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  1. Hooking up two properly functioning amplifiers should not create the issue that you present. The output of the Ct7 does have a resistor divider (1K/100K) followed by 2 series 470 ohm resistors - then on to the output. The 100K is insignificant, but even including it the calculation produces roughly the following results (I rounded the 470 ohms to 500 for simplicity): One amplifier with 47K input impedance you will get 94.9% of the signal to the amp: -0.45dB Two amplifiers with 47K input impedance you will get 91.2% of the signal to each amp: -0.8dB
  2. bump ... This was incredibly generous and I don't think that it got enough views before falling off the front page ......
  3. My brother has asked me to help put together a system for him, while at the same time seemingly resisting any suggestions. I sent him this link telling him "this company is local, maybe you can save on shipping?" To which he replied: "Thanks, I'm going to wait and see if they have a Black Friday sale". LOL. This thing with options cost about $1K less than my commuter car AND motorcycle ... combined ... brand new.
  4. I almost watched this last night as well ...... but then I saw Mark Wahlberg ............ ughhhh
  5. The J. Geils Band Back To Get Ya (Live)
  6. Is this some type of Canukstan dialect? LOL. Kidding - Welcome!
  7. Grace Potter, Boston Music Awards 2005
  8. Since this is a Carver site, and Carver's most popular preamp is a C-1, I think you really need to clarify what you are selling here as to eliminate confusion. Is it a Carver C-1 or a Soundstream C-1? Thanks.
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