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  1. The Dream Syndicate, The Universe Inside was released on April 10, 2020. "‘The Universe Inside’ is the band’s fourth outing on Anti Records, the second after their 2012 reunion. Listening to their work, this couldn’t be further from their previous output. It’s also their first entirely collaborative effort (in Dream Syndicate history, at least) and sounds mostly like a live recording. Unlike their previously well-formed psych rock, this is an undeniably indulgent jam session – a minestrone-soup mix of Euro-avant-garde, free jazz, ’70s prog and smatterings of Dead/Californian hippy psych-rock garage. Yup. The whole shebang!" You can read the rest of the review here...
  2. Sk1Bum

    Some pics

    They all did. I found a buried setting in Brave that wouldn't allow unsecured content. I changed it to allow for C!, and the images popped up. Thanks for all your helps folks!
  3. Sk1Bum

    Some pics

    I guess it's the Brave browser. When I signed out from C! with Chrome, and then signed back in, the images loaded. Signing out/in with Brave didn't work even with the shields turned off. I'll dig around in the settings and see if I can make it work. Thanks y'all.
  4. Sk1Bum

    Some pics

    Yours are the only ones that fail to load, and it's all of them. I don't know if quoting you will show the pic for you, but all I see is a very small icon followed by Carver.jpg. All browsers.
  5. Sk1Bum

