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  1. Looks to be. I ran a diagnostic and it said I was fine but "not responding to connections on port 443 on the sites end? It looks like I can get on with a VPN though??
  2. Last two days thats the message I get. Tried various browsers and apple laptop. Using a VPN on desktop right now and hope it works.
  3. A Big Thanks to you Charlie for another GREAT KARMA along with a bright spot in a otherwise uncertain time.!! Congrads AJ-Enjoy the music!
  4. oldtexasdog


    Lets see--Listen to music Sex Watch TV Sex Eat Sex Drink Sex Surf the computer Sex Listen to music Sex Play music Sex Talk on the phone Sex Check our e-mail and chat rooms Oh and did I mention SEX?? Did I miss anything?
  5. oldtexasdog


    I agree but now they also have a lot of spare time to shop.
  6. oldtexasdog


    Just saw a news blurb where Amazon says they are going to suspend sales and shipments of CD’s and Records along with other items to concentrate on essential items during the outbreak. I would think now would be a great time to have new music in your collection as many are being ordered to shelter in place and some music would help calm the nerves.
  7. 67 please-Great Karma!!
  8. oldtexasdog


    Too late they already did😂 On a side note it looks like they are banning Lap Dances here till it passes🥴
  9. A very nice Karma and sounds great for my MK II whats the number range? Is the black and gold up for Karma also?
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