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  1. I love stories like this. Great job Dennis! Enjoy the music Charlie!
  3. WOW! WOW! WOW! In please with #64.
  5. Ok, so I am still trying to identify at times the part numbers for certain components on the 'original' C-9 circuit board. Do you have any info that?


      Dennis55 and I are trying hammer out some trouble with an original unit that I modded.


      Appreciate any feedback, Greg

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    2. 4krow


      Likewise, I am waiting for Dennis and Rich to respond.



    3. airjam
    4. airjam
  6. I'm so sorry Charlie. I'm praying for him.
  7. WOW! That packaging is pathetic. Hop e it all works out for you. Reminds me of the time I received a Pioneer SX-950 receiver through the mail. It came in a banana box with some newspaper thrown in. That receiver was a mess. Bent control shafts, broken dial glass and a slightly dented rear corner if I recall correctly. On top of that it smelled like it lived in a smoke filled basement. I fixed it up as a best I could and got rid of it.
  8. My employer has cut everyone down to 16 hours a week until further notice. It has been this way for 3 weeks now. Can't do custodial work from home. Working to get the school ready for the next school year, whenever that will be. Emptying every room to the bare walls and floors and cleaning/disinfecting every inch of every room. Luckily we are still getting paid for a full 40 hour work week.
  9. I totally agree. I would only use it in my home at low volumes for background music, if at all. In my car it bothers me a little but I can deal with it due to the fact that the stalk stereo is not exactly what I would call resolving.
  10. RPA-1 Man


    Today Maine has joined the "stay-at-home" states. Effective 12:01am April 2nd thru April 30th. These are crazy times. I pray that all of you get through this with no complications or worse.
  11. Thanks everyone! It was a quiet day but my wife and I did manage to take a car ride to have some us time. We started a tradition a couple of years, before we started dating, of meeting at Tim Horton's on our birthday, which happens to be on the same day and year, for a coffee and chat. After the coffee we would not see each other until our next birthdays. We have kept the tradition of the Tim Horton's coffee going after being wed. We did the drive-thru of course due to the current state of the Coronavirus.
  12. I'm either home with my wife, mother-in-law, or both. Very rarely get the opportunity to turn it up. Pretty sad actually.
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