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  1. Hi Ron, Welcome to the site! It appears that your amp needs some technical attention. I would suggest that you don't power it up again until it has been serviced. Contact the person who will be doing the MKII upgrades and discuss having it sorted out at the same time. And to answer your question, no it does not require a 20 amp circuit. Check the main fuse (on the back of the unit) and verify that it is the proper rating for the amp. If someone has put in an oversized one they were likely (and improperly) trying to get around an internal pro
  2. That parking lot is part NASCAR and a lot of Mario-Cart.
  3. Well, I should pay more attention.... Happy belated birthday Rob!
  4. RodH

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  5. Look, it's like this. You can't do anything without some prick making a cel-phone video and then having a bunch of SJWs whining to the authorities. Get the permit first.
  6. OK. Pay attention this time. I'm not a racist, I'm an a$$hole. I know it may be too subtle for you, but there is a difference. D!ckhead.
  7. Have a great birthday Brian!
  8. Awesome! Glad you are OK Barry!!!
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