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  1. dcl

    Favorite Pictures

    From Asheville, North Carolina to the Dude across the Canadian border, we are under the ever watchful gaze.
  2. dcl

    Favorite Pictures

    Cats are elegant. They approach us. They bump our heads. They have some contact with us, confront our art, appropriate it and redefine it. They know where they looked best. * *Stealing lines from Ursula K. LeGuinn "On cats..." We are moving. All music, art, cat-scratch furniture packed & moved to a new place, except an old second hand store LP jacket.
  3. To travel, to experience beyond my boundaries...
  4. dcl

    New Jazz Albums

    "Ethiopian keyboardist Kibrom Birhane plants the flag for Ethio-jazz with Here and There, his third album as leader. Exposed to Ethiopian Orthodox chanting and traditional music in his youth, Birhane later studied at the Mekane Yesus School of Jazz Music in Addis Ababa..." Kibrom Birhane: Here And There
  5. Hey Itch2 The Chrissie Hynde gets top marks from me, too. 💗
  6. A bit of fudging here, however, an anthology is an entryway into new artists for those on the lookout. "Hellbound Train is a double-album retrospective from Steve Tibbetts with music selected by the US guitarist from 40 years of recordings on ECM . Neatly divided into electric and acoustic chapters, the anthology juxtaposes pieces... With its liquid melodies and textures and hypnotic patterns and pulsations subtly influenced by music of many cultures. it’s an ideal introduction to a unique body of work. At different times Tibbetts might seem closer to minimalism, alternate rock or ambient music, yet his artistic signature is unmistakable."
  7. "It’s still a remarkable song—but it’s not the same song. It’s the same singer, but maybe not quite the same singer, either...It is interesting—maybe, for some of us of a certain age, even comforting—to hear rock stars revisit their songs in voices tempered by age and experience, and to know they have a sense of mortality no different from the rest of us." https://www.theatlantic.com/newsletters/archive/2022/07/pretenders-nick-lowe-elvis-costello-rock-nostalgia/661477/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=share
  8. Steve Tibbetts, Black Mountain Side
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