    Some pics

    @Brian_at_HHH's pics hosted at his web site are only showing up as: OCCD_Lives_Here.jpg I have all shields and blockers turned off here, and this happens with Brave, Chrome, and Edge. Is this just me? Oh, I can right click, load in new page, and the pic loads in the new page.
  6. "Whatcha gonna do?" Tony Soprano I saw another instance of 2 day delivery taking two weeks. I guess they're using Lunar days,
  7. Hello corkdust, and welcome to thecarversite.com. We're glad you're hear. There is a lot of information here, much technical know how, and a pretty good bunch of folks that are happy to help. Nice collection. I'm new to Amazings, got my first pair on Saturday. What flavor do you have? Once you reach Novice status, please consider uploading some pics of your gear in the Members Systems area. We all like pics of all kinds of audio gear. In the meantime, kick your shoes off, turn up the music, and welcome aboard.
  8. Five Finger Death Punch F8 was released on February 20, 2020. FFDP is my favorite metal band, hands down, finger(s) up. "Nothing engenders vitriol and scorn quite like success. By this point, everybody has pretty much decided whether they like FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH or not. One of the virtues of having such a recognizable sound is that there isn't much scope for sitting on the fence here: whether you regard the Las Vegas arena regulars as one of modern metal's ultimate good-time bands, or a seemingly indestructible throwback to the knuckleheaded horrors of early '00s "wrestling metal", it's difficult to listen to any of 5FDP's music to date without picking a side. And, as you might expect, "F8" is no different. But what the band's detractors continue to ignore is that this juggernaut is not stopping any time soon, and after a few years of interpersonal turmoil and vocalist Ivan Moody's very public fall and rise, the spotlight shining on album number eight is brighter than ever." You can read the rest of the review here...
  9. Connie Han, Iron Starlet will be released on June 12, 2020. "A decisively brazen talent, pianist Connie Han rushes into the fire touched off by her 2018 Mack Avenue debut Crime Zone, bringing more accelerant to bear on Iron Starlet. With an exhilarating control of her skills and vision and an intimate clairvoyance into all that has come before her, Han bids trumpeter Jeremy Pelt the opening fanfare for the album's flag track, thus clearing headspace for Han, bassist Ivan Taylor and drummer/producer/musical director Bill Wysaske to swoop in like a trio of Lockheed SR-71 Blackbirds, and it's all hands on deck. Piano and drums are locked in tight and tighter, (even during Han's torched solo does Wysaske solo more than accompany). Pelt, with an upper tone and stylistic range embodying Lee Morgan and Freddie Hubbard concurrently, falls perfectly into Han's kindling blueprint: that when past meets future both coexist and co-create and for Iron Starlet. It's game on from there." You can read the rest of the review here... Ms. Han
  10. Shadowdream, Jazz Soundtracks For Embalming was released on April 10, 2020. This is a very haunting, dark metal album, yet it's musical, symphonic, and it doesn't make me want to kill myself (or anyone else, for that matter). I do enjoy this, and the use of a thunderstorm on Thy Light. Shadowdream's comments on this album: "About six years ago when I met Carlo Bellotti and signed to his label, I could not imagine that the possibility of working what you enjoy with people whom you respect is possible, but that certainly was and is in this case. During the production for this album, it was not just the anxiety with creation of music, playing and recording, but with the investigation of many crimes and murders in order to get the best musical atmosphere to describe them. During the recording in 2017 and 2018 I have managed to talk with people who were and are committed to mental institution, some with criminal past, others who were abused, and that brought a lot of much needed raw emotion to the album. Therefore, this album is a fictional story inspired by real-life events and experiences. And, besides this, without Carlo’s support and amazing production by Dimitrije Mladenovic, this magnum opus would not be possible. “Jazz Soundtracks for the Embalming” is an album I am very proud of in many aspects, but mainly because I truly feel that it is “Film without a picture”. And because it is part of Epictronic catalogue."
  11. Nightwish's HVMAN . :II: NATVRE was released on April 10, 2020 It almost seems strange to place Nightwish among some of the biggest bands in modern metal, but it’s effectively true. They’re basically the faces of symphonic metal, and though the slimness of that niche can further some of the confusion, armies of devoted fans and gigantic world tours with commendable regularity speak for themselves. You can read the rest of the review here...
  12. Niels Lan Doky's River Of Time was released on April 3, 2020. "Danish pianist Niels Lan Doky emerged in the 1980s and is long since a global jazz star even if there has not been an album out in a while. The invaluable discography site Discogs lists the last record out under his own name as 2011's Human Behaviour. Comprised completely of his own originals, the River of Time tunes are excellent, and initial impressions suggest massive sophistication in an Ahmad Jamal lineage, covering terrain that Jacky Terrasson also often navigates at least when Terrasson turns more classic." You can read the rest of the review here...
  13. Quin Krantz' Conviction of Faith was released on April 10, 2020. For me, this is worth a listen, but it won't make it to my regular playlist. You may love it or not, choice is yours, and of course no judgement. The only review I can find is from a questionable download site, so I'll only briefly quote them here. "The quinquanz, which debuted in 2018, is a contemporary jazz band of 5 people from Nagoya.In this work, a new generation of talented drummer, Hiroshi Kimura, who is active in the JAZZ scene in Tokyo, joins the band to listen to a new direction and the expanse of the band sound.In addition, junko, a guest vocalist and vocalist, uses a clear voice and a voice with no lyrics.I would like you to feel the sound of the next generation of the band that combines the music with the strong story and the unique interplay of jazz through the current work."
  14. Tesla's Five Man London Jam was released on March 27, 2020. "The MTV Unplugged TV show debuted about a year before Tesla’s Five Man Acoustical Jam album, so it’s technically unfair to give Tesla credit for kicking off the 1990s unplugged phenomenon, but Tesla’s chart-topping live acoustic album demonstrated the potential of the unplugged format, if a band was willing to reconsider its catalog in a thoughtful way. Acoustical Jam is great because Tesla chose appropriate songs (their own, but a solid selection of covers), reworking them in smart ways. And 30 years later, Tesla is going back to the live, mostly unplugged well, with Five Man London Jam, a reboot of Five Man Acoustical Jam that proves the band is somehow immune to the ravages of time." You can read the rest of the review here...
  15. Swamp Dogg's Sorry You Couldn't Make It was released on March 6, 2020. "Jerry Williams Jr. knows how to tell a colorful story because he’s lived one. Ever since a revelatory psychedelic experience in the late 1960s, the 77-year-old musician and producer has issued some two dozen volumes of far-out funk and soul explorations as his larger-than-life alter ego, Swamp Dogg. Billed as Williams’ country album, Sorry You Couldn’t Make It hits its thematic marks within funkified arrangements. “I’d Rather Be Your Used to Be” and “Sleeping Without You Is a Dragg” are exemplary tearjerkers; “Family Pain” addresses the intergenerational fractures of poverty and addiction. “A Good Song,” meanwhile, feels like a zoomed-in update to Tom T. Hall’s plainly gorgeous “I Love.” You can read the rest of the review here...
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