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    That's why so many politicians love everyone wearing masks. Anyone else remember when only the bad guys wore masks?
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    Since the death numbers are quite different from the JHU data, could you post a link? I'd like to read it and see the footnotes. (Example, JHU reported 2,624 deaths from COVID-19 in NY city as of 4 April.)
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    Interesting video describing what happens to the lungs with COVID-19 including similarities and differences from what doctors expected. Start at about 1 minute to skip the daily COVID count map. There is also a free live internet event mentioned to take place tonight Sunday 12 April at 8pm EST.
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    More commentary from the medical analyst: "You can't claim that someone who is sick right now is sick due to sars2 absent a test. Someone with fever, cough, and difficulty breathing is far more likely to have a flu than to have sars2. In fact, given what we know about the differences we should be emphasizing flu tests for people with these symptoms. Why? Narrowing the scope. The reason it matters is the difference in breathing issues between the two. In "standard" pneumonia and breathing issue cases the problem is blockage in the lungs. You treat that by clearing the lungs and providing anti-virals (ZPAC and steroids commonly). However, sars2 works differently. Like the malaria virus, sars2 binds to the red blood cells in a way that prevents them from absorbing oxygen. This has to be treated specifically - no amount of steroids or forced ventilation will help. This is the likely reason so many elderly and seriously ill have died due to it. Those cohorts are already at risk of O2 deprivation or have lower absorption volume to begin with. Treating covid-19 by trying to get more O2 into the lungs doesn't really work. In non-risk exposed people (i.e general population), testing for flu is the better first route - though perhaps ideally in combination because it lowers pressure on covid-19 stocks and also identifies likely treatment plans. However, there is a more expedient method in a clinical setting: 0) measure blood oxygen levels 1) administer steroids via inhalation and in more intense cases injection. 2) measure blood oxygen levels If this process leads to normalized serum O2 levels the chance it is covid-19 drop dramatically. Knowing the above you can see why: of the blood is capable of taking in the oxygen when the lungs temporarily clear (that is what the steroids do) it is unlikely to be sars-cov-2 infecting the blood cells and preventing the O intake. If that sequence does not result in a high enough improvement, test for COVID-19. In that scenario I would expect those tests to have a much higher positive rate, likely well over 50%. You wouldn't be able to say the same for a flu test in the case of the O2 levels coming up because there are multiple physical causes for that scenario. The above is imperfect, but it is a damned sight better in terms of triage and diagnosis. As a side note: quite a bit of research into oxygenation was done in Soviet Russia decades ago - stuff you couldn't do in the west I'd add. It showed a rather high correlation, and some causation (ie. the experiments you couldn't do here) between effectiveness of oxygen intake and death in a surprising set of conditions. I would suspect that research would support the reasons covid-19 is so brutal to the elderly. To give you an idea of how extensive and surprising it was: if you're over 60 years of age, sleeping in a head-elevated bed dramatically lowers your risk of dying while sleeping - especially around 2-4am. It would also explain why so many can get it and it be mild enough to not even notice: those people have a "surplus" oxygen intake capacity. It would also explain why people with Asthma are at no increase in risk of serious illness to covid-19. People w/chronic Asthma actually develop more efficient and effective O2 absorption, thus are "better prepared" bioochemically."
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    Mainstream media says medical pros disagree with the chiropractor on quinine and zinc. Can tonic water and zinc help prevent coronavirus? Doctors say no. A chiropractor’s video recommending viewers drink tonic water and take zinc is racking up millions of views, but medical doctors caution it's likely ineffective. https://www.ksdk.com/article/news/health/coronavirus/tonic-water-zinc-coronavirus-theory-ineffective/63-7a5c74fd-10d6-4995-adf0-9fdfa9330c52 In an interview the chiropractor claims he didn't say it would be effective against coronavirus.
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