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  1. Altered Five Blues Band - Brass In Pocket The original by The Pretenders
  2. That is a good series. I watched in on Showtime when it aired.
  3. I wonder what their permits cost for something that's almost 10x the weight that a semi is licensed for? I also wonder how much damage was done to the roads along the way? Did you notice the high tech 4x4s used for the curb ramps?
  4. The Jesper Thilo Quartet released Swing Is The Thing on Feb 7, 2020. Jesper Thilo's been one of the strongest tenorists on the Danish scene for many years running – and he's still a hell of a talent here, blowing with the kind of old school imagination of Dexter Gordon or Johnny Griffin on their classic Copenhagen recordings! Yet Thilo's very much his own man – as anyone who's ever loved his records will tell you – and his tenor voice is captured beautifully here, stretching out on a host of mostly older standards – with well-placed accompaniment from a trio that features Soren Kristiansen on piano, Daniel Franck on bass, and Frandcs Rifbjerg on drums – players who never overwhelm Jesper's strong lead, but definitely give him the right sort of groove. Titles include "I Can't Get Started", "Just Friends", "Splanky", "Nature Boy", "Swinging Till The Girls Come Home", and "Woody N You". © 1996-2020, Dusty Groove, Inc. .
  5. Sk1Bum

    Fury-Wilder II

    Here's another video:
  6. "Mad Mike" Hughes died when his steam powered rocket malfunctioned. The parachute separated from the rocket during the launch. Mad Mike is infamous for trying to prove the earth is flat. His theory is still unproven. One thing we do know is that Mad Mike is now flat. Sorry, I know it's poor taste, but sometimes you just have to grab the low hanging fruit.
  7. Sk1Bum

    Fury-Wilder II

    Uhm, uhm, can I plead the fifth here? That link is the whole fight. Fury dominated Wilder, and Wilder looked extremely weak from the 5th round on.
  8. Taj/Mo - one of my favorites, and currently our front page pic
  9. There are a couple of minor glitches, and I'll be surprised if it stays available.
  10. Sk1Bum

    What's cookin?

    Stir Fry Veggies, slathered in olive oil, garlic, & rosemary Potatoes, carrots, bell peppers, onions, zucchini, and squash.
  11. Platimo is a contemporary, cinematic jazz quartet formed by Norwegian nylon-guitarist Benjamin Hidas and British pianist Felix Bertulis-Webb. The self-titled album was released late last month (November 2019) Band musicians on the recording: Benjamin Hidas (Nylon Guitar / Handpan) Felix Bertulis-Webb (Piano & Synths) Alasdair Pennington (Drums) Frazer Kerslake (Double bass) The track Hope Valley features the Norwegian singer Renate Ørnes Eide. You can read the rest of the review here...
  12. An engaging musical voyage around the Mediterranean and beyond. Meier performs with his usual skill and flair and everybody in the band plays well, with each musician a distinctive presence. You can read the rest of the review here... Nicolas Meier – nylon fretted & fretless six string guitars, acoustic twelve string guitar, glissentar Kevin Glasgow – six string electric bass Richard Jones – violin Demi Garcia - percussion
  13. Thanks for the link Rich. Those front fender wells are bizarre, and that wing looks like it's designed for lift instead of down force.
  14. Ordinary Man is the twelfth studio album by English heavy metal singer Ozzy Osbourne. It was released on 21 February 2020 through Epic Records and was produced by Andrew Watt. This is the longest gap between two albums from Osbourne to date, spanning with almost ten years since Scream.
  15. Sk1Bum

    Favorite Quotes

    John Dryden https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/80034-there-is-a-pleasure-sure-in-being-mad-which-none
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