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  1. RodH

    Gritting my teeth

    XRCD are redbook CD at the player level. 16 bit @ 44.1 kHz. It was a proprietary mastering process developed by JVC.
  2. RodH

    Gritting my teeth

    The CD layer of a hybrid sounds like a regular CD. The SACD layer has way more data.
  3. RodH

    Gritting my teeth

    The number of available SACD titles is well less than 1% of what is available on vinyl. Does that help?
  4. Is the bottom of the chassis ventilated like the top? Also how far off the bottom are the PCBs? Just curious, I've never actually seen one of these.
  5. Happy Birthday ya old fart! "Older, 'onery, intolerant, opinionated...."
  6. Boy George. Threw up on my mixing board. Junkie A-hole.
  7. Do they put sand in the vinyl to make it sound authentic? 😲
  8. Hi Tom! Welcome aboard. I would warn you about contracting OCCD here (Obsessive Carver Collection Disorder) but that ship has sailed. Are you into doing the refurb's yourself? Once you've made a few more posts, we would like to see pics of your gear/set-up.
  9. Welcome to the site Morz! There are a number of rabid Carver fans ( site members ) in Michigan, I'm sure they will be happy to help you connect with some Carver gear!
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