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  1. From the biography of John Boyd regarding the A-10, “Jokes were made that it was so slow that it suffered bird strikes - from the rear - and instead of carrying a clock, the cockpit had a calendar. The plane was so ugly it was called ‘The Warthog’. Many in the Air Force said no airplane could perform or survive in combat as this airplane was supposed to perform. It would be almost twenty years before the A-10 had the chance to demonstrate just how wrong its detractors were.”
  2. I've heard the vinyl aficionados trumpet the fact that vinyl is superior because it has never gone through an analog to digital conversion. I find merit in that argument. However, when the vinyl has already gone through the A to D and D to A conversions before pressing, I find that argument without merit. Listen to and purchase what sounds good to you. Don't proselytize to me about why your preference is superior to mine.
  3. I wished I lived in a place where blow jobs were so rampant they needed a sign that forbade them. The Italians must be more evolved than us.
  4. There is no emoji that states clearly enough that I ABSOLUTELY F-ing LOVE THIS!
  5. My fear is that she’ll do that before I die.
  6. Happy birthday Mark! Thanks for all of your contributions and friendship. (And Enabling)
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