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  1. UPDATE: TFM-45 refurb'd by James SOLD!!! Both A500x's still pending sale. Only thing left for sale is the 12" True Sub Signature. Thanks to everyone for all your help and support trying to get these things sold and claw my way out of debt!!! It really will help make this a good Christmas for my family 😊
  2. UPDATE: TFM-45 refurbished by Greg SOLD! Other 45 and both A500x's pending sale.
  3. Both 45's are currently pending sale. Still have both A500x's and the 12" True Sub Signature.
  4. Yep, all the gear is still available minus the subs.
  5. Everything except the true sub super jr & the true sub EQ
  6. Hey all, I know it's been FOREVER since I've been on the site........I guess that's what having a 3 year old and 1 year old twins will do to you (ALL boys no less)!!!! Anyways, with all 3 kids being in daycare (daycare cost is DOUBLE my damn mortgage) and a slew of other life 'obstacles' that have come up, I'm drumming up all my possibilities to keep my family above water ?. So I'm resorting to selling off all of my Carver gear and Sunfire subs. I haven't been remotely in-touch with anything audio (let alone Carver) related in years so I'm not quite sure what fair prices would be for everyt
  7. *Male Reasoning* This is a conversation between a man and a woman. Please note that she asked five or six questions, which he answered quite simply, but then she was speechless after answering only one question. Woman: “Do you drink beer?” Man: “Yes.” Woman: “How many beers a day?”
  8. I would LOVE to take this off your hands Dennis.......$500 shipped for this thing is an absolute STEAL!!!!! Unfortunately, with my 18mo in daycare and a new baby (babies!?!?) on the way my resources are completely drained If by some MIRACLE this thing is still available around Christmas time I'll have to delegate some of my Christmas bonus to bring it into the fold
  9. Great offering Dennis! This amp will definitely make someone quite happy GLWS!!!
  10. Congrats Chiro!!! Hats off to Mark again for this UBER generous Karma
  11. I'm a structural engineer in SW Colorado. We do a little bit of everything......residential, commercial, institutional, bridges, remodels, repairs, etc. Some of the most interesting stuff we've done are the multi-million dollar custom homes for the big-wigs that like to have fancy vacation homes in the mountains. Jon Pomeroy is a good friend of the family and used to be my parents' neighbor.......we've done about 90% of his projects (located in the SW). You can see pictures of his projects HERE Pretty vanilla compared to what a lot of you other guys have on your resume
  12. Quite a run in the industry! Have you heard of/know of Arno Burnier?
  13. I know I haven't been around the site in quite a while.......having a toddler and planning for our 2nd round of IVF will do that I guess .......but happened by the site today and felt a great surge of hope for humanity after reading this Karma offering story. Mark, you truly are an AMAZING person who's heart and compassion are unparalleled. It makes me remember why I came to this site in the first place and how lucky I am to be a part of it; not to mention how incredibly generous and thoughtful the members that make up it's community are. I try to live by your moral compass as well Mark, an
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