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  1. Thanks for all the info guys. I tracked down an old employee on Linked In that’s in the Hemp/CBD business. He gave me a wealth of knowledge... I placed an order today, we’ll see what happens:-)
  2. Sweden seems to have had the best response to COVID, by a substantial margin. They showed the rest of the world the winning (or at least the winningest) strategy - sadly, no one seems to be listening...
  3. I disagree with their meddling, however I realize that is their platform to do with as they please. Therefor, I do what people do in a capitalist society - I vote with my feet, and refuse to use Facebook, Twitter, etc. The truly troubling part however, are the masses that get ALL of their news, and thereby allow their consciousness to be formed by, the social media giants.
  4. I’m looking for opinions or experiences (even better) from members here with regards to CBD products - specifically topical joint creams and/or oral drops. unfortunately, I’ve spent decades abusing my body - football, wrestling, construction work, etc - and now the bill is coming due. I’m tired of using ibuprofen and icy hot - and honestly, neither work all that well any more. I have zero interest in marijuana (THC) to get high, but I have heard increasing amounts of praise of CBD. I tried to navigate the CBD market, but it’s beyond confusing to me. ANY help would be appreciated.
  5. Thanks Brian - yes, they do have a narrow (albeit deep) footprint, hence a high WAF (If that is a consideration). The bass response out of the single sealed 10" drivers is mind boggling. Granted, the abundance of power from the Silver 9t amps certainly helps, but seriously - They easily best the Infinitys (2 x 12") and even the Legacys (3 x 12") in bass response. As for the rest of the room decor, I had zero input - and quite honestly, I didn't care! I mean hell, I have a theater room (Which I DID decorate to MY standards) AND a 2ch listening area, and all is cost me was a year of work and letting her decorate it... Who wouldn't take that deal? 🙂
  6. Ummm.... What? https://www.foxnews.com/lifestyle/clothing-brand-digital-shirt-700-fashion-line
  7. Welcome back Joe. I’m not sure your sense of urgency, but I could look at them in a couple months, and save you on shipping, as I’m just north of you in the Layton area. Unfortunately I’m working at the moment, and won’t really have a day off or free time till early October...
  8. This is interesting, hilarious and sad all at the same time....!
  9. In my humble opinion, amps + speakers should be 60-70%. However, I am not a vinyl fan, so my “source budget” is a fraction of someone who IS into vinyl. AND, a BillD C1 is so cheap that it frees up more money for atomically-aligned, cryogenic gold plated power cords...
  10. I found this one very interesting....
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