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  1. The tougher part for me is getting the cartridge alignment correct, and even cleaning the stylus can make a difference. This stuff can go on and on, so I just do the best that I can with the alignment tools that I have.  As much as anything, the mounting of the stylus at the factory where it came from can make or break what you hear in the end. Good luck with getting the best from this as you can. I still really like vinyl.

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  2. Way back in time, when I was still buying CD players, I had one that I especially liked made by Musical Fidelity. They claimed that the reason for some of great sound was due to the BB chip. What the number was I forget, seems like 1418 , but I really don't remember. I do know that I enjoyed that player until it had problems that I was unwilling to pay for. The music was especially clear, maybe the reason that they called it the 'X-Ray'.

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  3. 57 minutes ago, Kurt said:




    Looking more closely at the album cover, I see a ghost image of the fourth member. And, what is it with people setting themselves up for punishment? A girl in my class had the name Karen K. Kluckstall, or KKK. Pat Buttram was an actor on Green Acres. Dick Army, well I probably have made my point. Kids get crap enough as it is on the playground, and life pretty much continues in that way after we are all 'grown up'.

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  4. Welcome sir... What I've owned and what I've divorced. What a lot of stuff. I remember slamming the door on my old truck that had screwed me so many times and cost me so much money, that when I arrived at the car dealership I said, "We're Divorced! Don't call!" as I slammed the door shut. Kind of like stereo huh? I've burned up speakers right in my living room and smoked amps on the bench, but to be fair, I have also owned some precious gear in my day. Most of it gone, but just the experience and memories were worth it all. Yah, to have back of what was best.

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  5. 1 hour ago, AndrewJohn said:


    Ahh, you make a good point.   Well, truth is..., it depends on the instrument.  Fingering patterns, say, on a violin, vs a piano, vs a clarinet..., can vary the actual "most difficult"... 😉  


    You are right, I over-generalized.  Pianists generally feel that C-major on the keyboard, is the most difficult (or annoying?) to play on the piano..., for them.  


    I hated b-flat major..., on stringed instruments..., but that was my personal sense.



      I'm sure that bugs dislike B-flat major, so I concur.

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