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  1. I believe the M1.5t is a common ground unit - not inverting.
  2. This week's winner of the Ray of sunshine award
  3. So your back pockets did not get 'damp'?
  4. I've posted this elsewhere on the site, but 25(?) years ago my house was burgled and my Sony 3 head cassette deck was taken. A few years ago it showed up on the local classifieds. I had replaced the power switch with something not stock so it was easy to identify. Got it back for $25 and it works perfectly.
  5. Spinning Wheel was the first song that got my attention as a kid with a transistor radio.
  6. RodH

    New Jazz Albums

  7. RodH

    Favorite Pictures

    PMAT. have you upped your daily Viagra dose?
  8. What is naked bacon? Naked Bacon. Fun to say fast! Naked Bacon, Naked Bacon, Naked Bacon!!!
  9. Looking for old school no longer made caps, huh? You have to get creative.....
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