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    Favorite Pictures

    Fisher (name) fallen on hard times indeed!
  2. RodH

    Favorite Pictures

    What's the deal with the coffee percolators?
  3. Lee, how did you manage the Green Card????
  4. RodH

    Favorite Pictures

    Looks like my basement.....................................................
  5. RodH

    Favorite Pictures

    Look closely. It's a wireless system!
  6. RodH

    Favorite Pictures

    Hey! My flux capacitor works just fine. Don't you remember? I showed it to you in 2019?
  7. I believe that was written for the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack...?
  8. Gene! Send yours back. The logo is backwards....
  9. MOFI: Mobile Sound Fidelity. High quality repressings/re-issues of great albums. Some are half speed mastered, heavy virgin vinyl etc. They do many CDs as well.
  10. I'm sure many here are waiting for you to post some pictures.
  11. Nice! Which model of Sunfire amp?
  12. Hmmm... No Corbin seat, sack out... I await photos OF THE NEW SPEAKER SET-UP!
  13. Not Mr. Wiener, apparently! His latest target was on Howard Stern.....enough said!
  14. Careful! Steve is sensitive about his junk!
  15. It was the dumbest of the Star Trek sequels.
  16. Are they made of Stereophile Class A rated wood? Just kidding - bet they look good. Pics? Please?
  17. Really? Awesome! It's really tough to find a 'store' dealer. I'm very lucky to have a very accommodating web-based dealer close by who will on occasion allow home trials without purchase. It's worked out very well for him.
  18. Thanks for helping me address my point! You are convinced that they make a great product. I have no issue with that. My point was addressing the OP's comment about losing the bricks and mortar stores and going to an internet only sales model. That relies on the 'internet fan base'* and review process. Nothing wrong with that except: you have to find somebody who has one and is willing to let you try it or: you buy it and decide whether it's worth keeping. You have already committed your hard earned dollars. Now the new-age marketing comes in. Is it 'good enough' and you don't want the hassle of returning it? Is it the best purchase you ever made? Unless it's really a lemon, chances are you will keep it. The reality is once people have made the leap - they tend to play up their purchases. It's human nature and one of the basic principals of marketing. Nothing sells better than glowing user reviews! The original post and point was about losing the ability to demo pricey equipment before having to commit to purchase. This is not about Oppo, which I do like, but about marketing strategies and the effects on the end purchaser. * and yes I know that term can be a hot button. Ask any of us Carver fans.....
  19. Oppo survives on the 'internet fanbase' marketing. Whether their products are good, great or bad, try to demo one. And I have owned over a dozen of them. Good universal player.
  20. He missed "Homo-Steriophonus" the human sub-species that will only listen to 2 channel sound.
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