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  1. In college, the wrestlers I knew called this "Checking the Oil"
  2. Are you going to smoke the whole thing at once or butcher it and cook the different cuts separately?
  3. I smoked a ham for Easter.
  4. Guy 1: "with this crazy market I need to buy a f***ing house and get a wife." Guy 2: "I'd rather buy a house and get a f***ing wife."
  5. @Brian_at_HHH you must love your cats (and your 2.9s) to go to that effort so they can coexist. Do you have to monitor the speakers whenever the covers are off lest a mischievous cat should decide that your grills are the perfect remedy for its overgrown claws? I'm lucky to have a dedicated music room and my ridgeback is allowed nowhere near it.
  6. @SRGresham that is a great score! Good job. I frequently scour the net for deals like that even though I don't need them.
  7. Different opinions on tactical reloads: some say always rack the slide even if you eject a live round.
  8. Deleted duplicate post
  9. The problem I had while camping in Zion is that they sold no beer over 5% alcohol. Didn't know if it was a Utah or national park regulation.
  10. Why didn't he rack the slide?
  11. It should be stored at a constant cool temperature for sure. This post was not targeted at you Mark, but I would never put ice in Isosceles. That being said, if you enjoy your fine wine with ice, go for it. If it's my wine - not happening.
  12. This brings to mind when I serve a fine red wine and the guest requests ice cubes to be dunked into the exquisite appelation. I, without hesitation, reclaim said vino and return to the guest a new glass brimming with ice and a wine that can only be properly aged in a box.
  13. I'm glad this thread popped back up again. I love finding new music - especially reference material. I sampled the Lydia Ainsworth track "floating dream" that mark linked and I immediately bought 3 of her albums. I've decided that my unemployment money should not only pay for groceries; it should also pay for music (and gun parts). However, I did not buy from Amazon since I was disgusted by their treatment of Parler.
  14. I was expecting it to turn like a weird al song with the next verse extolling the virtues of "heels up Harris".... Anyway, is it just me, or did it look like she was singing in a motor home?
  15. You have one of those too? 😉 Mine nixed the TV above the fireplace idea. Impractical, yet aesthetically pleasing. I like your wainscotting and matted pictures. (And of course the 2.5is)
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