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  1. First Wal-Mart Store Opens in Rogers, Arkansas (1962) Today the world's largest corporation, the Walmart chain of superstores was founded by Sam Walton, a former US Army Captain with an economics degree. Walton owned and ran a chain of five-and-dime stores in Arkansas before he opened his first Wal-Mart store in 1962. In the 50 years since, the company, which sells brand-name goods in high volume at low prices, has flourished. It now has 8,500 stores operating in over a dozen countries. What percent of the US population visits a Walmart each week?
  2. Sony Introduces the Walkman (1979) Sony's first truly portable cassette player, the Walkman, was originally developed for a company chairman who wanted to be able to listen to music on long plane rides. He was impressed, and less than a year later, the revolutionary device hit the market. Sales soon exploded, cementing the Walkman's place in pop culture. It remained popular throughout the 1990s, before CDs and mp3s supplanted cassettes. Who invented the portable personal stereo cassette player years before the Walkman's debut?
  3. I had my M1.0t done with the MK!! Opt2. Outstanding performance and sound! Worth every penny.
  4. Good news is it's getting power. Take the tubes out and per the schematics test the voltages on each socket. Have the tubes tested. If voltages are good then it's more than likely gonna be a tube. If your gonna use it very much I would replace all the electrolytic caps. The ceramic ones should still be good. If you have it out, it doesn't hurt to test the resistors also. I would try and do that with them in place as the working area will be pretty cramped,I would think. If you get a resistor that test way out of spec de-solder one end and re-test before replacing. Any that are withen 20% should be fine. Pay careful attention to the power caps (black cardboard tube) as they are not directly grounded to the chassis. I would try and obtain another insulated multi cap can to save space as I think they look like they are rated at 500V and there may not be room underneath for them.. Be careful always!!
  5. Thanks for the fun and different great karma Rod. Congrads Bill!!
  6. Very Nice Karma! I have a extra AVR I am sitting on currently so I will pass.
  7. Gongrads Aceman 117! Thanks for the Karma offering Ray!!
  8. What a Fun Karma Rod!! Iv'e always been an on-time or get there early kinda guy and when Susan goes to the Jewelry store to get something cleaned I always look at the watches. But alas I am also practical. 10.00
  9. Another great Karma! Thanks itch and congrads Dick
  10. Good Karma headed your way Jeff. Congrads iamjohngalt looking forward to your new builds.
  11. As long as it's not too heavy??
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