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  1. Hi Chuck, If it works well as is - leave it alone. I had sent a CT Seven to HiTech for a full "refresh." Rolland does very good work but these services are now offered by Greg ON THIS SITE. I didn't realize that a "full refresh" only included replacing the power supply caps and an IC. I was under the impression that ALL capacitors would be replaced... not the case. Opening the cover you can be overwhelmed by the number of capacitors used. Had I known it was just the PS - I would have done the work myself! Tuners MAY need to be re-aligned after working on the tuner board... there are conflicting opinions on this subject. This takes specific equipment and knowledge. Itch
  2. Enjoy each one you reach! HAPPY BIRTHDAY
  3. KEV!... Charlie - again, bigly generosity !
  4. CHARLIE! Just for S&G - IN WITH 58
  5. This actually made me LOL
  6. Very nice!.... congratulations !
  7. 34 per above. Would hate to cut it half 🥴
  8. Congratulations Dennis! Overly generous to our group Charlie
  9. Very nice! I am in with 15 please.
  10. I found neurologists to be the most arrogant and ignorant humans on earth throughout my late mothers treatment. They really don't have a clue. I hope this is a real breakthrough for those battling the disease! Seems a little shaky 😱
  11. Wow Charlie! I am in with 48.
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