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  1. Greg,


     I have a question that I trust you will have the best response for . Recently, I recapped an old rack ear C-9 along with replacing the RCA jacks. It worked just as expected and I was happy with it, so I sent it back to the customer. When she got it, she says that when switching in or out the narrow/wide button causes a pop. That was not the case for me at all. I want to know, having not heard that happening before, is there any idea that you would have as to what might cause this, and does it matter if the pop is little anyway? I don't want to do the wrong thing here, but I also don't want to chase ghosts if there is even a reason to.


       Thanks, Greg

    1. Nahash5150


      The narrow/wide switch is located in the early stage of the SH circuit, and so it tends to be a rather sensitive area for a mechanical, bouncy switch to introduce some noise. It's not uncommon to hear a light 'pop' on many SH iterations from this switch, so I personally wouldn't worry about it.


      Some people can be picky about such things though.

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