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  1. Wow! I would love to listen to those speakers, but those amazings are encumbered with a WAF of less than zero. I've already snuck a drum kit and a pair of Electrostatics taller than my wife into the house without major repercussions. I hope they go to a great home.
  2. Congrats Charlie! Add it to the Deathstar! -PhilDent
  3. ...And I got to hear most of them. . In fact, I was so impressed by the little NHT 2.5i I bought a pair and matching surrounds and center.
  4. I can identify with this sentiment.
  5. Absolutely it was! The downside was that I was seasick the entire day, and there was no reason for me to be on the boat that day. As the waves of nausea passed over me I continually repeated to myself, "And this too shall pass". To add insult to injury, the boat got tossed in the break and my audio mixer got flung to the floor causing it to be damaged. It cost me $500 to repair it. Ironically, I've never used it since.
  6. I actually never saw the remake of Point Break, but I'm sure you're correct that it's a horrible movie. I like it for the fact that I got to go to Tahiti as part of a crew that shot behind the scenes. Below are a few pictures that I took from a boat in the break of Teahupoo while they were filming the surfing scenes.
  7. How about the all girl power Ghostbusters.
  8. Add Bill C-16 and watch the incoherent, leftist spiral of the Great White North.
  9. Sadly I am coming to that same conclusion. I bought this budget receiver from accessories4less for~$300 and have not been disappointed by its performance. I do find it ironic that I have so little invested in the "brains" of the system and so much invested in Carver amplification.
  10. This is where I bought my last receiver and it has performed flawlessly. I was checking out their site for a replacement, but it seems that all of their pre/processors are of the 11.2 variety and over 1K - way more than I need or want to pay.
  11. Jeffs, Thanks for the research and input. I found myself going down the bunny hole as well. My initial thinking was that I should replace my receiver since I have no need for amplification and I've had the impression that the Yamaha pre-outs signal was not strong enough. It made sense to me that I would rather have a unit that focused on the pre outs for 5.1 music and had the HDMI capability that I was looking for. However, I'm finding that most of the separates have a ton of features that I don't need and cost a lot more than I want to spend. I agree that the Outlaw looks suspect. I'd prefer to spend money with a domestic company like Emotiva, but I haven't quite found anything that fits my needs.
  12. What a great Karma offering! I feel selfish throwing my hat in on this one since I currently have a C1 at Mark's awaiting the BillD treatment, but why not give every kid a BillD C1? My daughter has one, so why not my son too? I'm in with 46. -PhilDent
  13. Right you are. I'll take a second look at it. Thanks.
  14. No HDMI on this receiver, so it won't fit the bill for me. Thanks for responding. PhilDent
  15. Of course. The minister of sex and finance is ever vigilant. ? I checked out the Emotiva site and the MC-700 looks promising, yet it doesn't have the USB connectivity that I've become accustomed to. The Marantz 8802a looks awesome, but I don't want to pay for a lot of amplification and features that I will not use. I'd rather use that money to buy more Carver amps. ? I'll keep looking around.
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