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  1. @GoldenEye09 Welcome to the site! Fill out more of your profile if you can. It's not unusual for people from the site to get together! Steve
  2. New members need activity for uploading to be available to them. As members LIKE your post you will be enabled to upload
  3. Hi there! I looked at the service manual that is on HiFI Engine and it also doesn't show the gas adjustments... I FOUND THIS THREAD... Read through it - it has the TP's listed
  4. We got way off topic but... I have lived that shit over the last ten years with a daughter. Girls set up fake social media accounts pretending to be the girls they bully and defame them. I rarely confronted other parents but when I did, the common theme was: Their daughter learned it from the mother. The dads were typically BETA liberals with BLM signs in their yards.
  5. Melissa, Please let him know he is loved by many of us on the site. His humor and comradery has been missed. Steve
  6. I was looking for my thread from when I first joined… asking the same question 😎 One of the sparkies here did the math and it wasn’t possible to output the maximum on all channels simultaneously (it was either limited by the transformer or the current draw from a 20A wall outlet)
  7. @mbskeam My observation - it's not usually the car... it's the driver
  8. Please go back and read my responses. I am big boy who can handle ctitique and criticism. @mddawson regularly was NOT attempting to be funny with irony. They were continuous blatant attacks on our membership. Your example of my "love this" is not relevant in this discussion.
  9. @mddawson Why did you remove the picture in question?
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