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  1. I'd go C1 with the BillD mod and m500t and get it mkii'd by one of the techs here. Below is an example of overdoing things. The Shisa dogs do make a difference. 😉
  2. Great Karma! I'm in with 46.
  3. Damn, that one stings. I thought it was pretty picked up when you stopped by. And without the clutter how could I hide the Glock?
  4. Is that a TFM-45 on your bench? I bought one based on the late Kingman's recommendation and have not been disappointed.
  5. Video is already unavailable. Thanks for trying. I was able to find it on DailyMotion just after the fight ended - saved myself $100 not buying the PPV.
  6. Was I that obvious? After I auditioned the Silver 9t amps, I did secretly wonder if there was a possibility that you might forget where I live. 😉 Seriously, I'm looking forward to your next visit. Last time we focused mainly on multi-channel content. This time I'd like to focus on Stereo music. Using a BillD C-1 I'd like to do an amp shoot-out with my M500tmkii's, TFM-45 and your Silver 9t monoblocks, paired with the NHT 2.5i speakers and listen for the winning combination. Also, the wifey and I would love to fix you a home cooked meal this time. Great write-up on California. I'm glad that it wasn't as evil as you anticipated. I enjoyed reading your observations. Now I've got to get back to listening to the Silver 9ts. I've been averaging about 2 hours a night.
  7. Nope. I didn't know I wanted them then. 😁
  8. I'm not a tech with the skills to repair, so I'd have to rely on someone else. Also, who knows what mystery lurks inside those amps... I think I need a more plug and play solution. Thanks for the heads up though.
  9. I am also in search of a winning preamp/amp/speaker/room combination. After, a great night of auditioning speakers from the impressive collection of @Daddyjt in November, I was so impressed by the performance of a pair of NHT 2.5i's that I immediately bought a pair. Powered by a McCormack DNA-225 amp, they hung with the big boys (kappa 9's, Polk SDA'S, etc); they looked cool, and were within my budget. At home, I've been powering them with two M500tmkii's in power steering mode. However, I've been unimpressed with their sound, which has frustrated me and motivated me to figure out why. I thought maybe the culprit was my Yamaha receiver with its weak pre-outs or its room correction software. I started swapping out components. I swapped out the Yamaha with a BiillD C-1. I swapped out the M500ts and used a TFM-45 for amplification, but never had that "aha" moment until now... Due to fortunate circumstances, and @Daddyjt's enabling again, I found myself in possession of a pair of Silver Nine T's to throw into the mix. I really wasn't expecting much, but I was wrong. I'm loving the Silver Nine T's and once again Mark has me scouring Craigslist/Offer up, etc. to find a pair. The OCCD journey continues.
  10. Find yourself a c-1 and get it "BillD" modded by a tech here on the site. The TFM-45 is a great sounding amp. Enjoy your audio journey and tell us about your system. -PhilDent
  11. If that were true we would not have been listening to NHT2.5i speakers in an untreated room. Thank you for initiating operation OPPO with the Mrs.
  12. I sent the family flowers that will be delivered to his service. I signed the card from me and the Carversite.
  13. Has the family expressed any wishes? Flowers? Donations made to a specific charity?
  14. Sad news. I pray he passes peacefully, surrounded by loved ones.
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