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  1. Be Careful the m500t can afflict you with a habit that is hard to shake... And then it can lead to even harder stuff...
  2. Maybe I missed it, but did you ask him why we should buy tube amps when we are satisfied with our solid state Carver gear?
  3. One argument from vinyl lovers is that vinyl is superior because it has never gone through an analog to digital conversion and therefore it sounds better since it is purely analog. I find this argument compelling. I think it is possible that the A to D and D to A processes might affect the recorded sound in a way which they dislike. However, this argument falls apart when the fact of the matter is that many “audiophile” records have been produced from a digital master.
  4. yup. I first would look at the ratings to see which one my parents would allow me to see, then I would ask/beg them to take my brothers and me. Looking at this page, I remember them taking us to Return of the Jedi, Superman III, and War Games.
  5. I used to be in the hi-res camp and wasted a lot of money downloading 96k/24bit tracks from HD Tracks. My mind changed when I took a hi-res challenge from Mark Waldrep aka Dr AIX. He was a proponent of Hi-Res and thought his test would affirm his claim that hi-res was superior. The results of his test showed otherwise. The recording and playback of music is unbelievably complex. I think there is a tendency to focus on one part of that chain (in this case sampling rates and bit depth) and to ignore all the other variables that go into creating great sounding recordings.
  6. Welcome to the Carver journey. Warning, it can be addictive.
  7. I enjoy multichannel music, yet I lament the fact that there is so little content and the disks are so expensive. I finally tracked this one down and it sounds absolutely fantastic. It feels as if I'm sitting on stage with the band.
  8. PhilDent

    Get Back

    Was it anyone else or just me? I couldn't get past how they dubbed audio that did not fit the picture. With the mismatched lip flap, at times I felt like I was watching a Saturday afternoon Kung Fu movie. Also, it made me wonder how did they decide which audio to dub over the images. Anyway I made it through the first episode in a couple of sessions. I might go back and try the next 2. My .02 being a casual Beatles fan.
  9. Bumping an old thread here- I never did pull the trigger on replacing my old Yammy receiver, but I am very tempted by this Emotiva processor. https://emotiva.com/collections/processors/products/xmc-1 Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on this unit. Also, IIRC didn't Bob Carver have some affiliation with Emotiva?
  10. Regarding the dialogue of "Tenet": the production sound mixer was two time academy award winner Willy Burton. He is a rock star in that world. The mushy dialogue seems to be a choice of Christopher Nolan. I don't know to what end he does this, but he has done it in the past, viz., Interstellar. I read that he even objected to theatre operators trying to use corrective EQ to make the dialogue more understandable.
  11. Passages like this is why I can't read your posts at work. I was recording sound during a long take and saw that you had posted and wisely thought to myself that I had better not indulge - fearing that a hearty belly laugh might ensue. "Treacle-laden whore" has been added to my lexicon.
  12. It should be stored at a constant cool temperature for sure. This post was not targeted at you Mark, but I would never put ice in Isosceles. That being said, if you enjoy your fine wine with ice, go for it. If it's my wine - not happening.
  13. This brings to mind when I serve a fine red wine and the guest requests ice cubes to be dunked into the exquisite appelation. I, without hesitation, reclaim said vino and return to the guest a new glass brimming with ice and a wine that can only be properly aged in a box.
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