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  1. Link to how it was recorded.... amazing for 1984 (link Was supposed to be the entire album)
  2. Another milestone in history. Stay healthy big man!
  3. What were your impressions of the Ohm? Looking at a pair locally.
  4. For those of you using Mac Preview to view: Open the downloaded pfd in preview. Select: File Export as pdf This will remove the "lock" - I didn't have to turn off the encryption - your milage may vary.
  5. I just tried the M-400t owner manual ... to test the functionality
  6. I saved the manual as a pdf to my desktop. Open the manual from the pdf. That is when I receive the message.
  7. Has anyone else experienced this message when trying to 'rotate' ?
  8. I try to watch this every Christmas Eve:
  9. Christmas Eve ! Dinner was had. Dishes are done. The family turned in early. Sitting on the couch - just me and my tree. Merry Christmas All
  10. I am offended by the racial epithet in the title.
  11. "For Secretary of Health and Education Services, I nominate Xavier Bacheria"
  12. What a classic system! You need the "Maxell Bown Away" poster on the wall above it!
  13. Spotify provides a summary of your listening preferences at the end of each year. Each year my family compares our personal summaries. My kids told me I need a life: 😊
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