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  1. The latest (2020) release from Daniel Lanois. "Dear friends, I’m writing this memo from my studio in ole Toronto. All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey, and the creative arena is fabulously alive. I’ve decided to release a wave of music under the banner «The Maker Series». This is is the banner I will be operating under for the next 4 years. On studying the creative waves that have come to me before, I understand that that what I do happens in blocks of time, roughly 4 years. I like to reference the ambient music chapter with my friend Brian Eno as an example of a concentrated ti
  2. dcl

    One Man's Dream

    One man's dream to build the best music system with no holds barred. At the end I wondered, Did he ever get to all that music he collected?
  3. Came to this artist via her playing with Hans Zimmer, the Live In Prague recording. Let the day begin sublimed by sound & vision.
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