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  1. I totally agree. I would only use it in my home at low volumes for background music, if at all. In my car it bothers me a little but I can deal with it due to the fact that the stalk stereo is not exactly what I would call resolving.
  2. RPA-1 Man


    Today Maine has joined the "stay-at-home" states. Effective 12:01am April 2nd thru April 30th. These are crazy times. I pray that all of you get through this with no complications or worse.
  3. Thanks everyone! It was a quiet day but my wife and I did manage to take a car ride to have some us time. We started a tradition a couple of years, before we started dating, of meeting at Tim Horton's on our birthday, which happens to be on the same day and year, for a coffee and chat. After the coffee we would not see each other until our next birthdays. We have kept the tradition of the Tim Horton's coffee going after being wed. We did the drive-thru of course due to the current state of the Coronavirus.
  4. I'm either home with my wife, mother-in-law, or both. Very rarely get the opportunity to turn it up. Pretty sad actually.
  5. Welcome to the fun! Three LED's on my M1.5t is more than enough to get my wife pissed.
  6. I am running Mint 19.3 on one on my machines and I must say it is quite zippy on this older Sony Vaio laptop. I installed it today on the desktop I use in my work space downstairs. It definitely feels zippier than it did running Arco linux.
  7. No linux version? What gives?
  8. Hi Packratt, If you're new to linux it is a good idea to have a second computer to try it on. If you are on a desktop, install linux on a second drive. Natively, linux does not run the familiar .exe files we all know from Windows. Many programs have been ported to linux, or you can use alternative programs that do run natively in linux. I have to leave for work now but there are many YouTube videos on this subject. Linux Mint or Zorin OS are just two of the easier linux OS's that help make the transition a little less cumbersome.
  9. Hi Charlie, Have you tried the most recent release of Mint (19.3, Tricia). It is beautiful as well as functional. Driver Manager picks up on proprietary hardware and installs the correct drivers without a hitch. At least this has been my experience. With the hybrid system I have it can sometimes be a royal pain in the toosh, but Mint does a seemless job of it.
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