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  1. One of the more frustrating things about this hobby of ours is when I revisit the music of my childhood and find that no matter how much I love the music, it’s recorded so poorly that it’s just not listenable on the 2ch rig. Sadly, many of my childhood and teen favorites are relegated to car or earbud listening. Thats why it’s such a treat to find music of that particular fond memory track that FAR exceeds expectation, and wows sonically, as well as being some of the stuff that I just love listening to. Such is the case with The Carpenters — singles 1969-1981. The 21 tracks on this SACD are a veritable hit-parade, with most indelibly etched into the memories of my childhood. The recording is so well done, it defies belief - both for the age, but also the genre (easy listening is not known for particularly accurate sound, lol). Sound stage, clarity, dynamics and just plain presence are spectacular… This is one of those discs that you drop in to listen to a track or two, and then an hour is gone….
  2. I bought a Russ Kall 1.0t off eBay, because my 20 year old TFM 55x had lost a step or two (from bad caps, but I did not know that at the time). Not really knowing what I had bought, I searched MK2 (MKII) and wound up here. This was my opening thread about 10 years ago: Next, I’d say the friends I’ve made here, and several - @Nahash5150 @dennismiller55 @RodH @Gene C @Charlie @B-Man that I’ve met and chatted with over the phone. Also, a handful - @Sk1Bum @PhilDent @69Chevelle @4RUNNER @Turbo @Receiver2000 - that I have been fortunate enough to meet in person. Through thick and thin, this place has always been home…
  3. The M500(t) is NOT a common ground amplifier. In order to power your Polks safely with the those amplifiers, you will either need to NOT use the interconnect cable, OR use a “Dreadnaught” (an isolation transformer that goes in-line with the interconnect). More information on the Dreadnaught can be found on the Polk forum…
  4. This is Little Earthquakes - perhaps her best known album https://www.amazon.com/Little-Earthquakes-180-Gram-Vinyl/dp/B00DX88F8K/ref=sr_1_2?crid=19QNNH1W0D4GQ&keywords=tori+amos+crucify+vinyl+records&qid=1692481018&sprefix=tori+amos+crucify+vinyl+records%2Caps%2C153&sr=8-2 This is Under The Pink - another collection of great songs… https://www.amazon.com/Under-Pink-180-Gram-Vinyl/dp/B00SSL4EM8/ref=sr_1_1?crid=19QNNH1W0D4GQ&keywords=tori+amos+crucify+vinyl+records&qid=1692481018&sprefix=tori+amos+crucify+vinyl+records%2Caps%2C153&sr=8-1 The cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit posted above appears not to be available on vinyl. It is part of a five song cd that also includes her renditions of Angie (Stones) and Thank You (Zepplin) - I especially like the Thank You rendition (below) https://www.amazon.com/Crucify-Tori-Amos/dp/B000002ITU/ref=sr_1_1?crid=EH34VAON7G6N&keywords=tori+amos+crucify&qid=1692487108&sprefix=tori+amos+crucify+%2Caps%2C206&sr=8-1
  5. This one blows me away. First time I heard it, I remember thinking it was the first time I’d ever understood the lyrics to “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. Also, I find Tori’s version much darker - which I like - a lot.
  6. Perhaps allowing the “Thunderdome” topics to show in the recent topics feed? If that’s too much for some to bear, then maybe an “opt-in” option, to allow users that choose to see those topics?
  7. @compwaco @Sk1Bum - pls remove this post for political content….
  8. I would like to recommend The Sound Of Freedom as a fantastic film that is well worth your time. As the film has somehow become “political” (How opposition to child trafficking can become a political issue is beyond my comprehension), I will unfortunately have to refrain from any details or trailers - but I reiterate that it is well worth your time….
  9. Happy birthday! I hope you enjoyed your day…!
  10. I always counted on my man Roger - I did not agree with him ALL the time, but I’d say a solid 85%. Gene on the other hand…:-( Rest In Peace Mr Ebert - the balcony is as always, reserved for you…
  11. Anyone remember deciding what movie/what time based on the movie page in the newspaper? From 1983….
  12. I’m not sure if this is directed at me, as I have just returned from a 6-month hiatus. When I left, two members (Dawson and Rodney) and myself were not seeing eye-to-eye. Rather than blow the site up, I did what I viewed as the adult thing and stepped away. I’m not sure if I was the problem or not, but I care more about the site as a whole than I do my participation in it. I received a call a couple days ago from a great friend (and member) informing me that the two aforementioned individuals have removed themselves, so I felt it was a good time to return.
  13. What a sad, insecure life some folks lead - The perpetually offended that preach tolerance and acceptance are the most intolerant and miserable people...
  14. I can tell you one thing with absolute certainty - The "good 'ol days" are never experienced in a present tense - they are ALWAYS in the rear view mirror. What seems like a hell scape at the time will eventually be remembered as "the good 'ol days" as time passes.
  15. Absolutely - here’s to hoping that the complainers are pacified by the newly created safe environment and begin posting in earnest!
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