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  1. And now, now you've hurt ma feelings. My entire psychiatrics team will be bummed out man.... Hurtn' N' stuff.
  2. In my favorites, the Carver Site is #1. Wasn't always that way. In fact, before I started to read here much, I figured that this might just as well be 'The Biker Audio Site'. Yup, just good 'ol boys getting together for beer and music. The sites that I had been a part of before were different. Many thought that everything makes a difference in a system. Trouble was, they could have been at least partially right. I had started to read past those posts in search of something worth learning. One day, I came to this site just to check things out, and there was somebody making a tangical? tr
  3. Oh god, DISCO. It took me years to forget that word. What an embarrassment. And then there came RAP(e). I remember asking my father what his definition of good music was. "Music that is well written and well performed." 'Nuff said.
  4. Barry, Glad to see that you get a day to celebrate. I watched you go through too much at one time, and maybe this is a breather day for you. Enjoy the MOMENT!
  5. Thanks for reminding me to order some stuff. Got "Breakfast In America" to see if it is listenable with this recording, and "Transit Authority" which I have never owned before. I have a live album that might be the same, but Not MFSL.
  6. Now is it just me, or is that the 'drummer' in the live performances in the photo? I only got to play a short presentation performance with my father. Wish there were more. This inspires me to offer the A220 amp of mine up for Karma. Keep watch. BTW, yes, the folks at this site have been incredible in what they have offered back and forth. Thanks all for the help and more over the years.
  7. Pulled out an old CD of mine. Vienna Master Series. That should be a warning just by it's title, but I was wrong. It contains two of Mozart's piano concertos Number 9 and 17. I am not big into classical, BUT when there is a performance like this and a recording to match, listen, I will. This way back from 1988 and a DDD recording. FWIW, a few recordings were done so well that it is a good thing just to revisit them even on accident.
  8. Exactly... how many shopping days are left?
  9. 'Family room stereo' eh? Your not single while using that term, are you? ... So much can be accomplished with what you have available. So worth it.
  10. Did you get my call? Maybe the payphone is out of order. Could be a bad totalizer.
  11. As long as it isn't late at night and you find yourself in the wrong shop, or house. Hey, who took my pliers!?
  12. Ever go into your shop, push something aside looking for something else, and say Hmmmm.... I remember this.
  13. There is no way that I could agree with you more. I find and lose synergy in my system, constantly changing things in and out as I do my builds. My Vincent preamp, though handy, doesn't quite get me there. It breaks down, and I build a 'temporary' preamp while it is being repaired. Uh, no, the temp preamp has a mating to the rest of my system that is astounding to me. Probably should write some of this shit down over the years.
  14. I also have some spares if you need them.
  15. My wife was showing the flooding to me last night. It is sobering. She is from Cebu, but I don't think that is where the flooding was. Water was to the rooftops. She says the filipinos say, "We are all equal now." I was humbled more than once when visiting the Philippines. More than once I was embarrassed by the conduct of some of the tourists. Please be kind to yourself in these times. It is all I can offer.
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