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  1. Might just be a dumb question but just got a real good stereo (Kenwood DMX7706S, Kicker amplification on all channels, JBL-GX8628 X 4 speakers and subs X 2 in my car (08 Mustang GT) it has a USB that I can use with a drive or Apple Car Play and want to load a USB drive up with music from my computer and was wondering if there was any difference in quality with using the Windows player or is something else better. Lossless is preferable. I have the music files on the computer and some playlist from Amazon and just want to get them on a USB in all their glory. Side question?? I have one US
  2. Well I missed it but hope you had a memorable B-Day yesterday.
  3. Welcome!! I am also in NC Moore County Aberdeen
  4. Sitting in front of the bay windows with the sun over my shoulder reading a Jason Mathews spy novel listening to the TT playing:
  5. I always look at the album (blow it up and check the label)(year made is a big one) then take the research I have already done and make a decision. The records I have bought have all been good from them.
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