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  1. Cool! Thanks for clarifying!
  2. So did you think it was better or no?
  3. Like all vinyl, it really comes down to how well it was mastered to work within the physical limitations of that medium. And no, I do not have an 'Ultra'..
  4. Do you want the music or the pricey vinyl? Do you have a quality copy of it now? In the end, there is only the one original master to work from. I have a very few MF LPs, a couple I bought just because I wanted them, and a few that were the only quality recordings available at the time.
  5. Japanese sculpture 'Momo' 2016. Source of many hoaxes, memes and nightmares.
  6. Can I pay with virtual funds?
  7. Happy birthday Rob! Smoke 'em if you got 'em!
  8. Hi again Joe. Were they powered down when the rain fell?
  9. RodH

    Favorite Pictures

    Not logarithmic enough.
  10. If you have grape nuts, you probably shouldn't advertise the fact...... Also this:
  11. Cashews and peanuts are not really nuts. It's a great way to start an argument!
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