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  1. OK OK. When we get an ass-hat medal..... Aside from myself, Id like to nominate:
  2. Sweet Karma! Not in - shipping across the border to my hostile country would cost a fortune.....
  3. Oh yeah? The hosers had better make a stop in my town for this one......
  4. Yeah. Didn't want to pick on Kevin, though!
  5. Gene, if you weren't so hung up on RUSH you should be up for one too!
  6. I humbly submit for your consideration: DCL for a music medal. David's music tastes range far and wide, and he seems to be a true aficianado. Thanks.
  7. I'll open it up and search for obvious failures, then - no immediate plan.
  8. RodH

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    Don't mess with the Canuck herb Mon!
  9. Brotherhood.Carver brotherhood. The very best of what we can be. The Carversite. A little history. I used to be very involved here. Then I jumped in on an issue unto which I was not fully informed. I willingly got removed. Shit happens. I can be my own worst enemy. Fast forward: I was allowed to come back. All was good! More shit happened. I mentioned OFFLINE to somebody that things were less than optimal in my tiny corner of the universe. I sold my prized preamp to keep the bills in check. Then a couple members jumped in with astonishing speed to correct that hardship: GeneC and DennisMiller obtained a C-1, upgraded it to BillD spec AND included the latest Gundry dip mod as well. (and covered the stupid shipping costs across the border!!!) I am humbled, a fair bit ashamed, and in awe of this selfless act of generosity. Thank you both, gentlemen. from the bottom of my heart. Not only have you filled a hole in my audio system, you have rekindled my faith in the worth of humanity. Words will never be enough. You are my brothers and I will always have a special love for you. Thank you! Rod Doh! Oh yeah, it delivered today!
  10. And the guy who volunteered to watch "The Notebook" needs an intervention. And a slap.
  11. If they find out we've got these, they'll hunt us down like dogs!
  12. 14? Were you a slow learner?
  13. Vegin: that one who has not experienced ...... meat!
  14. Hahahahaha! Any device that reduces output, listened to after much time without it......I really would not expect anyone to think that was an improvement unless: you had a set of Amazings in a far too small space. Thanks for being open minded and taking the time to give it a try!
  15. RodH

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    It'll be OK, Hashy. Take the blue pill. Otherwise....
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