which I liked very much when it came out.....
  9. Kristen Cruz at AT singing I see Red-better than the original I think. Very explicit lyrics for AGT though??
  10. I could more than likely find it again after 4 years but a address for my google would be nice.
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