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  1. A waltz-like 3/4 time for this morning.
  2. From Eric Johnson, Song Explorations on Acoustic Guitar and Piano (2018)
  3. The interviews–Pat Metheny, Gary Burton, Larry Carlton, Sting, Robben Ford, etc.– delving into the creative process, songwriting, music past, present and future, in an attentive, intelligent, informed conversation is ne plus ultra to my unschooled ears. 🙏
  4. The Yamaha CD-C600 is kaput (wrrr-glkk-wrrrr-glkk-wrrr-glkk). The old Carver CD/A-360 comes out of the closet, with its weird in-out -in-out -in-out sliding carrousel, tamed by cutting power during the slide out, loading CDs, powering on, slide in, select play. 😎
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