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Status Updates posted by Nahash5150

  1. Fix your profile photo. ;)


    1. allflehisequalwhenburnt


      I never changed it? It used to be a C



  2. Idée Fixe is the real contagion.

  3. @jazzman53 I fixed your profile pic.  :D


  4. Happy Birthday Yo!

    1. Dnspy007


      Thanks man,  :D     and, may I say your doing one helluva job. Keep up the good work...=D=

  5. We are working under forced SSL, which means you will be directed to https for logins. Some features are working right now, such as the member cards. I'm working on this. Please let me know if you have any other difficulties.

  6. I hope to get some awards worked out this weekend. I think everyone will really like some of the changes.

  7. Pro Tip: Hover your mouse pointer over a username or avatar and wait for the member card to pop up. From there, you can visit their profile, start a PM, ignore (I hope you never have to do that), or just check out some of the member's statistics.

  8. Pro Tip: Check out the Activity tab on the Main Menu. You have many options for displaying what's been happening on the site, including a list of topics you haven't read, or topics that you posted in!

  9. Hello everyone! This is the FIRST STATUS update on this forum. I believe it was @Daddyjt that nabbed the very last post on the old site. Maybe we'll make a special award for that - the Mud Duck award. :D


    Anyway, you may need to enable your status updates by going to 'Edit Profile' on your profile page, then toggling the slider to green, then save.




    Also, when you FOLLOW other members, you are alerted when they post status updates so you can always check out what's happening!


    More tips and tricks coming!

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