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  1. Hey Ski when you find that person to translate would you also have him do the same on Greg's missive. Saw the word dialetric and thought it dialectic and wondered how the hell we morphed into Marxism.
  2. Yeah probably. Thanks Brian. Hoped no one would notice.
  3. If you were to get a log splitter, the one with the lifting gate would be pretty nice. She (wife) has a splitter, but lifting some large pieces that were delivered was hard. Also use a maul for some of the smaller stuff. Gods of timing; she leaves for a job in Sept. I get stuck with the wood stuff. My punishment for her marrying me I guess.
  4. Oh hell yeah. Does give one time for some heavy thinking though.
  5. Great stuff Charlie. Good on you bubba....
  6. Happy Birthday David. Hope is a most excellent one with many more to come.
  7. Happy Birthday. Have a great one.
  8. Happy Birthday. Have a great day.....
  9. Rich hope you had a great Birthday with many more to come.
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