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  1. NASA’s Voyager 2 Discovers New Details About Interstellar Space
  2. It's always arousing when things turn out to be the opposite of what was expected (e.g. we'd thought that interstellar space would be even colder than interplanetary space, but it seems to be 54,000 degrees (F) at the heliopause) NASA’s Voyager 2 Discovers New Details About Interstellar Space
  3. There used to be a button to remove formatting (for when you want to copy and paste, but don't want the background color or text color to change). I'm not seeing it now? It was to the right of the preview button on the toolbar
  4. RichP714

    Favorite Pictures

    Io passing in front of the great red spot.
  5. Broken Glass - Standing on the border
  6. Trippy afterglow music: Bon Iver - Blood bank
  7. Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bootleg
  8. "Shinin' On" Grand Funk Railroad
  9. RichP714

    Good news

    Leo Buscaglia would have loved this Science of Kindness Shows Just How Important Hugging is for Our Mental and Physical Health
  10. I don't know about Cancer, but it seems that it IS a cure for skin
  11. Steamhammer - Hold That Train
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