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  1. Welcome to the site... I have not been inside of this unit. Do you see anything displayed (faintly) when the unit is powered on? Per the Service Manual:
  2. Welcome @CURaven Safe to assume you are from Colorado?
  3. Okay - I am usually pretty sharp but... Why don't I get this one?
  4. @Anymouse Welcome to the site! The demographics of the members here suggest you are not alone in your hearing degradation I listen to FM in my home office. There is something nostalgic about it to me. Especially around the holidays. I have owned the TX-11 series and they are fantastic tuners. They were replaced, in my system, by a Phase Linear Model 5100 Series Two. It does a very good job of pulling in the weakest channels in my area. It has an extremely fast response time as well.
  5. Welcome! It's the perfect site for what you seek
  6. I still believe there may be some demand for stock gear here on the site… I recently listed and sold an amp on eBay… forgetting that the spread between what the buyer paid (taxes shipping) and my net proceeds was criminal.
  7. he actually is selling all of his cassette related items.
  8. Not a meme but I couldn't help but laugh when I contacted this seller: And a picture from his ad:
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