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  1. James Watt (1736) A largely self-taught Scottish engineer and inventor, Watt greatly impacted the Industrial Revolution with his development of the Watt engine. Asked to repair a model of Thomas Newcomen's steam engine, he instead made improvements to it that resulted in a new type of engine. One such design enhancement, the separate condenser, radically improved the power, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of steam engines. The watt, a unit of power, is named for him. What other unit of power did he develop?
  2. If it helps anyone I found a next door florist that I think is good, and reasonable,I think (I grew up with a mother that had a flower shop) Main Street Flowers Westminster SC 864-647-5460 I talked to Needle who is well aware with the service.
  3. Happy B Day Popeye Popeye Makes His Debut in the Thimble Theater Comic Strip (1929) on this Day Popeye, the popular cartoon character who turns from sailor to strongman with a few swallows of spinach, started out as a minor character in the Thimble Theater comic strip. In its early days, the strip starred Olive Oyl and her boyfriend, Ham Gravy. However, after cartoonist E.C. Segar introduced Popeye, he became so popular that his role was expanded, and he soon replaced Ham as Olive's love interest, going on adventures with her brother, Castor Oyl, and facing what nemesis?
  4. Can a remembrance be sent to the service. I would like to.
  5. Did you find anything? Were you looking for something that will do 3 zones audio and TV? The reason I ask is I have a Denon 2808CI I am not using and would let it go cheap. If interested you might Google it first to make certain it will fit your needs.
  6. He was so full of life the last time I saw him at CF. So sad to hear-thanks for the update Ed, and Susan and I send our prayers to his family.
  7. Charlie you have to have one of the best Karma's for the new year! Congrads Kevin.
  8. That Charlie is Another GREAT KARMA!!! As earlier, my Karma gift from you has already been bountiful so not in.
  9. Happy B Day!! May your gifts if any have that extra touch.
  10. Congrads Maytag and thanks Carter for the Karma.
  11. Big Congrads to Dennis you lucky Dog you! Thanks for another great Karma Charlie! Your a Class Act! Happy New Year!
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