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  1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Assembeld-Remote-volume-board-HIFI-preamp-motor-ALPS-100K-potentiometer/322102761959?hash=item4afed219e7:g:L9YAAOSw2x1XMI-f
  2. Apologies - I assumed memes were pictures. Are memes “jokes”? Or do we need a specific thread for memes?
  3. Skrillex - Fu@k That. Skip to about the 1:25 mark (ridiculous long intro). The bass on this track is OUT OF THIS WORLD. Also Deadmau5 - Ghosts and Stuff, Nero remix:
  4. My son found this SACD buried at the local used music store the other day. As a somewhat passive Elton fan, I must admit that I’ve never even heard of the album, even though I own a couple of his SACDs. I’ve always found the quality of his recordings passable, but far from reference - until this one. As soon as it started playing, I knew we were on to something special. It has that “air” about it - you know what I’m talking about, the sound just explodes into the room, the speakers disappear, and you’re THERE... As soon as we finished playing it, I went on eBay and ordered my own c
  5. I used up the roll I bought (10’) between myself and several members here:-) it’s cheap though - $40. https://www.mcmaster.com/felt-weatherstripping/material~fabric/width~1/thickness~1-2/
  6. Welcome aboard, Bill. I’m glad to have another vinyl non-enthusiast around here, lol - strictly SACD, DVDA and FLAC for me (it’s as much about my laziness as it is sound quality!)
  7. Me - “Siri - Tell me the formula for nitrogen oxide” Siri - “NO”
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