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  1. Not to be a one trick pony, but I did another brisket for my Texas friends.
  2. I'm in Bozeman, MT for vacation. My kids were doing horseback riding lessons when I snapped this pic. I thought it looked very cinematic.
  3. Regarding the dialogue of "Tenet": the production sound mixer was two time academy award winner Willy Burton. He is a rock star in that world. The mushy dialogue seems to be a choice of Christopher Nolan. I don't know to what end he does this, but he has done it in the past, viz., Interstellar. I read that he even objected to theatre operators trying to use corrective EQ to make the dialogue more understandable.
  4. I had a 2 gallon water pan, which had to be refilled mid-cook.
  5. For Memorial Day, I smoked a brisket. I tried a different technique after reading an article on the ThermoWorks website. They suggested cooking it "naked" for the full cook instead of wrapping it aka the Texas crutch. I wish I hadn't: Trimmed and seasoned - ready to go on the smoker for an overnight cook. Mid-cook - looking promising. This is when it all went sideways. Internal temp stalled at 183 and would not budge. I had to reload the charcoal twice. It stayed hovering around this temp for 4-5 hours. Eventually internal temp rose and I pulled
  6. Passages like this is why I can't read your posts at work. I was recording sound during a long take and saw that you had posted and wisely thought to myself that I had better not indulge - fearing that a hearty belly laugh might ensue. "Treacle-laden whore" has been added to my lexicon.
  7. This reminds of the classic Full Metal Jacket quote from the late R. Lee Army "You had best unf*ck yourself, or I will unscrew your head and sh*t down your neck!”
  8. In college, the wrestlers I knew called this "Checking the Oil"
  9. Are you going to smoke the whole thing at once or butcher it and cook the different cuts separately?
  10. I smoked a ham for Easter.
  11. Guy 1: "with this crazy market I need to buy a f***ing house and get a wife." Guy 2: "I'd rather buy a house and get a f***ing wife."
  12. @Brian_at_HHH you must love your cats (and your 2.9s) to go to that effort so they can coexist. Do you have to monitor the speakers whenever the covers are off lest a mischievous cat should decide that your grills are the perfect remedy for its overgrown claws? I'm lucky to have a dedicated music room and my ridgeback is allowed nowhere near it.
  13. @SRGresham that is a great score! Good job. I frequently scour the net for deals like that even though I don't need them.
  14. Different opinions on tactical reloads: some say always rack the slide even if you eject a live round.
  15. Deleted duplicate post
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