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  1. A little late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
  2. I totally agree Michael. Wish i had gotten my hands on the V15 Type V back in the day. I had it was even better. The thing is I rarely play vinyl these days. Not because I don't want to buy because we share the living room with my mother-in-law so the TV is on most of the time. Whatever, I'm not going to take that away from her. She is 90 and won't be around forever.
  3. Hey Michael, Just saw this post. Have you received your cart back from servicing? If so, how are you liking it? I love my Shure V15 Type IV. I've had it since new in the late 70's. Of course the styles had been replaced with a new Hyper Elyptical type. I did a comparison with my son of this cart and the Shure M97XE. They are the only two carts I currently own. My son immediately fell in love the V15. To his ears, and mine, it has a much clearer and cleaner sound than the M97XE.
  4. WELCOME K6BUK!! Lots of good people and much Carver knowledge to be had here.
  5. This is terrible. Keeping Jen in our prayers. Don't worry about anything here Greg. There are lots of good people to watch things while you need to be away. Family first.
  6. I may be wrong but I'll bet for most of us our first dive into audio repair was a "shocking" experience.
  7. What got me started in repair was a Radio Shack 200-In-1 electronics kit that my parents got me when I was very young. I was fascinated with that thing and from that point it was over. Also when I was 12 my parents bought a Pioneer SX-650 receiver and I fell in love it. I couldn't get enough of listening to it had to know how it worked. I never opened it up because obviously I didn't want to get my butt kicked but that receiver was what sparked my interest in audio gear.
  8. Welcome Tom! Hope you enjoy your time here. There are a great bunch of folks here with the same interests.
  9. I don't think Ive ever heard a recording by Katie Melua that didn't sound great. Nice to have artists that care about audio quality.
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