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  1. WHEELS !!!! Great system
  2. There are two things going on here... 1. You have to be familiar with Squid Games 2. You have to have recently had a dependent applying to colleges...
  3. itchitch

    Carver C-1 PreAmp

    I have always wondered what his bypass mod does ... He inadvertently did it to two 45's that I sent to him (Now with AJ - before I knew the techs here) Interesting that he moves the caps to the other side of the board... Nice unit!
  4. Bruce! I hope you have a memorable day.
  5. itchitch


    This is awesome !
  6. I am a big fan of the SVS subs. I went with their cylinder models for a smaller footprint. The phone apps are so nice! Especially when you are making adjustments for "phase"
  7. The Marantz amps are not the major source of heat. It's the processors for the HDMIs .... I use a Marantz 7702 mkII in my system. It gets hot! This has affected it's performance - some glitchiness. I ended up buying a nice little fan unit for it: AIRCOM FAN
  8. Welcome to the site! I have found that amp to be a solid performer in my home theater. Runs cool and is very powerful.
  9. Great looking system!
  10. itchitch

    One Man's Dream

    Hard to watch how debilitating ALS can be. May his system complete his dreams.
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