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  1. 10cc......Bloody tourists. I know, I know.....but I still love it.
  2. MERRY CHRISTMAS CARVERITES!!!........and a prosperous new year!
  3. Squeeze my lemon till the juice runs down my leg...... Dont know why I like this one......
  4. PDR

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    My wife has been waiting for this to come out for months.....and, so have I To say Queen music was a huge part of being a teenager in the 70s would be an understatement. I remember hearing Killer Queen on the school bus about "76......blew my mind.
  5. PDR


    I remember in the 60s walking around with my Transistor radio......am of course, lol. I heard somewhere that certain songs were recorded and listened to thru Trans radio, and were re-mixed to sound the best......dont know if thats true though. http://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/songs-that-the-transistor-radio-was-made-for.749614/
  6. Heres when your TT was produced and approx what the retail price was when sold new.... https://vintagetechnics.audio/turntables.php
  7. Since I'm from Alberta I guess I have to come back with something.......lets see.... How can you tell if a Texan is married... She waves from the kitchen window, as he hitches up the house.....
  8. Mostly CDs and albums.....I have about 1/2 my collection ripped to puter, but dont bother with it much.....too easy to jump from one artist to another. I'm wondering how many people here have had the opportunity to listen to their CDs on a really outstanding player in their system. I was very lucky a bunch of years ago to buy one of these.....used.....Raysonic 128 http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/raysonic/cd128.html This player absolutely changed my opinion of Cd playback, and is why I prob still use them as my main "go to"
  9. Back from the vinyl gathering here Aslan.....wife and I looked for this album at almost every vendor.....no luck. I'll still keep my eyes open though.
  10. PDR

    vinyl storage

    Nice, you guys do awesome storage, I just use wooden crates on the floor. I also just finished alpha my cd and album collection.....big task, must be a spring cleaning thing if we're all doing it now. I can also relate to the shuffle of adding titles to both collections.....today they'll be a bunch, its our version of record store day here in Edmonton.....wonder how many I'll bring home?
  11. PDR


    Was with ya right up until the Bill Mahr part...;-) I watch him every Friday night. Hes like a bad accident on the road, you tell yourself you wont look...but you always do, and then you regret it.
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