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  1. Welcome! My M-1.0t is playing right now! Great amp, well worth the effort to get it running!
  2. Welcome! You will find this a great place to talk audio!
  3. Welcome Taylor K. Great to have another Canuck here! I lived in Calgary for 10years during the 90's. You are in the right place! Hope you get that TFM 45 repaired soon. (I've always loved those meters)
  4. There's a pair of MkII's in this video at 0:15
  5. Happy belated Skibum! Hope this year will be your best ever!
  6. Welcome! You will love your Carver journey, especially with the members here!
  7. Welcome Poncho455! You will love it here! You've got some great gear in your stack. Can't wait to see pics!
  8. Welcome Kevin. Glad to have another compatriot here on the site. We love to see pics of gear! There are at least 2 members here on Vancouver Island. I think you will enjoy being a part of this community. I have the C-1 and love it.
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