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  1. You know what I think would be awesome is short video review from Bob Carver. Get him in front of a camera with one of these amplifiers and let him give his pitch. I have to admit the short video of him telling a small crowd that the 275 was one of his best designs was the tipping point for me when I made my initial purchase.
  2. Nice Celica! I had a '76 decades ago fun little car
  3. Welcome! You have a couple of very nice amps, some of Carver's best work I think. Curious to hear about the rest of your system(s) we like pictures
  4. Yes, once you get started it can be impossible to stop! Welcome to the forum, nice selection of speakers- we love to see pictures
  5. Welcome to the forum! Have you considered one of the newer Carver tube amps? They sound excellent with Klipsch speakers.
  6. It's a real shame if the 275 cannot continue on in some form as it really is a wonderful little amp and lets face it a lot of people simply cannot afford to wet their feet with a $5k amplifier.
  7. It is a very difficult task too many variables like room acoustics, equipment matching, type of music, how loud you play and of course personal taste. It does get me that almost every single review seems to be positive and the unit being reviewed is almost always a "must have." I went through too many reviews to count when buying headphones recently before I decided to do my own in home trials very few online reviews matched up with what I experienced personally.
  8. The Receivers? I personally prefer the original still have a couple in use. The TGR-3 was built in China after Bob Carver sold the company to Elan. I found the newer models to be a bit more black or neutral sounding where the older units seem to have a touch more flavor not by a lot but noticeable. All in all they are very similar and both decent units.
  9. A guy turned me on to the Hospital grade cords awhile back as a cheap alternative to the fancy cables, the plugs are tight fitting and seem to be good quality. Other generic cords can be found online for about what it costs to ship them. Factory Sunfire cords are a 14ga 2-prong but a 3-prong works just fine. https://www.ebay.com/itm/325455731917?hash=item4bc6ac5ccd:g:~JIAAOSwRJJjknKo&amdata=enc%3AAQAIAAAA0DLe4ohlMddNeiZ%2FYNiH7%2FOwT8QP2sz5FcS%2FQ0i5l%2FyidllsHGKm8bY8X9uzF8K3nnctt6GWsk%2FsdrNKyHJAv%2Bw6OeNfIf0%2BzyLxfBOYoqnCRTQVu00WWANpoY6aDwjF7bp6jfMiDbsECGVF3ut%2FYzBLRlloGnHdCAA8yykzAyW%2FTO7WGfAEs29fvHSWZBHweEoDnhI2plAnkH68Q%2Fr2r652wLeMISnKJftpyMcLc0UNF1t9gtPmThCLaUzy0X%2FBf70qFytYzk%2Fj%2BDqI9hC%2BKq0%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR5zJ0M_5YQ
  10. The Sunfire remotes are pretty much the same TG-II through TG-5 which include the first 3 receivers I believe the IV & 5 have a couple pro logic buttons that the earlier ones don't have but all basic functions and controls are the same. The very top one in the picture above is the correct remote and will work on both units, once you have a working remote you can buy a universal and clone / copy it pretty easily.
  11. I know for a fact they can deliver that power one channel at a time seen it with my own eyes many times at Bill Flannery's on his test bench. As for all channels driven? Don't think that's physically possible- I'm sure there's an upper limit on total output power that gets divided amongst all channels not sure what it is on those amps. Bill once told me the Sunfire Ultimate Receivers maxed out at around 575 watts total output no matter how you slice it; roughly 290x2 or 85x7 I'm sure the amplifiers are probably the same way.
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