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  1. Ok, so I am still trying to identify at times the part numbers for certain components on the 'original' C-9 circuit board. Do you have any info that?


      Dennis55 and I are trying hammer out some trouble with an original unit that I modded.


      Appreciate any feedback, Greg

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    2. RPA-1 Man

      RPA-1 Man

      Hi Greg,


      I would like to take the time to draw up a schematic but it will be time consuming. I have found differences such as resistor values and slight design differences between the 1st and 2nd generation units. I've mostly had to follow traces to make some sense out of this thing. It is a challenge but I don't give up easily. I'm too damned stubborn for that. I will let know if I need anything and any progress I make. 



    3. RPA-1 Man

      RPA-1 Man

      Hi Greg,


      I feel like such a DOLT! The issue I was experiencing was me. Lol! I had accidentally swapped the RCA inputs/outputs at the usb interface I use to connect to the computer. What a dumb mistake! Anyway, just wanted to let you know. Please try not to judge me for this brain fart. 😄


      Any news on your C-9?


      Best Regards,


    4. 4krow




       Don't start me on the incredibly stupid things that I have done in electronics. In fact, I am wondering if there aren't mistakes out there that I made that I never hear of. Scary thought.

       Dennis is a bit frustrated with my changing out some of the parts in the C-9 units, saying that it was supposed to be tied to another mod. Am not sure that is true, but it really makes think about all of this modding stuff. As already mentioned, I am a parts changer not a designer or tech. If something doesn't work correctly, I get a dumb look on my face. Sometimes I can rectify the trouble, other times not so lucky.

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