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  1. Mark I think you are right. I will not be able to hear everything, but feel with the right speakers and setup I will enjoy it.
  2. My system was actually ok. However, my speaker placement sucked. So when I could hear (lo those many years ago) I missed everything because I was a dumbass. Now even with good speaker placement (when/if I get things up and running) I will miss everything because my hearing is shot. O well spending money on stereo stuff is better than another wife. At least you can turn it off.
  3. Mark I'm not sure if I should say "thank you" first or apologize first. But, either way I appreciate your effort and it will make it easier for me to know which direction to go. My hearing is not top of the line (neither is my hearing aids) however, I would very much like to be able to hear the nuances and subtleties you describe. That won't happen but at least I have a better understanding as to what is possible sonically. In all the years I have had an interest in "hi-fi" I can say I probably NEVER had my system set up properly. I did not chase components but usually stayed with one system. My first was a combination of a Yamaha integrated amp and Yamaha tuner. A B&O turntable and Klipsch Heresy speakers. These were later replaced by Yamaha M-2s, T-1 (?) tuner, C-4 pre and Infinity RS11a speakers and a Yamaha cd player. Believe it was there first iteration. . I enjoyed the system but never ever had it set up right. Again Mark thank you for writing it up and posting. I very much appreciate it. Mike
  4. Sorry old friend. The idea of using a streaming service, (sold all of my vinyl two or three years ago) and not buying cds anymore is tempting; except for something like that Dire Straits cd you like. Sometimes (read all the time) I start seeing sampling rates and all that stuff I get a headache worthy of a bad hangover.
  5. Mark I for one would really be interested in this. I'm light years behind the 8ball on this.
  6. Well I come back to this forum (long absence) to the mostly same group of guys (all great) for less than an 1 hour, and I can already feel the money flowing out of my wallet. THAT never changes.
  7. @Sk1Bummy apology. I attributed that to Daddyjt. It is a loss of unprecedented proportions.
  8. Yep. And Brian, if the extent of this absolute catastrophe could be contained as seems to have been, it is not hard to extrapolate how easy it is for governments (local, state, federal) to have containment on extremely important issues or happenings. For us music lovers this would be our version of Armageddon. Have been trying to wrap my head around this sense Mark posted a shorter version earlier.
  9. Yeah but Charlie, while it is playing you can (in no particular order); make the bed, wash to dishes, do the laundry, mow the lawn, wash to car and still have a minute or two to listen to the song.
  10. Welcome young man. Good people with brains and heart here.
  11. Welcome sir to the Carver corner of the world.
  12. Have a great Birthday with many more to follow.
  13. Welcome. Great place to hang and spend money....
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