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  1. I am hoping there isn't an Evergreen in Texas.... should be out for delivery in COLORADO ... WOOOO DELIVERED TO MY HOME... TNT was bought by FedEX ...
  2. itchitch


    I do wonder how different the narrative would be had this not been an election year. I was in denial - maybe ignorance ... I had hoped our country was different than the rest (and proud of it.) I used to snicker at the unemployed/uneducated men shooting machine guns in the air from the streets of the Middle East. I used to laugh when residents would destroy their own neighborhoods in the Middle East and South America. I was amused by the blatant propaganda portrayed as news on Pravda and The PLA Daily. It angered me when young people laughed when they heard the term "The Greatest Generation." I really thought our political leaders would place the well being of Americans ahead of their quest for power. It's sad how quickly they have forgot "who brought them to the dance."
  3. itchitch


    The entire interview for context ... watch the last minute if you are in a hurry....
  4. itchitch


    Shortcake, Context is important - I am not a regular FB user so I don't know the context of how the members used the word HOAX. Again, I do not believe the virus itself is a hoax. I am sensitive to the word (is there a label for baby boomer triggering?) due to how the press weaponized the term. "Follow the science" was all I heard from the opposition to DJT. Fauci was the lead scientist and consistently said that COVID was nothing to worry about... No need for masks... AT THAT POINT IN HISTORY - Listening to the scientists DJT said this: "this is their new hoax."
  5. itchitch


    Please drop the "hoax" narrative - you lose your credibility. People don't know what to do - Fauci told us masks were of no benefit - now they are being mandated. The virus is REAL but the experts have fractured the public.
  6. itchitch


    I disagree - Accurate information will change how people behave. My personal physician used to smoke a cigarette in the exam room! (Smoking reduced stress - the benefit outweighed any harm?) People with high cholesterol were told to substitute margarine for butter.
  7. itchitch


    I disagree. I am not sure why you "'go there." I wear a mask - I wash my hands - It's not a hoax My point was very clear. What good is only one side of the equation ? The number of "cases" drives the narrative. The denominator is essential - without it, the number of cases is meaningless. (No - deaths are not meaningless.) 100% of the infected people I know were about to be put on ventilators. 100% of those people were given hydroxychloriquine. 100% of those people returned to their homes within five days. The denominator in this case is ONLY 2
  8. itchitch


    All of this data is crap... At a minimum we need a "number of tests" column! We still don't have answers to the most basic questions: How long does the virus last on surfaces? Does the virus die with sun exposure? If one has tested for antibodies - are they still susceptible? What is the duration of Asymptomatic contagion?
  9. Happy Birthday! (Why did I think you were older than me?!!)
  10. I have never purchased anything on Etsy prior to yesterday. The seller responded to a few questions I had promptly. I decided to make the purchase. Very surprised the product was located in Turkey! The tracking service is via something called TNT (I believe FedEX purchased them...) This should be interesting:
  11. I love when bands do this! I was sitting at The Church Key bar in Madison in the early 80's... The scheduled band went on a break and nobody noticed that the roadies had moved some equipment around on the stage... All of sudden the Stones were playing Shattered! Love and hope and sex and dreams....
  12. I have been a Directv customer since they sent up their first bird. Their NFL Sunday Ticket exclusivity is the primary reason I still use their service. We have a pretty clear shot to the South - the only signal interruptions occur when the dish has more than ~4" of snow on it. Heavy clouds and rain rarely affect the signal here. It's a cumbersome technology (both Dish and DTV.) They both tend to develop industry setting features but the execution is awful. Dealing with SWM and now IP addresses can be a nightmare. I really don't like the solution of "turning it off and back on" any time there is an issue with the service. To me, that equates to when my dad used to slap the side of the tv to get it going again! The acquisition of DTV by ATT is even more troublesome. I called for technical support and the very first thing they do is try to cross-sell their other services. Hey - let's address my issue before even thinking about using other shitty services you have to offer! My customer number with DTV is under 200 - they used to appreciate my loyalty - no mas.
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