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  1. dcl

    Favorite Pictures

    Free with a $50 purchase at King Crimson's Shop DGM merchandise shop. Marketing in times of pandemic...🤷‍♂️
  2. Tord Gustavsen, 2016 release What was said. "However unorthodox all this cross-translation seems, Tander makes it sound completely natural. Her intimate, lyrical voice is equally at home in both languages, as well as singing wordless vocalise and improvising. Gustavson still plays the piano as his main instrument, but has augmented it with discreet electronics and occasional synthesizer bass, while Vespestad provides percussive textures or timekeeping as required. So the group is a true trio, not just a vocalist with accompanists.
  3. dcl

    Favorite Cover Songs

    Zsófia Boros, her rendition of Egberto Gismonti's Celebração de Núpcias .
  4. This came to my attention in the brainpickings blog. " one of the last standing idealists in our world — a countercultural force of lucid and luminous optimism, kindred to Walt Whitman, who wrote so passionately about optimism as a mighty force of resistance and a pillar of democracy."
  5. @dcl I'd like to second that. Welcome back David. You've been missed! Gentlemen, it's been quiet here at the house for a while. However, upon the arrival of new music, the John McLaughlin recording, I thought it would seamlessly flow like a tranquil tributary into the stream of quiet. Described elsewhere as "it's at once spiritual, soulful, and free of earthly constraints...lyrics offer a fountain of emotionally free yet disciplined praise, affirmation, and petition; the ghostly guitars and rumbling tablas erect a lush harmonic floor that moves the tune in the direction of jazz, though it never fully arrives...a complex, slowly unfurling groove. It's alternately moody, earthy, and painfully tender." , it awakened the audio system. Very nice, melismatic unction for times of trouble. My wife commented afterwards, "It reminds me of Baaba Maal", not the most encouraging of spontaneous reviews–she has unflattering memories of a Senegalese singer Baaba Maal concert I thought we should take in. 🙉 My unction dried & flaked off. This Hans Zimmer concert aims to reinstate music "we" can "turn it up" appreciate.😉
  6. Looks intriguing. I got started on Philip K. Dick in college, the class Science Fiction & Religion, in the Philosophy Dept. (not my major). I've not seen the series. Cracking open the yellowed pages:
  7. Stretching "new release" to "release much lesser known", hopefully "new" to enjoy. Perhaps you are, like my wife, a fan of the drummer Peter Edward Baker.?
  8. dcl

    Favorite Pictures

    A little off the top & some more cowbell, please.
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