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  1. I am hoping the transistor radio is a box... My brother took the 8 Track player camping in 77... was never quite the same
  2. Thanks for the thread - I love to reminisce back to a simpler time. My first "system" consisted of this Magnovox transistor radio with earphone jack with this tube extension speaker: My upgrade was this Lloyds portable (8 D Cells) 8 Track player:
  3. IIRC these units never power off. They just mute to output when in “off mode”(dimming the meter light)
  4. Welcome to the site! Be patient and one of the members will respond soon.
  5. What a disaster this guy is:
  6. Great post! Please post pictures of the chicks! (we already know what the gear looks like 😂)
  7. Completed the series this morning! Looking forward to season two.
  8. I had full intention of watching an episode, working out and completing a few to-do list items tonight……. I just watched the first SIX episodes.
  9. I really appreciate the birthday wishes! When I first joined this site, the members appeared to be predominantly old guys. I mean, there is actually a subcategory for people that need proof of purchase. (I was a teen when this gear was "New") Well here I am - fricking 60... I am not sure what has happened to my mind but - I woke up with a song in my head and it concerns me. Why would I be singing a White Snake song. Early dementia? Thanks again!
  10. That picture was taken in my hood! (Red Rocks)
  11. itchitch


    love the faceplates !
  12. The chatroom doesn't seem to allow me to "see" what I type
  13. Is Canada sending out kits for the home? The unintended consequences in the USA could be groups of people having 'testing parties' !
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