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  1. My take on offline: You can access any titles that you have downloaded to your device. Does your Tesla have a hard drive or SSD? So - if another family member is 'online' in your home System, you will be able to listen to anything you downloaded while in your car. (Vice Versa)
  2. Powered by Lightstar: Crazy peak db. (yes , I wore earplugs 😝)
  3. Welcome to the site... I have not been inside of this unit. Do you see anything displayed (faintly) when the unit is powered on? Per the Service Manual:
  4. Welcome @CURaven Safe to assume you are from Colorado?
  5. Okay - I am usually pretty sharp but... Why don't I get this one?
  6. @Anymouse Welcome to the site! The demographics of the members here suggest you are not alone in your hearing degradation I listen to FM in my home office. There is something nostalgic about it to me. Especially around the holidays. I have owned the TX-11 series and they are fantastic tuners. They were replaced, in my system, by a Phase Linear Model 5100 Series Two. It does a very good job of pulling in the weakest channels in my area. It has an extremely fast response time as well.
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