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  1. PhilDent

    Get Back

    Was it anyone else or just me? I couldn't get past how they dubbed audio that did not fit the picture. With the mismatched lip flap, at times I felt like I was watching a Saturday afternoon Kung Fu movie. Also, it made me wonder how did they decide which audio to dub over the images. Anyway I made it through the first episode in a couple of sessions. I might go back and try the next 2. My .02 being a casual Beatles fan.
  2. PhilDent

    m500t with mods ****SOLD****

    Looks very clean Jeffs. If I didn't have 3 already, I would be tempted to snap it up and send it to @Daddyjt for the mkii pedigree.
  3. Bumping an old thread here- I never did pull the trigger on replacing my old Yammy receiver, but I am very tempted by this Emotiva processor. https://emotiva.com/collections/processors/products/xmc-1 Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on this unit. Also, IIRC didn't Bob Carver have some affiliation with Emotiva?
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