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  1. I want to get in on the cat house offer I take my fourteen free ones then drop out, I don't think they could send the debt collectors after you
  2. Not exactly, It is kind of like a six shooter alright but how it works is when you start the playback your never know which song you are going to hear One time you will hear one song and then the next time it may be another That is why they call it Rush N Roulette, you can never tell which one you will hear I'm not sure how they did it but if I had to guess they pressed all six songs right next to each other in the grooves and it is according to which groove the needle first lands in which song gets played I have seen this record go on Ebay for as much as $500 for it is very rare but I got this one for $85 to me it still seems high (very high) but this was the cheapest I have ever seen it
  3. Even my old ears can hear the difference
  4. How about Reel to Reel, I still enjoy watching the Reels
  5. Chuck

    Rush 2112

    Ye, I checked and I don't have the other two, Think I'm going to order them "if it's not to late" and then buy them as they are released
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