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  1. John - thank you for the kind offer. I would hate for you to make one of your repairable units a parts unit. I will PM you over the weekend. Steve
  2. I am looking for the "button strip" for a TX-11a. I had just completed a refresh and cleaning of a pristine PSB-11 (pro version of a TX-11b) and I dropped the damn faceplate! No cosmetic damage ... whew. I bent one of the 'arms' that extends to the microswitches. No problem right?... a small amount of heat and just straighten it out. A really crappy idea. The heat contorted the the adjacent arms... now its a fricking mess. I hate myself right now - so much so that I am just going to stay at home for the next three weeks Itch
  3. I really hope that many of the protocols recently instituted become permanent. Shouldn't public transportation be cleaned and disinfected regularly? Shouldn't store owners wipe down the door handles to their places of business regularly? Our school district has successfully implemented "online" classrooms. My son did raise one concern... will this eliminate "snow days?" ...
  4. Thanks for some hope Charlie... I am in with 58
  6. A former member has been working on new faceplates and covers for the M-400 series. I will post here when they are available.
  7. It is - D1200 ... just for fun I swapped the green leds for blue. The other is a HK 770 Two projects that I completed ... not the best pic
  8. Bruce (Rockster2U) had built a few custom cabinets for my gear noted in this post: Custom Cabinets He built a few extra units which he has offered on eBay - someone should really acquire them! The TX-2 was much deeper than the C-1 and he sent me a third cabinet to accommodate the tuner. I recently refreshed a CT Seven and thought what the hell:
  9. Happy Birthday! Sounds like a great celebration feast!
  10. Thank you ALL for the kind birthday wishes! Celebrating with the wife and two teens... my favorite thing to do. Brunch at the club and now my beautiful wife is preparing a birthday meal for this evening. Unfortunately, there was some alone time with the Ariens today - the forecast is for more snow! I did have some SOLO time in the house.... Fired up the PT-2400 with CRM2's and a Subrosa. Those CRM's really can handle the power - no smoke! ( I had premptively put the Ribbon Replacements in my cart at Parts Express 😱) The RED LED's were jumping like they were part of Cirque du Soleil Steve
  11. I use rubber stoppers: Although, they don't glide well on ice...
  12. Stangman, As much as I appreciate your informal approach I suggest you post pictures and prices for each item.
  13. This really blows... I moved away from the big THREE services last year... AVAST VPN seemed to work very well - didn't slow my browsing speeds. Who to use next?.....
  14. Maybe you should not have Karma'd the other camera!
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