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  1. Wow, incredible loss! Rest in Peace Mr. Van Halen!
  2. Triumph - Lay it on the Line! Classic Rock Classic!
  3. Thanks for the kind wishes everyone! Sorry for my tardy reply, I’m spending a few days at the cabin for my birthday (no cell service). 😁
  4. Happy Birthday @DrummerJuice hope its a damn fantastic one.  

    1. DrummerJuice


      Thank you! It was!


  5. Great share Charlie! I use this app every morning to help keep me sharp! https://elevateapp.com/
  6. Check out those Roto-toms!
  7. Welcome Pfoffner! Tell us about your gear! BTW we love pics!
  8. So sorry to hear of your loss Brian!😪
  9. Congratulations Bill! Great karma Rod!
  10. Bought my daughter the science nerd (Biology degree) this watch a few years ago and she loves it!
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