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  1. Great share Charlie! I use this app every morning to help keep me sharp! https://elevateapp.com/
  2. Check out those Roto-toms!
  3. Welcome Pfoffner! Tell us about your gear! BTW we love pics!
  4. So sorry to hear of your loss Brian!😪
  5. Congratulations Bill! Great karma Rod!
  6. Bought my daughter the science nerd (Biology degree) this watch a few years ago and she loves it!
  7. Great karma Rod! I’ve always loved watches. I can’t believe that 4:20 is still available so I’ll take it!
  8. Congratulations Aceman117! Great karma Ray!
  9. I use this one quite regularly and apparently they've added a new feature where you can stream movies or music to friends or family to simultaneously watch/listen to the source material in different locations (simul-cast).
  10. Great Karma Ray! I'll sit this one out as I want to go the DSP route! Good luck to all!
  11. Congratulations! It will be a beauty when you’ve worked your magic!
  12. for lesser cuts, hollandaise or bearnaise can really kick it up a notch!
  13. Welcome Pete! You're in good hands here!
  14. I prefer a nice Rib-eye (Costco has consistently good quality meat), salt (seasoned or garlic) 24 hrs ahead of time and let rest in the refrigerator. I do the reverse sear as well, finishing off the steak in a cast iron pan with some oil and clarified butter (has a higher smoke point so doesn't burn and turn bitter) and throw in some Basil, a few garlic gloves and Rosemary and spoon the oil/butter over the steak for a great flavoured crust. Allow 5 minutes to rest and serve with Boursin cheese on top! Damn it! Now I'm hungry! 🤣 https://www.boursin.com/product/garlic-fine-herbs/
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