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  1. The stock 1.5's have always been one of my favorite sounding Carver amps just so smooth on my Klipsch speakers really curious how one of these fully restored MK-II's sound-
  2. Thanks guys had a great day took the day off work and took my son to the Evergreen State Fair weather turned out perfect and we had a lot of fun.
  3. Diet is 100% key to weight loss you may work in the heat and sweat out a lot of water but you will quickly gain that back while rehydrating. It is simply= calories in have to be less than what you need per day consistently and over a period of time there are no shortcuts. It sucks it's like punishing yourself and if you go too far you'll lose some cognitive ability need to find a balance for what works it takes time.
  4. I've been weighing myself everyday since last Sept weight does fluctuate seems hydration level and bowel movements can have pretty big impacts day to day so focus more on trends over a few days or week to week also timing of meals I weigh myself when I first get up and try not to eat after 5pm
  5. Do you guys have a location picked out already? Will it be here in the town of Snohomish? sounds like a good move for all involved, I'd like to check out the new place once you're up and running.
  6. The Receivers? I personally prefer the original still have a couple in use. The TGR-3 was built in China after Bob Carver sold the company to Elan. I found the newer models to be a bit more black or neutral sounding where the older units seem to have a touch more flavor not by a lot but noticeable. All in all they are very similar and both decent units.
  7. A guy turned me on to the Hospital grade cords awhile back as a cheap alternative to the fancy cables, the plugs are tight fitting and seem to be good quality. Other generic cords can be found online for about what it costs to ship them. Factory Sunfire cords are a 14ga 2-prong but a 3-prong works just fine. https://www.ebay.com/itm/325455731917?hash=item4bc6ac5ccd:g:~JIAAOSwRJJjknKo&amdata=enc%3AAQAIAAAA0DLe4ohlMddNeiZ%2FYNiH7%2FOwT8QP2sz5FcS%2FQ0i5l%2FyidllsHGKm8bY8X9uzF8K3nnctt6GWsk%2FsdrNKyHJAv%2Bw6OeNfIf0%2BzyLxfBOYoqnCRTQVu00WWANpoY6aDwjF7bp6jfMiDbsECGVF3ut%2FYzBLRlloGnHdCAA8yykzAyW%2FTO7WGfAEs29fvHSWZBHweEoDnhI2plAnkH68Q%2Fr2r652wLeMISnKJftpyMcLc0UNF1t9gtPmThCLaUzy0X%2FBf70qFytYzk%2Fj%2BDqI9hC%2BKq0%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR5zJ0M_5YQ
  8. The Sunfire remotes are pretty much the same TG-II through TG-5 which include the first 3 receivers I believe the IV & 5 have a couple pro logic buttons that the earlier ones don't have but all basic functions and controls are the same. The very top one in the picture above is the correct remote and will work on both units, once you have a working remote you can buy a universal and clone / copy it pretty easily.
  9. I know for a fact they can deliver that power one channel at a time seen it with my own eyes many times at Bill Flannery's on his test bench. As for all channels driven? Don't think that's physically possible- I'm sure there's an upper limit on total output power that gets divided amongst all channels not sure what it is on those amps. Bill once told me the Sunfire Ultimate Receivers maxed out at around 575 watts total output no matter how you slice it; roughly 290x2 or 85x7 I'm sure the amplifiers are probably the same way.
  10. Tube count is also a dead give away originals had 15 newer 900's have 20
  11. Nice, congrats on the new Pre! Parasound makes some nice gear I seriously considered the newer P6 before I picked up the Schiit Freya. Ease of use is certainly a factor for me so having sub controls right on the remote is handy. I don't know how many good preamps I've passed along or passed up all together over the years simply because they didn't have a remote which is mostly a moot point now for me with remote DAC's. I've heard some ML's and Maggies in the past was always impressed with their midrange capabilities; very big, open smooth and crystal clear sound. I've often thought about trying them out for myself if the right deal were to emerge.
  12. Thanks for resurrecting this thread cool to read Bob's words! Did you buy a pair of these recently if so can you post some pictures, listening impressions?
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