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  1. How about Linux Mint? Also targeted toward new linux users and similar to Windows in its workflow.
  2. I have no experience with Chromebook's but I do have at least 3 years experience with linux. I can say without a doubt that I don't miss Windblows.
  3. I really hate when that happens.
  4. Wow!! Sweet Karma! Not in, but good luck everyone who is.
  5. I'm also playing with Vivaldi. It seems like a nice browser. I'm trying to get myself away from Google Chrome. Tried Firefox many times but just can't seem to stick with it. I'm hoping Vivaldi will be the one to break me free from Chrome.
  6. I've recently installed VMware Player to mess around with but have been using Virtualbox with Linux as the host for a few years now. VMware is supposed to have the advantage when setup properly to run graphic intensive software in a vm. I haven't tested that yet.
  7. Holy Toledo! How did I miss this thread!! That is a beautiful piece! Great work guys!
  8. I gave up on Windows about 2 years ago. Got tired of the broken updates, updates that takes too long to install and restarts when I'm in the middle of doing something. Much happier in linux, although I understand that it is not for everyone.
  9. I Like It! Hope she enjoys it as much as any of us would.
  10. So sorry for your loss. Cancer does suck! I feel your pain although it was not cancer in my Charlie's case. It was a collapsing trachea. He'd had the issue for about a year now and his medicine was no longer effective either. Had to say goodbye this past Thursday.
  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GARY!! The angels are singing to you on your special day.
  12. I know I'm late but ? HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZOOM!! ?
  13. Trains are amazing! Wish I could have seen this in person. Thanks for sharing though.
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