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  1. David Lynch - The Pink Room (Fire Walk with Me)
  2. Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me (1992)
  3. I didn't know him at all, but I thought those that did might want to set up some music for him to listen to while he spends time in the Bardo. If you know his favorites, please add them to this topic
  4. Is now a sub-forum of media>music. It used to be it's own forum under media. Did this get sideways along the way?
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWGE9Gi0bB0
  6. A collaboration between deap vally and the flaming lips,,,Deap Lips - Home Thru Hell
  7. RichP714

    Favorite Pictures

    Aurora time lapse (play and loop controls at lower left) pG2gYCSn7FhKyEQSx3ByKUUFLBCJr8TPMLchb77_A_A.mp4
  8. Flyby of Jupiter from aboard Juno; did you catch the dolphin?
  9. Flyby of Jupiter aboard Juno, did you see the dolphin?
  10. The view from my toilet; really ties the room together
  11. All You Need Is Love - The Flaming Lips
  12. IMO, this is the only valid use of level matching; making a mix tape from other non-leveled files. By using leveling, you are actually introducing compression into the files that have to be leveled up (their peaks are now clipped because there doesn't exist a level above all bits on in the digital realm. e,g, If you want to level your entire collection so it all has the same average volume. 1. You own a very hot album (like something by Rob Zombie) with limited dynamic range) 2. you own a very dynamic album with a much lower average level, but enough headroom to retain the juicy 15dB peak to average ratio of its drum rim shots. If you run the whole collection into a level matcher, when the algorithm raises the average volume of the jazz album, it has to throw away some of the dynamic range, because the peaks can't go above all bits on
  13. What else did Santa bring you guys?
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