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  1. The Facebook link is : https://www.facebook.com/FreePlanetRadio.
  2. Vietnam Confiscates Over 300,000 Used Condoms for Sale – The New York Times “It’s not impossible to wash a condom,” said Juliet Richters, a sexual health expert and honorary professor at the University of New South Wales. But “it’s never happened, to my knowledge, on an industrial scale.”
  3. You've fellow Carver member aficionados in Virginia, welcome aboard! 🔊
  4. Some of us are restored and enjoying Carver's legacy for many years. Welcome to OCCD.
  5. Connection insurrection duplicating the above. 👆
  6. The happytrails & the dcls took in a Bill Laurence concert several years ago in Asheville, NC, not this video's string augmented ensemble, nevertheless outstanding.
  7. This began as What Are You Listening To but could double in Favorite Cover Songs. Mods, up to you. ✌️
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