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Album Comments posted by Nahash5150

    On 3/10/2019 at 11:49 AM, 4krow said:

     I would be interested in knowing what is involved in a rebuild.


    They're like working on a TFM-15 - very similar topology.

    3 hours ago, AndrewJohn said:

    Wow, Greg.  That really does look excellent.  And, the robustness is logical for the purpose.  You had mentioned a better design idea coming - now I get it.


    Is there a retro-fit path for previous MkII builds you've done?   Why? Well, "just because" is all I can think of as the answer.


    Good question! I never used the power supply PCB's made by others - I've always used a plexiglass platform to secure the HR caps. This was a modification of Rich's mounts, which kept the components up and away from the main PCB. So my previous work is still 'compliant' in that respect. Everything else I have done also followed the proper guidelines, which has always been in favor of the amp's performance, rather than how it looks.


    As far as updating my previous work - there's no immediate need to do so. I still fully support the work I've done, but I can't realistically accept a never-ending 'service loop' as my technology gets better. In any case, amps sent to me for updates will be charged minimally.


    @Sk1Bum I'm glad you asked. There are a few...


    1) It permits easier serviceability of the PCB. No components are permanently covered like other retrofits available.

    2) Its massive ground plane keeps the amp quiet.

    3) Has much more substantial traces than other retrofits to connect the pos and neg High Rail voltages to each channel, eliminating the 20ga blue and red wires.

    4) It's much better at allowing heat to escape the PCB rather than suffocating it like other retrofits.

    5) It is cheaper and faster to install than other retrofits.

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