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  1. So I have a buddy from Texas who was on a competitive BBQ team. He contracted SARS covid-2 and has been quarantined and on oxygen for the past several weeks. I thought it would be good to smoke a brisket for him and his family. So last night I sparked up the weber smokey mountain and did a brisket.
  2. I found this site after buying an A-400x amp. I liked the amp so much that I searched for Carver enthusiasts. I lurked for a long time at this site before becoming a member. This is the only forum where I took the leap to become a member, and I have not been disappointed.
  3. I apologize in advance to all you Doors fans out there. The biggest axxhole in the music business that I ever met was Ray Manzarek. I did a shoot at his house probably 25 years ago. He was on camera to talk about, of course, Jim Morrison. There was a technical glitch that was my fault which would have caused us to restart the interview and re-do about 10 mins of filming. Instead of being cool about it, he ran upstairs like a petulant child and refused to be interviewed any more. On the other side of the spectrum Taylor Swift has hugged me every time I've seen her (for a total o
  4. Those look like the Linkwitz Labs open baffle, dipole speakers. I've been tempted to build a pair many times, but don't want to spend the time, money, and effort without auditioning a pair first. We already know the perils of buying audio gear based on the adjectives of others.
  5. Great idea Kevin. I suggest Chris Jones - Roadhouses and Automobiles.
  6. I finally got motivated to reconfigure my system. This had been my setup for a while. I was using a pair of Elac Uni-Fi bookshelves for my center channel. As you can see the placement was not ideal. I thought a couple shelves would help remedy the issue. So I headed down to Home Depot and bought a 1"x12" piece of pine. After a few cuts, glue and screws, and a can of black spray paint I have a configuration I like much better. The Silver 9Ts are no longer precariously perched on the M500t (mkii'ed by @Daddyjt btw). They now have their own little cubby. For airflow the b
  7. Good for you for reading that one. She makes critical race theory palatable and understandable for the masses. For counterpoint, I would suggest Eric Lindsay. He is quite competent on the topic.
  8. Absolutely. Thanks for noticing. I pull my table saw out on the driveway to mitigate the dust in the garage. It's a very simple design. The casters when pressed down get the legs off the ground just enough so that I can wheel it around.
  9. That looks awesome Mark. I know you've been wanting one of those for a long time. I prefer the point cut since it is much more marbled than the flat. In my experience it has much more flavor and retains moisture better. Did you do the pull test on your slices? Keep us updated on your future cooks.
  10. For one of the first dates with my wife, I took her to a Rush concert. She fell asleep....we've now been married 16 years.😁 In her defense the sound was downright terrible. The Staples Center had just opened up and it was all concrete and corrugated metal inside. The echoes were louder than the initial sound.
  11. I always preferred the fantasy sequel "Debbie Does Dishes"
  12. If they're not oxygen free...they're crap! 😉
  13. I remember reading an article about this movie by humorist Dave Barry. He said they must have made the cinematic decision to strap the camera to the head of a hyperactive seal.
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