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  1. I for one would like to see some pics of the fest?
  2. John Coltrane (1926) Coltrane was an influential American jazz saxophonist and composer. He worked with numerous big bands before emerging in the 1950s as a major stylist while playing with Miles Davis. His playing exhibited a dazzling technical brilliance as well as ardent emotion. Coltrane made a number of influential recordings, among them the 1960s classics My Favorite Things and A Love Supreme. He was deeply spiritual and interested in all religions. What church made him a saint after his death?
  3. Welcome. Crank it up-kick back-and enjoy the ride.
  4. Congrads Zenith4me!! PM me your shipping address and I will get it off tomorrow.
  5. Those Maggies are some of my go to favs! A little light on the output but very refined and delicate sound. The one Bob helped me with 7 years ago was a Maggie. Heck even though it was only 15 watts he hooked it up to a pair of ALIII’s at CF and it filled the room, not loud but full. Everyone’s mouth hit the floor!
  6. The Magnavox 9300 is about 12-15 watts and this one is 20 watts per channel. On the very affordable side I use a pair of Pioneer Andrew Joes BS22 book shelf In the shop that work very nice. Around 100.00 for the pair. Something more efficient would even be better. The amp is like 2 amps on one chassis that shares one very large power transformer. The opts are large and matched also. After I finished the circuits for each amp they are exact copies of each other and balanced with just enough NFB to make the amp very stable. The tubes are very affordable and easy to find. I put the sound right up there with some of the Fisher’s and Pilot amps I have done.
  7. The Electromagnetic Bomb In 2003, it was reported that US forces used an electromagnetic bomb to disrupt Iraqi TV transmissions. The so-called E-bomb is a weapon designed to disable electronics with an electromagnetic pulse. Though relatively non-lethal, it can cripple critical technology, making it a valuable tool in modern warfare. It is believed that older devices containing vacuum tubes may be more resistant to damage from these bombs than newer, transistor-based technology. How can sensitive devices be protected?
  8. Happy B Day BB B.B. King (1925) A singer and guitarist born into a sharecropping family in the Mississippi Delta region of the US, King began playing guitar at 12. He worked as a radio DJ in Memphis before coming to prominence as a guitarist in 1952. He has toured widely, averaging over 300 shows a year for nearly 30 years. King famously named his guitar Lucille after a woman who inspired a fight at one of his concerts that ended with the venue burning down. King's first name is Riley. What does B.B. stand for?
  9. If they are that hard to drive then I would not think it to be a good marriage😦 These small 20 watt tube amps like a efficient speaker. I think Travis found Heresy’s worked real well with them.
  10. Welcome!! Looking forward to your post and journey here.
  11. I have never had or heard the Bose901 but I looked up their specs and at 90dB they should play well together I would think. Is there any 901 gru’s out there?
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