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  1. 10cc......Bloody tourists. I know, I know.....but I still love it.
  2. Dennis.....why the heck is your shop so clean....I'll have to post some of mine to show you how its done....? Nice system.....my shop system is a 25yr old Technics avr and some old JBL book shelf 2-ways. I like the way youve set it up, I bet it sounds great. Hope you got value out of those GR speakers, I thought they were little gems. Perry Edit: That pioneer TT, isn't that the one carver rebadged?
  3. PDR

    Favorite Pictures

    They're gone now, they would be black for night and white for day.....had a 10mph difference if i remember correctly. I dont remember a prudent though.....it translates into autobahn.....?
  4. MERRY CHRISTMAS CARVERITES!!!........and a prosperous new year!
  5. Squeeze my lemon till the juice runs down my leg...... Dont know why I like this one......
  6. Just not sure where to put this.......mods please move at your discretion. May 1972 "AUDIO" mag. https://www.americanradiohistory.com/Archive-Audio/70s/Audio-1972-05.pdf Daniel Meyer disrespects Bob.......Bob answers back Page 18 and 20 Phase Linear add on Page 91 My Favourite quote.... we at Phase Linear don't wish to increase the incidence of hernia among audiophiles with state of the art, but power hungry, speaker systems.
  7. PDR

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    My wife has been waiting for this to come out for months.....and, so have I To say Queen music was a huge part of being a teenager in the 70s would be an understatement. I remember hearing Killer Queen on the school bus about "76......blew my mind.
  8. PDR

    PDRs stuff

    Ray.......not sure I know what "Ping me off list please" means.......lol......I'm not cool with the jargon since '95 or so.....☹️☹️ Brian bought his Raysonic after seeing mine on the other forum, his is a step up, its a 168, mines a 128. Raysonic the company is no more, so there isnt gonna be any support. I dont believe I've personally heard a better player. 2 tubes for RCAs out and the other 2 are for XLR......a lot of people dont know that, so thought I'd mention it. I havnt seen one offered for years, kinda says it all right there.... Have to pry mine from my cold dead hands..... Your gear (love your spatials) is damn high end, a Raysonic would fit right in, in my opinion. EDIT: found one $850 CAD.....bout $650 US https://www.canuckaudiomart.com/details/649463184-raysonic-vacuum-tube-cd-player/
  9. PDR

    PDRs stuff

    Lee, good to hear from you. Believe it or not I stopped off at Audio 5.1 to buy some binding posts, sitting on the main gear stand was the 428. Brought it home......after some haggeling.... for $500 CAD.....thats $380 US for you 'mericans. 2x 7.5w, need to get my servo subs refinished to play it with my 95db Pap trio I'm considering selling my Carver A760x and the C-11......so prob wont be here long. Actually I'm considering selling the 300b, really everything except the Raysonic, the MP 401 and the HT system Why?...... Need to free up some extra cash to purchase a set of speakers that i never could afford, and that until just now couldnt be DIY........I'm very excited. These are O.B on a whole different level..... Super 7
  10. PDR

    PDRs stuff

    Thanks guys. Dennis, I did make the gear stand......I like the living edge. I seem to DIY the hell out of everything.....☠️ Need to get some wall hangings etc up now.....
  11. PDR

    PDRs stuff

    Lazy.....havn't updated in years......lazy. Im almost done my basement HT system. Need to refinish the second sub (it will go in the right hand corner) and the rear arrays......i have Wharfedale Mach 9s for rears right now....meh. The center channel also needs to be refinished and I want to build a grill cover for it. The ribbons on the arrays and center are fabulous, crystal clear and the height of the arrays add a "Theatre" effect thats very, very cool. Can hardly wait to add the rear arrays... The gear is Onkyo AVR and the rest is DVD, satellite, etc, nothing to note. The TT is a Rega P3 on a slate "L" plinthe, (I need to buy a motor for it) with a RB-300 arm with an AT 440MLa cart. Crappy cell phone pics for your enjoyment.....? I'll post more when completed. Bought a new amp a while back..... I'm a fan of the Musical Paradise stuff. http://www.musicalparadise.ca/store/index.php?route=common/home Local designer/engineer here in Edmonton, getting international recognition now. Good for him, a real nice guy. I own his Mp-401, first heard Baloks in my room, had one shortly after. Both the 401 and 428 are point to point wired. This is MP-428, a 300b/2A3 amp. http://www.musicalparadise.ca/store/index.php?route=product/product&path=66&product_id=53
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