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  1. I sent the family flowers that will be delivered to his service. I signed the card from me and the Carversite.
  2. Has the family expressed any wishes? Flowers? Donations made to a specific charity?
  3. Sad news. I pray he passes peacefully, surrounded by loved ones.
  4. Damn dude! That's cold. I skied in Banff one year at -25 and that temperature is absolutely inhumane.
  5. Great Karmas Charlie! Thanks for your generosity.
  6. Great Karma! In with 46.
  7. +1. I joined mid 2017 and by last count I have collected two BillD C-1 preamps and nine amplifiers.
  8. Welcome Butcher! I like the BillD C1 preamp with the m500tmkii combination. Also, I am fond of the A400x and the TFM-45 amps. Enjoy your Carver journey. -PhilDent
  9. Great Karma! In with 46.
  10. £25,000 for a bottle?😵 The opportunity cost is too much for me. I can't imagine my nightcap costing me as much as a bitchin' audio system.
  11. If you're near LA you must come by my place for a visit. I'd love to reciprocate the hospitality and get your opinion on my NHT speakers and setup. Happy New Year!
  12. Very cool Karma! Not in because I would like one of the talented techs here to get it.
  13. I find his facial expressions distracting, but his playing is unbelievably precise. He is quite the prodigy.
  14. The system is looking great!
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