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  1. Maybe you will get your student loans forgiven this year! Happy 60th
  2. Interesting picture - euphemism? 😍
  3. Sorry I missed this! Happy belated.... I am sure you were showered with gifts!
  4. I don't see that bottle in the window moving - you obviously need more power!
  5. Great looking system! I found the amp in the 2000 to be powerful enough for most applications by itself.
  6. I guess it’s not an official holiday but jic: (this is intended to be humorous)
  7. Fond memories of my father singing along....
  8. Thank you all for the birthday wishes! This is the last one with the all of my family at home. Next year my son will be at college and then, the next year, my daughter will be away too. I am just happy to be healthy and handsome Steve
  9. I have been meaning to reply to this for quite a while. My teenage kids had surprised me with a very thoughtful Christmas present. I was very touched. Most fathers out there can feel like nobody in the house “hears” them. They see me air drumming and tapping my feet when we are playing tunes in the house and car. I sold my drum kit right after college and haven’t played since. They assembled everything after I went to sleep Christmas Eve. We had just watched this movie... It’s back to practicing paradiddles because I am awful now. Great an
  10. Link to how it was recorded.... amazing for 1984 (link Was supposed to be the entire album)
  11. Another milestone in history. Stay healthy big man!
  12. What were your impressions of the Ohm? Looking at a pair locally.
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