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  1. Welcome Craig! I created a Topic for this: Silver MkIV Crossover info Those are hard to find information on. If you could post clear pictures of them in that thread, we may be able to figure it out.
  2. Congrats! & thanks again Charlie.
  3. Colorado woman's pet deer gores neighbor, threatens wildlife agent with bloody antlers
  4. Sweet! In with 66 Thanks Charlie!
  5. Uhhh. I think I need Google Translate......
  6. If his rack is like a lot of folks here, there won't be much room left to wedge much more in! 😁
  7. The 'Resurrected' flag... Is that an automatic function?
  8. Looks like you will be well on your way on all counts! Excellent! Actually, I'm not acquainted with Marksound. Is he a member here?
  9. E-statics? Get together with Charlie (jazzman53) He's got DIY covered on that front! Who did you send the C1 to?
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