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  1. Glad you got a keeper! Or I could say glad things tuned out well in the end
  2. HappyTrails

    Vinyl Facts

    2nd that. But would that "best" be the combination of material and engineering? Engineering-studio and person doing the mixing. Follow that and find one you like I would think? Well, I have determined that any Billy Joel on vinyl are well engineered as what seems to be John Mellancamps stuff I currently own. A lot of the old Jazz and Classical I have inherited is also well done, but that was also when vinyl was the only option
  3. HappyTrails

    Vinyl Facts

    2nd that. But would that "best" be the combination of material and engineering?
  4. We must be close.... I am in Asheville and had considered going to the 6th show in Greenville. I may still
  5. I've been wanting to see Joe in concert for some time. I've really enjoyed his music, at least on the blue side. Was not fond of Black Country A few years ago I was heading to NYC for T-Giving. Joe was playing about a hour outside the city and I almost rearranged the hotel accommodations to take a train up to see him one night, stay over night then come back down to the city stay another day then fly back home. Seems like this was his hometown the show was at???? Well I had looked into hotels, trains, etc, THEN I saw the ticket prices and that killed the plans. YIKES
  6. HappyTrails

    Vinyl Facts

    Dang corporate internet filters! Cant search what I want.... If I recall from way back the S curve vs the Straight tonearm comes into play on the opposing signals of the groove. Of course this argument can only be discussed once one agrees upon Chevy or Ford, and White or Wheat bread
  7. Yes interesting read. I and I agree with the quality aspect. As I said they quality of the sound is excellent. But.... Just curious, did you think the album had enough substance to justify the addition? I honestly did not think it was there. I have listened to both the vinyl at the house and played it a few times in my office with headphones. Good music while I churned away at work, as it was not distracting, but background noise. It did how ever make me want to listen to Division Bell, which is great. But then so is DSOM and WYWH along with the cd version of Momentary Lapse. I have the original ML on vinyl and its sub PF standards for sound quality
  8. To each his own Sound quality is excellent, what I expect and have, with both DSOM and WYWH, which I own on vinyl (reissue on both + WYWH original that's scratched) Just to me, seemed like half cut albums of background music was more a money grab? Would I have missed a couple minutes shorter to make into 1? Dont know.... but doubt it. Then I listened to the new Foo which is solid IMO and an older release of Annie Lennox, songs of mass destruction and figured 2 out a 3 isnt a bad week
  9. I was happy that I Amazon Prime gave me a partial refund since I pre-ordered and the price dropped by 9.99 at release. I didnt feel as bad that I had spent originaly 42 on a double vinyl disk set that possibly could have been put on a single disk. Barry, I agree, nice background music
  10. Endless..... Might be a good description. I did find it good back ground music while hacking away on a computer early this morning. I feel a bit cheated though. Double album with each side only half full. Dont think it would have taken much to make this a single vinyl. Sound quality is expected, very good on vinyl. Maybe a 2-1/2 out of 5
  11. I have both the new Foo and PF on vinyl delivering to my house today. Hope to listen to both this evening I do have it downloaded from Amazon Prime to my work computer. If lucky I will be able to listen this afternoon at work. Gene, wish I could follow step 3, but they make us "P" in a cup at work randomly. Needs to be legalized IMO.
  12. Congrats! I already thought you were an Admin.
  13. Father: Son, if you dont quit jacking off you will go blind. Son: Hey Dad, I'm over here.
  14. Steve, I assumed you knew of Elderly, but obviously not. My friends call it GAS (guitar acquisition sydrom) and sites like Elderly make ME want to buys some guitars and I dont play, LOL
  15. Steve, I am sure you know of this place.... I know 0 about guitars. But, I have 2 very good friends that are very good guitar players. Both suffer from what they call GAS (guitar acquisition syndrome) and both rave on and on about Elderly
  16. James On its way to you. Got it coming your way early before I left for the day. I will pm you the shipping updates but with prime I'd say you'll have it by Tuesday. I've enjoyed this album and its hit my TT several times this week. Paul
  17. Oldtexasdog is the winner! Congrats and I hope you enjoy this as much as I have the past few days. Made the TT several times this week. Number was 18 I will pm you for an address. Paul
  18. As it stands now: And I will try and keep this up to date. JLdeni - 37 DaddyJt - 30 Chiroacademy - 47 Russel H - 48 Peck555 - 9 Compwaco - 7 Oldtexasdog - 20 BarryG - 5 Kve777 -27 Hewlewl - 21 AndrewJohn - 25
  19. Paying some Karma forward. This one impressed me on vinyl. Released on Vinyl first almost a month before digital or CD will be released. Nostalgia You will receive a brand new, shipped from Amazon, copy on vinyl. Pick a number between 1-50. To be drawn Friday 10/17/14 @ 9am EST by a random number generator. Closest wins. Open to all members with at least 50 posts.
  20. No explanations on the lack of notifications and PM. I checked my box and I had "sent" one to you. But I also checked the notifications on this thread and I am subscribed but yet to receive post notifications. Oh Well! So will be forwarding Karma along. See my new post. Paul
  21. Steve, Did you not get my PM?????? I have had issues in receiving notifications but not in sending pm's, sent it the day I received. It arrived safe and sound! I had mentioned in the PM I was able to see JW a few years ago at the Warren Haynes Christmas Jam held in Asheville every year. JW needed help on and off the stage but man that was the only thing he needed help with, LOL. He was one of the highlights of the evening to me! Thanks Again, Paul
  22. If you like Annie Lennox, this is well worth the $20 for vinyl.
  23. Glad it arrived safe and leak free This is a small token of my appreciation for taking a newly repaired M1.5 that went "snap, crackle and pop" to a fine amp. (Now owned by PMAT) Short of the long is I paid a place in PA to restore the amp and got back some real crap. Jim took it under his wing and what I get in return blew me away, not only in Karma but ability Sorry it took me so long to actually get around to sending them to you. Has been a work in progress for lack of better words. I live in Asheville NC, voted beer city USA several years in a row, think this year somewhere up North got the honors. Well sleepy Asheville that used to roll the sidewalks up by 8 now is a thriving micro beer metropolis. Over and above the big names now moving into town such as New Belgium (open next year) and Sierra Nevada (just opened) we have several dozen Micro Breweries that have opened "tasting" rooms all over town. From a native Ashevillian I love it! Well it took a while for many of these to begin to bottle and or can which was sort of my delay. This is a small sampling. The Green Man ESB is my go to beer of the bunch but all good If any of you are ever in Ash-vegas as I refer to it now, look me up and I buy you a beer Once again Jim my Thanks can not be expressed enough. Paul
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