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  1. I am about to hop on a plane to Charolette rent a van and pick up a pair of Meridian DSP6000. I fell in love with these when I heard them many years ago in Chicago. Problem for me is that they were going for around 20k at that time. I promised myself that one day I would own a pair. And it looks like that one day is today. Here is a link https://www.meridian-audio.com/media/6928/dsp6000-digital-active-loudspeaker-datasheet.pdf
  2. Hey guys I finally found a pair of speakers that I have been wanting for many years and now I am selling off some of my gear to recoup the cost. I am open to reasonable offers via PM or email. I am in Olive Branch MS which is right next door to Memphis. Questions and request for more information are welcome. 1. (7) 30 Inch ribbons 2. (12) Honey comb woofer 3. Sunfire Cinema Grand 19inch 1st Generation 4. DBX Venu360/with DBX Measurement Microphone Also if anyone is interested in a turnkey ActiveALS System. My current system is available for sale and demo. And I can offer a package deal for everything that would be very attractive to anyone that is near my location. Hardware ie frames and grills for (2) pairs of Amazing originals. Respectfully, Carlton
  3. Carver made a couple of HU's for mobile audio. 1. TX-NINE 2. TX-SEVEN Here is a Nine on Ebay>>> https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-Carver-TX-NINE-Cumputer-Controlled-Car-Stereo-Cassette-Player-ASIS-UNTESTED/252446432062?hash=item3ac6fadb3e:g:3iYAAOSwZ1BXdw8W
  4. Chops: It was more of matter of convenience. I was really missing the use of the in vehical display that is above the steering wheel directly in view. Using the Alpine VW interface retains this function. Unfortunately none of the us spec units have this capability.
  5. This unit is on its way from Germany(BTW it is quite challenging to get someone to ship items to the USA from Germany) Anyhow the Alpine is a Eurspec unit that will be installed in the media compartment in the glovebox and it primary use will be for bluetooth phone calls. Also will be installing the VW specific Alpine steering wheel and display controller. This combo will allow the ability to answer calls and summon SIRI via the steering wheel controls. It also will display incoming calls on the VW drivers visual display.
  6. I downloaded Chrome and all seems fine. Thanks for the suggestion.
  7. 30 amp Neutrik powerCON's with 10awg wire for Subs.
  8. Rack in trunk. Additional aluminum planks due to arrive sometime tomorrow.
  9. Did you change or update your browser recently? Are you running CuteEditor as your default image editor? Safari is the only browser that I have ever used. I checked my profile and it shows the cute editor selected.
  10. I have been unable to post pictures of the update. My browser is Safari running High Sierra OSX.
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