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  1. Greg,


      I expect that you are quite busy at Nelion. Still, I have to ask if you would be interested in working on a Glassware Audio phono pre that has an issue. The trouble has already been narrowed down, but the tech presently working on it has hit a brick wall with Mr. Broskie, the designer of the amp. Mr. Broskie has been really lean on replying to emails, and when he does, the replies are one sentence or so. Not the help needed to troubleshoot his product. This has gone on for months, and I am almost ready to ask for the amp back. But, then what? I have some serious cash invested already. If you have interest, then I could have it shipped to you from Florida, where the amp is sitting right now. Or perhaps you can recommend someone for this repair. 


      Thanks, Greg

    1. Nahash5150




      For the time being, yes, I'm booked solid. What sort of trouble are we having? What is it about this unit that makes it so hard to troubleshoot? Schematics available?

    2. 4krow




        Thanks for the response. See? THIS is what I don't get from Mr. Broskie. A headshaker, since his products are incredible, his customer support is non-existent. 


      Ok, so yes there is a schematic for this unit, and yeas, we have narrowed it down to the first input section of the preamp. Here is the strange thing= Mr. Broskie has apparently cut two traces on this circuit board. I have no idea why. One cut was made whole by means of a jumper, but making a series connection instead of a parallel one. I get it. It was mistake in the board. The other one remains cut (it is also on the other channel just so you know, BUT in a Different location), with nothing having been done to it. 

         I can't speak as to what the present tech thinks about it. I have used him before with yet another Broskie product, with great results. Maybe this case needs a new set of eyes on it.


        Greg Will look for some photos/schematics

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