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  1. I don't want to hold this up, and I have to go to bed. That was Jethro Tull, songs from the wood (back cover) Here's another one; if nobody gets it, just continue on with another player (I guess I sucj at this) next:
  2. shadow flashes beacon in my eye, stranger calls "you there, who are you, and why?" six feet apart
  3. Your guesses are very good kev, but no. It was another clib band from the 80's, Ultravox Greatest hits. ok, here's one that's a bit more mainsatream;
  4. Good guesses it was Blancmange (from the 80's) next:
  5. NObody has any guesses? It kindqa looks like van halen mean streets to me . clue: 80's club band, like tears for fears
  6. Down to the River to Pray by Alison Kraus from O Brother Where Art Thou
  7. I agree with your strategy; for putting out feelers, and trying new things, Scottrade had better performing entities available for less initial investment. E.g. most Fidelity stuff had (or had, I don't watch like a hawk, I heat and hold) a $2500 initial but in. That's great for core investments, but if you want to try out article X , well, Scottrade had many more good things available at $500 initial purchase than Fidelity or TDA. Many of my best performing were from the Scottrade/ TDA merger and are no longer available on TDA (I have what I bought, but can't buy more) Or, they are classified by TDA such that they are only available to retirement companies (millions of dollars buy in)
  8. RichP714


    This is why I shouldn't have said anything. You, with a full set of faculties, read that I was saying there was no lack of preparedness. Me, with my faultyfaculties, intended to say that those that say 'we didn't see this coming and nobody could have' were lying. Those are separate issues in my mind, which as we both know, had is corrupt FAT You may have missed my apology previously. It seemed an after thought, but I Should have begun with it; that was my primary consideration, to apologize. It was on the nose of our family dinner, which hasn't been happening for a bit, so I was spending time with family. I realized o hadn't apologized, and waited at least 15 minutes, so my apology wouldn't get merged into my previous post (and potentially missed), but then forgot to return and explain after our family had left. And again, for that, Is apologize. My brother performs neurosurgery in Manhattan, and is on staff and advisor to seven hospitals on long island. Here's deeply involved with 'established' Western medicine (you know, the type that's full of hubris, and trying to kill you) My wife is medical team lead at an integrated care facility. She coordinates care between physician, acupuncture, herbalist, reiki, psychiatric and yoga disciplines. She had6 also developed integrated care protocols that have quickly gathered notice for both their patient focused motivations and their high success rate with intractable situations. I've been sharing the information that they are discussing with as they work to wards an understanding and course of action; trying to give a perspective into the thinking and processes behind the communities that are battling this. I didn't intend to invite anger, violence or panic; in my mind, nature abhors a vacuum, and the more you know, the more prepared you can be. That is, as you mention, a personal bias, and one that I wasn't expecting so much blow back on. And one more time, I'm sorry
  9. I'm with Fidelity also for some reason. Scottrade was so much better though, 8 miss the wider access and better reporting tools
  10. RichP714


    ANd @Nahash5150; I apologize
  11. RichP714


    It's a nuanced thing, but in the spirit of 'check for yourselves' here's some more technical information on why CV is cytotoxic Also remember it's not the bullet that kills you, its the hole. Into the Eye of the Cytokine Storm (Describes how this can take place; Immunosuppression by hospital personnel is only ONE aspect of this. Weak immune response is only another aspect of this, but the over-ridingly prevalent aspect is that the disease itselof can be cytotoxic. Targeting the “Cytokine Storm” for Therapeutic Benefit: excerpt: the term cytokine storm refers to “collateral damage from a too-strong immune response.” It can happen in response to any infection, and to some genetic therapies. Functional exhaustion of antiviral lymphocytes in COVID-19 patients: nitty (and gritty) on the mechanics of COVID-19 cytotoxicity B Cells, Antibodies, and More The immune system Executive summary: Cytokine storm can be a weak immune response, it can be innapropriate imnmunbe response suppression, but it is most prevalently a heroic measure from a healthy immune system that's been exposaed to something it doesn't understand . The medical field has its own language: Weak immune response means not-effective. A Layperson could easily read that people are having a weak immune response and assume that if THEY exercise, then THEIR immune sysztem would be 'stronger', but it has nothing to do with strength. Tire out means exhausted of its fuel. A layperson could easily read that paeople are tiringb out, and assume that if theyhit the gym their be more likely to survive, but again, that has nothing to do with strength; ANY system that can no longer metabolize will exhaust its supply, no matter how jacked the body is. If you look back, there have been decades of warning that this is coming; This country's current leadership is promoting the idea that 'nobody saw this coming', and that is not correct; one can read for themselves (there's plenty of time right how) that this WAS foreseen; we just collectively chose to ignore it., So, arguable? perhazps, by those inclined to argue or deflect, but not really substantiated
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