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  1. Ok, so I am still trying to identify at times the part numbers for certain components on the 'original' C-9 circuit board. Do you have any info that?


      Dennis55 and I are trying hammer out some trouble with an original unit that I modded.


      Appreciate any feedback, Greg

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    2. RPA-1 Man

      RPA-1 Man

      Honestly, I'm debating if I want to put the Gundry mod in the first generation C-9 knowing that Dennis is having issues getting it to work properly with yours. Are his troubles related to getting the mod working properly or were there issues prior to that?

    3. 4krow




        Let me be clear.

      1) My unit has a 'RichP' mod, BUT mine only includes resistor and capacitor changes made on the board itself.

       2) I considered the Gundry circuit to be separate from the first above.


        That is what I understand. Having said this, I am not sure that I am correct. I have PM'd Rich to ask if this is the case, and likely, I won't receive a reply. 


       This why I consider that you get in touch with Dennis. It is my belief that Dennis and I discussed this same topic long ago, and at that time, I was to understand that replacing the parts on the circuit board would be fine, even if the Gundry was not put in service. Now it seems that there is a new/different opinion.


        Lastly I will state that the trouble with the unit that I sent to Dennis seems to have pronounced midrange, and I wanted him to check out the frequency response per the plot given in the service manual.



    4. RPA-1 Man

      RPA-1 Man

      Hi Greg, 


      I sent Dennis a message yesterday regarding my concern and am awaiting a reply. Thanks for the clarification though. I appreciate it. 


      Just to update you, I did receive the components to populate the board this week but am waiting on the standoffs so it can be mounted in the chassis. 



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