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  1. Recently YouTube brought up "Animals" as something I should listen to. I have not seriously listened to this since the "Animals" tour in 1977. I've had discussions with coworkers in the past about how much they hated this album - I really liked it. I'm listening to it now, came over to the computer and saw this post. What really surprised me ... it's 40+ years later and I still know all of the words. Long term memory I guess ...
  2. +1. My bench/office system consists of C-1, M-500t, JBL4311B. It's a nice combination. I also have listened to a TFM-25. It has a traditional transformer. Probably good for rear channel use. If I had to power my house with a generator for any length of time and was jonesing to turn on the HiFi, I'd probably go with the TFM-25. The traditional transformer is likely less susceptible to self destruct when running off crap power ....LOL. The Mag coils configs are not going to do very well. You need to get rid of these at all cost. I'll take them off your hands ... need my address??? LOL.
  3. Thanks for the story Mark. Great read. As you know - I bought a pair of the 2.5 after reading about the initial visit Tim made to your place. Very happy with that purchase.
  4. itch - I was going to give you the Doh! sticker, but that's just insult to injury ...... you'd be reminded every time you look at your posts ..... Good luck with your donor search.
  5. jeffs


    The wealthy New Yorkers are flocking to their vacation homes on Long Island, Cape Cod, etc. Massachusetts Barnstable County (Cape Cod) was one of the least infected counties in MA as of the weekend. In the past two days - its number of confirmed cases has surpassed several other counties..... soon it will be the hotspot in MA.
  6. Happy Birthday !!!
  7. jeffs


    Post Spanish flu studies showed that groups of copper workers were infected at a measurably lower rate. I can't find a specific link with those details, but the use of copper to fight infection is fairly well documented. One example: https://www.modernhealthcare.com/article/20161105/MAGAZINE/311059997/best-practices-using-copper-to-fight-infections
  8. Perfect! I couldn't agree more. My youngest is a nurse and is constantly telling me to "sell the bike" (2005 HD Superglide custom) My reply is always the same ..... I can sit on my couch wrapped in bubblewrap and the chance of getting hurt is near zero .... but that's not living.
  9. I've been using my old C-1 downloaded service manual for a while. Just noticed the much nicer new scan in the database .... Thanks @dennismiller55 and all others that are improving this a daily basis!
  10. Love the backdrop!
  11. Yup. I bought it a while back on a Craigslist road trip. Right chan was blown to smithereens. IIRC I had it fixed that day and it's been mostly sitting ever since. Took the cover off yesterday for stripping and painting ...... if only I could get the stripper to work well, the paint is tough to get off. I think my basement is still too cold for it to work effectively?
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