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  1. I saw The Lighthouse a few weeks ago with my wife and we were both thoroughly underwhelmed. This one and Ad Astra were disappointing. However, If you love Jim Carrey at his overacting best... Lemony Snickets a series of Unfortunate Events. Very stylistic set pieces and comedic genius. Very enjoyable for the whole family! https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0339291/videoplayer/vi513147161
  2. DrummerJuice

    Jack Ryan

    Very well said! I thoroughly enjoyed the first season. Looking forward to watching season 2.
  3. Here's another pair of legacy's for your garage system! lol https://lasvegas.craigslist.org/ele/d/las-vegas-legacy-audio-focus-speakers/7017586343.html
  4. Congrats on the Maggies! (were they the ones on Criagslist?) Bummer about the show.. Sound men are worth their weight in gold! Stage volume and room volume can be very different, and it can be hard to control. Having a trusted set of ears out in the audience is the way to go!
  5. Beautiful System! It's not all sunshine and lollipops here... it was only 10 Degrees C (50 F) today. I didn't even golf! ;D
  6. Thanks! I was right about all but the Legacy Focus! Which one is your favourite with a M-500t?
  7. I recognize a few of those but could you list what can see here from left to right?
  8. Is this cheating? I love this album!
  9. I have a M-1.0t and a M1.5t that you could possibly try to see if they are a good fit. A subwoofer is a great idea (2 is even better)!
  10. It's the one I use as well!
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