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  1. I like the Dunkelweiss version of this Bier.
  2. The BluDento has good range too. I use it in my garage system. I've even opened up my garage door and let my neighbor across the street hook up to to my c1 and dual m500tmkiis via Bluetooth and crank the tunes. The only issue I've had is the USB power cable. It tends to fall out if you move it around.
  3. I don't notice color distortion in my frontal vision. I often wonder what kind of clown world most people live in.
  4. The BluDento sounds better than I expected. Congrats!
  5. Cool Karma. I'll sit this one out since I already have that same BluDento. So I'd be in the same situation you were in if I got another. I want to get my daughter a blue tooth adapter for her system. Which one did you get to solve the problem?
  6. I'll share my 3:2:1 marinade. It's my kids' favorite. I use it when I'm cooking filet mignon. Season the steaks with Lawry's season salt and minced garlic to taste (typically I do one clove of garlic per filet) then put the steaks in the marinade consisting of: 3 parts Olive Oil 2 parts Rice vinegar 1 part Worcestershire And a dash of sugar So typically I do: 1 cup Olive Oil 2/3 cup rice vinegar 1/3 cup Worcestershire. Dash of Sugar Depending on how many steaks you're marinating you can adjust quantity. Marinate overnight or 2 nights max. IMO the meat starts to get mushy if you go any longer. This marinade has a very intense flavor and can mask the meat flavor, but filets are more about tenderness than their "meaty-ness", so it flavors the tender meat well. I then grill over charcoal using the reverse sear method until internal temp of 120. Let rest (or don't) and enjoy!
  7. I'm in with 346. Let me know if somebody else already nabbed it. PhilDent
  8. If I ever start working again, I could use one. In with 46.
  9. I miss "All My Children". I got hired to be the boom guy for the exterior scenes that shot once a week. After my first day on the job, I woke up to the headline that it was getting cancelled after 40+ years. 😠 I guess it was my fault?😒
  10. I used to adhere to this method until I had a steak from a chef who competed on Iron Chef. He completely broke this rule. He pan fried filets on cast iron with a very complicated method of changing heat and flipping many times. His premise was that flipping the steak keeps the moisture from exiting the meat. His steaks tasted great, but it was a labor intensive and time consuming process...but they were delicious. 😋
  11. I'm a fan of the reverse sear. I put charcoal on one side of the grill and slow cook the steaks on the cold side for a while and then I put them over high heat to crust them up over the fire. When I pull them ~120 degrees, I let them rest. I aim for the carryover heat to take them to a medium rare - just as the muscle has started to contract, yet still has retained its moisture.
  12. I've never been much of a Tequila fan, but since cinco de Mayo, the wifey and I have been on a Margarita kick - made with fresh squeezed lime juice, triple sec, and simple syrup.
  13. Actually it was a Cosmo. 🍸
  14. That's my wife's beer - Corona Premiere - low Cal/low carb. I just put it in the picture for scale.
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