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  1. dcl

    Favorite Pictures

    Winter Lights: Old Year Waning, New Year Waxing.
  2. Vangelis. soundtrack from Blade Runner.
  3. dcl

    New Jazz Albums

    "Besides being among the greatest musicians ever known- Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Hiromi, John McLaughlin, Branford Marsalis, Zakir Hussain, Mike Stern, Gary Husband, Simon Philips, Wayne Krantz and Steve Lukather all have something else in common. At one time or another, these legendary artists have counted on the supportive, melodic and propulsive bass playing of the amazing Tony Grey. Artists of such stature, virtuosity and high standards do not trust just anybody to hold down the foundations of their music. They seek out the best for live performances and recordings. Time and time aga
  4. We had seen him several times when we lived back in the Washington, DC Metro area, this was always exquisite.
  5. John Wheeler, from Debussy And Satie: Debussy and Satie: Intimate Upright Piano Series, Vol. 1
  6. dcl


    CRM-2s with SubRosa subwoofer (behind the yellow Ikea cabinet.)
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