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  1. As defined by them... My observation - If the speech fits their narrative, it's not hate speech.
  2. Happy Birthday - you deserve to get yourself a nice present today!
  3. Carver Cures COVID-19 With CD Player! (Read description)
  4. My yellow lab Zipper at her favorite place - St. Mary's Glacier (a short drive from home.) She had blown out her ACL last year and I am amazed how well she recovered at 12 years old. Labs never quit... After a bath on the deck...
  5. Thank you for posting this link. It was exactly what I thought it would be. Art is eye of the beholder.... the entire world needs to pause/analyze before taking irreparable actions.
  6. Have a Sunfire day David!
  7. itchitch

    Favorite Pictures

    Living above the clouds....
  8. I have realized that nothing good happens when I am drinking... That being said, I do like to have a scotch or beer on occasion. I recently found it necessary to have a MAJOR DISCUSSION WITH MY TEENAGE CHILDREN ! This was not about their moderate underage drinking ( I am not a hypocrite .) UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE THEY TO ADD WATER TO THE BOTTLES IN THE LIQUOR CABINET!
  9. itchitch

    Favorite Pictures

    It goes away November 4th.
  10. I thought I would poke fun at my guy (some people can do that without being TRIGGERED!)
  11. I removed the changes and opted for my family ...
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