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  1. “You’re only as good as your last envelope.” — Silvio Dante
  2. My TWO DAY delivery from CO to MA
  3. Your ad states you are "single" and ... "beautiful" ...
  4. I spent some time over the rainy Memorial Day weekend to complete a FULL capacitor upgrade on a Phase Linear Model 5100 Series Two. I had done the C-1 a few months ago. I find the PL tuner to be faster and more responsive than than the CT Seven. My wife, who wishes there be no electronics in view, was very complimentary of this display! (One more shout out to Bruce for his fine work on the cabinets!)
  5. itchitch


    It reminds me of all the dumb things people do during elk/deer season. I have run in to groups of guys hiking the woods breaking every GUN SAFETY rule there is.
  6. I have been watching this one - local CL.
  7. itchitch


    (A bit inappropriate ... but so true.)
  8. I seem to find them regularly!
  9. Happy Birthday ... take Monday off!
  10. NFW ! This is exactly what my state-of-mind needed. Charlie, thank you very much for your generosity (especially in light of you current circumstances.) Not just for this Karma, but for all you have done for the members of this site! Steve
  11. CHARLIE! How big is the spare closet that you pull these Karmas from? I am IN with 34
  12. Great story. Better outcome! I am not sure what’s going on with the USPS. I sent my taxes to my accountant across town here in Denver. “Overnight “ turned in to eight days with a stop in Albuquerque!
  13. itchitch


    These two headlines are something to keep an eye on. Jilin Province has a population of roughly 1/3 of the total population of the United States. China’s decision to lock down the area for a handful of cases is interesting. The lockdown went from 600k people to 108 million in a very short period of time.
  14. itchitch


    Actually - it's life or no life. (Just to be even more divisive... )
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