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  1. I have been reading the CF amp build thread with some outside interest. On one hand, I find it to be a simple build, and I like that. Then there is the pure fact that even simple must be done correctly to avoid serious consequences. That is the parallel that is useful for me. You see, I am attempting to work on a N. Pass design from years ago, that yes, is simple, but unforgiving. Since there is little in the way of information, except for one partial schematic, it is threads, that actually are just that, threads of a bit of usable info here and there. In short, I very much appreciate your input as to keeping the wheat from the chaff on these topics. Accurate knowledge is valuable.

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    2. Nahash5150


      Without a full schematic though...let me know if you need a hand.

    3. 4krow


      Thanks man. There are some basic measurements that I want to get a handle on. This is the beauty of stereo equipment. Should one channel be operational, you at least have an example to compare to. 

    4. Nahash5150


      That's true. Good strat.

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