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  1. itchitch

    Jack Ryan

    I have not started season two yet... I kept waiting for "Pam" to cameo in season one
  2. I am not looking to avoid the tax. My point of frustration is the inconsistency of online retailers ability to determine HOW MUCH TAX TO CHARGE. You would think that there would be a way to determine the % based on your address. eBay is a TECH company. They have algorithms that now "market" to potential buyers, why not calculate the proper tax?
  3. The "online sales tax" in Colorado is 2.9% yet I was charged almost 12% yesterday. It also appears that the tax is collected on the shipping charge. I can understand the tax for eBay users who are running an eBay based business. This is crimnal
  4. I really enjoyed all of the seasons... power watching - the sport of the 201X's
  5. PayPal Friends & Family
  6. Wow - how did I miss this one. HAPPY BELATED CHARLIE.
  7. Sk1Bum, Keep in mind there are newer models available that have also been discontinued. A feature that they have updated is the GUI in 4K. Rather than overlay the information over the current program that is on the screen, it only shows the GUI INFO. For example. If you want to confirm that the program is in ATMOS you depress the INFO button. When you do, your display goes dark for a moment and the program you are watching is replaced with a dark screen with the INFO displayed. The HDMI inputs and outputs need to be tweaked to work properly. It took weeks of troubleshooting when I added an AppleTV 4K. It works well now but I do not think it's worth the money in the used market.
  8. It's a AV7702 mkII I cheaped out a bit because I don't use it for two channel listening. It was purchased to experience ATMOS. I am glad I did. The cooling fan on top is fantastic - these processors really heat up.
  9. My post started as a question.... I forgot to mention that, even not at full potential, the music sounds so much better than my Spotify!
  10. The sun went behind the clouds and the temperature dropped so... I signed up for the three month trial of Amazon HD Music. EDIT - the weak link is Airplay 2 is limited to 24-bit 48kHz Background: I have been streaming Spotify Extreme 320 kbps for a few years now. My devices connect to my Parasound P5 - utilizing it's built in DAC via Optical and Coax. The Coax and optical inputs of the P5 accept all sampling rates up to 192 kHz, 24-bit Using my iPhone 8 Plus I stream TO one of two devices: *Airport Express (using the optical output to the P5) *Wyred 4 Sound Sonos Connect (using the coax output to the P5) The Sonos Connect is highly modified - it actually bypasses the oem Sirrius Logic CODAC and and is set to output at a rate of 96kHz. APPS USED: I use the terrific (well they recently upgraded it and managed to messed it up) SPOTIFY APP to stream SPOTIFY to the AIRPORT EXPRESS. I use the SONOS APP (still not a great APP) to stream SPOTIFY to the SONOS. Today reinstalled the AmazonMusic APP for my iPhone to stream AmazonMusic HD to my AIRPORT EXPRESS. They have recently upgraded the graphics and interface. You will notice that ULTRA HD notation below the album cover. If you click on it A POPUP displays the: TRACK QUALITY DEVICE CAPABILITY CURRENTLY PLAYING AT I won't have access to this information if I stream AmazonMusic HD via my SONOS APP. The SONOS APP allows you to access all of your services but has limited functionality. My DEVICE CAPABILITY (third picture) is limiting my playing quality (second picture) - What is the Weak Link? This is the pop up if you click on the ULTRA HD (yellow) This is the pop-up if you click on the Learn More
  11. All of that work on the M-500t faceplates and I never took a picture of one in my system. I elected to use a Black without handles in this rack. I wish my camera could capture the Green LEDs in my 500t. Just playing around to match the Proton D1200 I refreshed. If you look to the right of the rack you will see a door I added to my listening room. My wife loved this open concept house until the tunes traveled up the stairs - New Door - Longer Marriage Runway!
  12. Good start...! I added a bluetooth receiver for my daughter (with a 35) ... controls the volume from her tablet/phone.
  13. That’s really really funny!
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