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  1. F**k! F**k! F**k! (I knocked one of my Magnepans over on it's face! SLAM!) Rushed them to my Maggie DR. DOA! 🤮 Guess I'm buying the LRS!
  2. Welcome @NullPointerException! You have an exceptional setup. Must be very pleasing to the ear. Please upload pics when you are able! The Crimson 275's are on my bucket list. I just have to "property ladder" my audio gear up to get there! All while hoping the wife doesn't notice! 😜
  3. Welcome Bill! PS. We love pics of member's audio gear!
  4. I've decided to listen to my Rush discography of albums one after another in chronological order... This shouldn't take long. Lol
  5. Hi JRS! You have found the right place to express your love of all things audio (especially Carver) and to flex your sense of humour! You are very welcome here!
  6. I did find my M1.5t a bit bright. Do you have a tube preamp to tame it a bit? Have you considered Hashy's new MarkII mod?
  7. Welcome Esprit! I hope your name comes from the Lotus you have in the garage!😜
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