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  1. Put an apple slice in the container and seal it up and it will soften up! Works like a charm!
  2. I received a foodcyler which composts food scraps into soil. Actually pretty impressed. I bought myself some Micca RB42's for my Bedroom system which are really impressive for the price and size!
  3. Great Karma Charlie! Not in as I already have some audio explaining to do with my better half!
  4. Welcome Butcher! Great start to the world of Carver (can't wait to see pics) I also love the M-500t mkII paired with a Billd modded C-1 and I also own an un-modded M-1.0t and un-modded M-1.5t. You'll have to ask the technically savvy among us how the mods alter the original transfer function, but I'm a big fan of the power and sound!
  5. Awesome Karma Charlie! Not in, but good luck to all!
  6. Merry Christmas to my favourite Carver Audio related website and fellow members! Have a rockin' Christmas!
  7. Congratulations OTD! May your readings always be favorable!
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