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  1. Verizon's Disney Plus deal: How to get 1 year free, plus other cheap subscription deals Verizon is giving away a whole year of the streaming service with its Unlimited plans. Here are the best options for getting Disney Plus on the cheap. https://www.cnet.com/how-to/verizon-disney-plus-deal-one-year-free-cheap-subscription/?ftag=CAD3c77551&bhid=28605100220649198257483860093361
  2. My apologies for a couple of days late. I hope you gentlemen had a great birthday and everyday.
  3. I read this today too. I had 2 different Razr's, and they were both good phones, easy to carry, worked well, one of them lasted 4 years. I think the $1500 price tag on this Razr reboot might scare some folks off.
  4. Are you saying "the emperor has no clothes?"
  5. Sk1Bum

    Jack Ryan

    Excellent series!. I'm already jonesing waiting for season 3.
  6. This is the first jazz album that I couldn't get enough of, and I still listen to it often.
  7. You're welcome. With all you've given to this community, I like to think it's just karma returning home.
  8. Happy Birthday Dom! I hope you have a great day.
  9. Ok, the final entrants are: packratt 67 Charlie 68 kingman 55 Dennis47 47 Dadvw 32 69Chevelle 28 maytag 86 Turbo 70 iamjohngalt 23 DrummerJoice 91 Maddmaster 60 PhilDent 46 4krow 99 PMAT 35 danowood 37 rockslipper 10 hewlew1 43 BrianT 71 oldtexasdog 75 fxbill 9 kve77 17 And the winner is: Charlie -- please step forward, and contact Daddyjt about how you would like your C1. Congratulations!
  10. Ok folks, last call... The winner will be selected in just a few hours.
  11. Well that casts light on the subject.
  12. . and possibly with my colon to keep them company.
  13. That's Big E, and at his size & strength, he can share with whoever he likes Personal records Set in official competition Squat – 711 lbs (322.5 kg)[8] raw without knee wraps Bench press – 529 lbs (240 kg)[8] raw Deadlift – 799 lbs (362.5 kg)[9] raw
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