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Carver repair team
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  1. one to show, one to go?
  2. Just saw these tonight, and thought of this thread...;-) https://classifieds.ksl.com/listing/61601352
  3. M1.0t into 102db sensitivity speakers.... In other words, abundance of power (1.0t / V-10 engine) driving ultra-efficient (CV speakers / Toyota Prius) load. sorry if the analogy was confusing...🤔
  4. That’s good - they are power hungry little guys....
  5. I don’t know what’s more disturbing, the car, or the owner... I especially like the original wheel placed there for reference.
  6. That amount of power into CV speakers is like putting a V-10 in a Prius... Be careful of your hearing😉
  7. NHT 2.9 right now... And in the bull-pen, from left to right, Carver ALIII, NHT 2.5i, Polk ls70, Klipsch RF7, Legacy Focus 20/20, Infinity Kappa9, and Polk SDA SRS.
  8. Daddyjt


    Are you looking for Carver specific parts (face plates, meters, rack handles, etc), or electronic parts (capacitors, transistors, diodes, etc)? Carver parts are dificult to come by, but several of us have various parts units to pull from. Electronic parts can be obtained from Mouser ( https://www.mouser.com/?cm_mmc=google-_-ppc-_-americas-_-Brand&gclid=CKmsl4iXiLgCFcqDQgodpHYAGA ), Digikey ( https://www.digikey.com/?WT.srch=1&WT.medium=cpc&WT.mc_id=IQ59981661-VQ6-27771403515-VQ16-t ), and B&D Enterprises for hard to find transistors ( https://www.bdent.c
  9. what kind of tags? License plate tags?
  10. Came across this at the gas station today - identical (?) boxes mounted on all four fenders, pointing out...?
  11. Awesome karma Charlie. My cup still runneth over from your generosity, so not in... good luck to those that are:-)
  12. It’s a good thing you have some extra room in that cabinet - hang around here for any length of time, and you’ll need a bigger one though...😉
  13. If so, I need to NOT be invited... I count at least four (4) Mark Levinson amps, a big Krell, so Pass Labs stuff, and some REALLY nice speakers...
  14. Saw this on another forum... how many pieces of gear do you recognize?
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