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  1. Thanks! I was right about all but the Legacy Focus! Which one is your favourite with a M-500t?
  2. I recognize a few of those but could you list what can see here from left to right?
  3. Is this cheating? I love this album!
  4. I have a M-1.0t and a M1.5t that you could possibly try to see if they are a good fit. A subwoofer is a great idea (2 is even better)!
  5. It's the one I use as well!
  6. There is a tech in Cumberland that does good work and appreciates Carver gear, but not a big fan of modifying original equipment. I had him BillD my C-1 (he said it was so labour intensive that he would never do it again! lol). He followed the instructions here on the site. Not sure if it qualifies for the Billd badge. Maybe I'll have to put up some nudies of the inside and ask the experts here to weigh in on whether his work is worthy or not.
  7. Very Cool! I'm in Campbell river usually at least once/week for business. Do you have any consideration for WAF, room size etc. What kind of music do you enjoy? Do you plan to use a subwoofer? Remember that speakers are a journey not a destination! lol
  8. Where about on Vancouver Island? I live in Comox! Here are some speaker suggestions! http://db.audioasylum.com/mhtml/m.html?forum=speakers&n=188238&highlight=il40&r=&search_url=%2Fcgi%2Fsearch.mpl%3Fsearchtext%3Dil40%26b%3DAND%26topic%3D%26topics_only%3DN%26author%3D%26date1%3D%26date2%3D%26slowmessage%3D%26sort%3Ddate%26sortOrder%3DDESC%26forum%3Dspeakers
  9. Then they legalized pot hoping we wouldn't notice! lol
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