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  1. Welcome to the site! You will much happier not being an audiophile! Good Luck
  2. My teenage son has a habit of introducing me to movies from the 60's and 70's. Last night we watched The Conversation staring Gene Hackman (one of my favorite actors) Francis Ford Coppola movie with John Cazale, Harrison Ford, Cindy Williams, Robert Duvall, Teri Garr... Coppola's style made me a bit uncomfortable - not really a thriller but very well done. Highly recommended
  3. Each year you can lower the height of the fence!
  4. Sonos released the replacement for their legacy Sonos Connect product - The Sonos Port It will process HiRez audio using their S2 app. It still glitchy and requires a 2.4Ghz network - this is a pita
  5. Birthdays are special in 2021 - especially after 2020! I think a nice single malt is in order (if not for you - for ME!)
  6. Maybe you will get your student loans forgiven this year! Happy 60th
  7. Interesting picture - euphemism? 😍
  8. Sorry I missed this! Happy belated.... I am sure you were showered with gifts!
  9. I don't see that bottle in the window moving - you obviously need more power!
  10. Great looking system! I found the amp in the 2000 to be powerful enough for most applications by itself.
  11. I guess it’s not an official holiday but jic: (this is intended to be humorous)
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