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  1. Welcome Corkdust! Great to have your here!
  2. My Wife and I have been on a Gin & Tonic kick since the Covid started. We really like this one distilled in collaboration with the Historic Empress Hotel in Victoria... and yes it's purple!
  3. Have you thought about rigid external insulation under the rain screen and siding? Might make your home a little more comfy for a few extra bucks! Are you going with hardi board for siding?
  4. So glad to hear this Charlie! Hope you have him home soon!
  5. Thanks Charlie, I believe this post can save someone’s life. I was dealing with stage 1 hypertension and my doctor said diet or drugs? (They weren’t the fun kind) so I said diet and cut out fast food and sodas and just 3 weeks later my blood pressure is in the normal range!
  6. Happy Birthday Punk! 🤣
  7. Thanks Brian! Definitely a badge of honour!
  8. Welcome Scott! What brought you to this neck of the internet?
  9. Awesome news Charlie! Wishing him a full recovery!
  10. Talk about shipping nightmares! Lol but my MkII badge finally arrived today! Thanks Bryan!
  11. Wow, Charlie does it again! Very generous! I'm not in as I don't even use the camera I have! Good luck to all!
  12. DrummerJuice


    I fear that I may have to stop following this post... It's becoming something I believe wasn't intended... ...or for the Spartans among us! I respect all the members here and their right to their beliefs (this is a very smart group)... but you never see Vinyl vs Digital get as personal as this topic has become! Maybe if the political parties aligned themselves with a particular format it might. I hope not! I propose we all agree to disagree, and get back to discussing our love of music and all things Carver!
  13. Get your post count up and then you can upload photos. We love pics of gear!
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