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  1. Isn’t B minor C# and F#?
  2. I used to be in the hi-res camp and wasted a lot of money downloading 96k/24bit tracks from HD Tracks. My mind changed when I took a hi-res challenge from Mark Waldrep aka Dr AIX. He was a proponent of Hi-Res and thought his test would affirm his claim that hi-res was superior. The results of his test showed otherwise. The recording and playback of music is unbelievably complex. I think there is a tendency to focus on one part of that chain (in this case sampling rates and bit depth) and to ignore all the other variables that go into creating great sounding recordings.
  3. I enjoy the meme threads, much like I used to enjoy the "Do you know any jokes" thread back in the day. I also enjoy the "What is a woman" and "What are you drinking" threads. They are not Carver related, but it allows the members to relate to each other and socialize. We all have found this site out of common interest, but we shouldn't restrict other discussions. At CarverFest is there a rule that you can only talk about Carver related stuff? No. Carver enthusiasts come together and socialize without restriction. That's how this site should be. We shouldn't shut down discussion because of some vocal complainers who can't tolerate the opinions of others being expressed. Personally, I don't engage in the political back and forth, but I do enjoy reading it until it devolves into name calling. However, if people want to name call, I just don't read it - my choice. I worry about the good guys you alienate from this site, i.e., the original poster of the meme threads @Daddyjt. Losing him to mollify a mob of vocal snowflakes is a shame. This decision to censor is a blunder. In the end though, Greg, this is your site - you make the rules. If you think censoring political speech will cause the site to flourish, that is your experiment to make. my .02 PhilDent
  4. Welcome to the Carver journey. Warning, it can be addictive.
  5. Apologies If I missed it, but how can we support you? Is there a caring bridge or something similar?
  6. Sorry to hear that you are going through this. Let us know if we can help in any way.
  7. From the biography of John Boyd regarding the A-10, “Jokes were made that it was so slow that it suffered bird strikes - from the rear - and instead of carrying a clock, the cockpit had a calendar. The plane was so ugly it was called ‘The Warthog’. Many in the Air Force said no airplane could perform or survive in combat as this airplane was supposed to perform. It would be almost twenty years before the A-10 had the chance to demonstrate just how wrong its detractors were.”
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