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  1. Interesting! I saw. Where the Stones were not going to preform Brown Sugar due to it’s slave orintated lyrics.
  2. Always power hungry but I have tried many with my M1.0t MKII, opt 2 and have yet to find anything more pleasing to my old ears. B&W 802’s
  3. Hope you had a good B-Day!
  4. Hoist a little Shine and enjoy your B-Day Greg
  5. Have a GREAT “B” Day Rod!!!!!
  6. Welcome Boris I am looking forward to hearing your journey and reading your post.
  7. Welcome to a place of what I believe you will find “Like Minded Folks”
  8. I also have a SL1600 and would be very interested in how you go about adding VTA or any other mods.
  9. Ortofon 2M Bronze. It does everything well and seems to dig deep and bring out the small nuances of a album. I never tried the Black as my TT does not have a way to adjust VTA.
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