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  1. A little history of the background of taps. One evening after a battle with both the Union and Confederates were resting Ulysses Grant heard off in a twilight distance a lone confederate was playing taps a he wrote it. Ulysses was so impressed and move he had his bugler brought forth to hear it so the bugler could learn it to mock it note for note. When this was done Ulysses made it the national taps in memory of our fallen soldiers.
  2. It's that time of year again to thank our veteran's past and present for your sacrifices, to protect our freedom, through your bravery may our country survive.
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    RIP Ray Manzarek https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/ray-manzarek-doors-keyboardist-dead-at-74-189116/?fbclid=IwAR0j8wK52nC_C9dPdUmpbgBMjO27Hylz7M50I1IlCzj1HgPzZCGWIiR_ivM
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    Corona Virus claims a black belt. Chuck Norris, Dead at 80. Carlos Ray “Chuck” Norris, famous actor and fighter, died yesterday afternoon at his home in Northwood Hills, TX at the age of 80. Chuck Starred in dozens of movies and Tv series which have, and continue to entertain millions of people. He was also a master of martial arts, which was the cause of his initial fame in the movie industry. However, after his minor inconvenience of death, Chuck has made a full recovery, and is reported to be doing quite well. It has also been reported that the Corona virus is in self isolation for 14 days due to being exposed to Chuck Norris - via JB Blubaugh
  5. Sooo sorry Charlie. Thats horrible news. May the angels be at his beside and see him through.
  6. Crazy world we live in, and crazier of the craziest herald over us.
  7. No I'm not saying it's the end of times, but there are eerie connections to events that is happening. First covid then the locusts swarms, earth quake activities, and the ring of fire becoming active. It would be unwise to close your eyes to these events. Who is going to be the anti-Christ? Kinda like an old novel unfolding. https://nytimespost.com/four-horsemen-are-active-bible-scholars-claim-book-of-revelation-seals-broken/
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    thanks to ever fixed it.
  9. I tried one similar to this and was impressed. I even opted to put some sliced pineapple in it. I also forgot to mention but I put a aluminum dripping pan on a few racks under the bird with a couple of inch's of apple juice in it. 3 or 4 times during smoking cooking process I baste the bird with the apple juice. I also inject the brine into the breasts and thighs. then soak it in a 3 or 5 gallon pail with the brine solution in it. https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2009/11/apple-brined-and-smoked-turkey-recipe.html
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    Not sure why 3 of these got posted when I only posted once. I deleted one bottom one, the top I don't have an option to delete. Use the bottom 1 for best view, in exploded view. (EDIT - Admin deleted top view) Earth.MP4
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