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  1. And the notification # of "activities" is functional as well!
  2. On an iPhone there was no “bell”.. Using bravo 6 there are three lines which populate an number for “activity “
  3. There was an indicator of new followed content and messages... (again iPhone)
  4. What is the “ + “ for. Clicking on it from an iPhone “greys out” the screen The "bell" is gone as well...
  5. When selecting “follow” there is no contrast between the selection window and the background... on an iPad
  6. I was hoping one of the more frequent attendee's would chime in... Typically: Members will host "themed" meals on predetermined evenings at their cabins. Attendees typically "cabin hop" to spend time with each other - listening to the system or systems in their respective cabins. In past years - Bob would give a nice speech. There have been years when some dedicated members would put together kits - for attendee's to purchase and build. It's an amazing experience to build one of Bob's (or another members) design with them in the
  7. CS had a "sister site" that had much of the info you seek. Unfortunately it has been down for a while. The event takes place at Watershed Cabin in NC. The event is "organized" on this site... Here is a link to the you "attractions" in the area: https://www.watershedcabins.com/attractions.asp
  8. Make sure you reflow those board connectors! (see my PL post ) I love the look of the PL equipment .
  9. I cringe every time the American Express dues hit my account.... Then, I have an issue.... they do a fantastic job of making problems go away.
  10. Charlie.... sorry I missed this earlier! Is the keg floating?
  11. Such a beautiful view!
  12. Nice grouping ! Summer Job college money was used to buy a NAD 1240 and a Hafler DH-200 (kit form) 40 years ago. It was a solid system!
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