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  1. Waiting for the snow to fly before I sit and watch much... it's on my watch list!
  2. At least its an interesting subject. EVEN IF YOU THINK TC HAS GONE LOWER... THE BAR IS SET BY JOY (racist, affirmative action, cultural appropriator) REID
  3. Mine was Why Is Their Air by Bill Cosby… (which should be rereleased as why does my drink taste funny)
  4. But your jokes are just not funny... no need to slam those of faith in a NON-Political thread... That was the main point I have tried to convey. But you just don't seem to follow the context of this thread - in any of your responses. Not a snowflake here - but do like to call out the inappropriateness of your responses. Why don't you start an Orange Man Bad - There is no God thread OR ... monitor your ratio of audio related to stupid shit you post. So unimpressive
  5. @B-Man Don’t waste your time on @mddawson A generalization that has had much efficacy… Many atheists are unhappy and unimpressive people (in their need to put down the beliefs held by others as absurd). The “good atheist/agnostics in my life would never act with such malice. Putting oneself above all has to be an awfully lonely existence. They know the very religions they dismiss will always accept them when their lives turn to shit. Therefore they can live their lives “on the beach” while those of faith carry the load until they are in despair. Believe or don’t believe… that is why we live in this country. The first amendment guarantees this. The same amendment also provides an opportunity for people like @mddawson to expose their character.
  6. So predictable. Lol Follow the thread….
  7. You really are a shit cunt aren’t you
  8. Yes… I am guilty of blowing some steam in non audio threads. I am not social media user. I really believe, for me personally, that working from home has increased the amount of time I participate in non audio threads. I never had personal use access to the internet sitting at work (a highly regulated industry). I used to draft posts on paper at work and post to the site when I had time at home…. now the site is open on my Mac next to my four Bloomberg screens. I really miss the banter and enabling that went on in the morning chat room. LT Aslan Barry Jim Dennis Miller Kev Travis Kingman Daddyjt Dom were responsible for a majority of my unnecessary purchases! Of course, this was when $250 M-500t would pop up on eBay. I do find the site as useful as ever to find answers to most of my (dumb) questions. It just takes longer to get a response.
  9. Wooo! Time to buy yourself some gear! HBD Rob
  10. Hi there. There are a few members who know them. You should also contact Greg at Nelion
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