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  1. What a sad, insecure life some folks lead - The perpetually offended that preach tolerance and acceptance are the most intolerant and miserable people...
  2. I can tell you one thing with absolute certainty - The "good 'ol days" are never experienced in a present tense - they are ALWAYS in the rear view mirror. What seems like a hell scape at the time will eventually be remembered as "the good 'ol days" as time passes.
  3. Absolutely - here’s to hoping that the complainers are pacified by the newly created safe environment and begin posting in earnest!
  4. All due respect, but I disagree that the “techs” here are beholden to answer tech questions prior to posting in the areas that interest them. The thechs are here of their own free will, and are not employees of the site. Further, many of the questions of late have been related to Carver/Sunfire units that are out of the mainstream (receivers, rare pre amps, subs). A litany of “Im not sure”, “a tech will be along shortly” or even worse trying to help when the knowledge isn’t there are not helpful. If someone that possesses the required knowledge sees the post and has the time and/or inclination to help, then it will happen.
  5. A couple years into my tenure here, I wondered why many of the tech-savvy members didn’t jump on the newbies looking for help. In fact, I viewed it as a “dereliction” of duty, so to speak. As the years progressed, I acquired a (small) bit of tech knowledge myself. After several altruistic acts of helping newbies, I finally understood the dynamic. We like to think we can jump in and save they day with the tidbits of knowledge we possess, but in practice it rarely works out that way. More often you discover that the member requesting help does not possess the necessary equipment to properly diagnose their issue and/or they lack the fundamental skills to work on said gear- this is the “best case”. Worst case, they argue with and/or ignore the advice given, or end up further damaging their gear. That said, I helped when I could, but my knowledge is quite limited compared to Greg, Wayne, Brian and Dennis. My prior post was indeed tinged with sarcasm. I have started multiple threads on music, movies and gear - as have many others here. Most get 1-2 dozen posts, then they die. The site is far bigger than any one member, and I respect that. The majority has spoken, and if this is the direction they want to move in, so be it. However, as the site moves forward, this will likely not be the end of the “offended class” exerting their will. You may as well close the firearm thread, the what is a woman thread, and the weird headline thread, as all will most assuredly draw the ire of the perpetually offended. As I stated above, my last post was indeed sarcastic - that said, I do sincerely hope that this action restores the site to its prior level of engagement, for if it accomplishes that, then it was not in vain…
  6. Message received. A few observations: I created the two meme threads (political & non-political) a couple years ago to try and drive some daily traffic to the site. I thought that a clearly labeled thread could survive and flourish, since members offended by such discussion could easily avoid it. To the best of my knowledge, these discussions have not moved beyond the political meme thread. Apparently, the mere existence of such a topic is too much for some to bear. It is unfortunate that so many people are incapable of avoiding or moving past something that they find offensive, to continue on and enjoy the rest of the site. For example, I find cigars offensive. I know there is a cigar thread on the site. Instead of demanding this thread be moved to “The Thunderdome”, I simply avoid it. Seriously, what do these people do if the encounter a pile of dog sh!t on the sidewalk? Demand the entire sidewalk shut down, or step around that which they deem offensive? I eagerly look forward to the return of the vast swaths of members that no longer frequent the site due to the political meme thread - I’m sure the increase in activity will be substantial and immediate. In that interest, I suggest that the entire political meme thread be deleted - I would not want even it’s existence in the Thunderdome to curtail activity. Also, knowing how many of these “offended” folks think, I will step aside too - I don’t want MY mere existence on the site to curtail increased activity. I want to provide a completely “safe” environment for these folks to return to their past activity levels. Happy New Year all, and be good to each other.
  7. That’s great news brother - at times like this, it’s frustrating to live so far away from our great friends…. I wish more of us were closer to you guys so that we could lend a hand… Tell Jen we are all thinking of her, and keep fighting!
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