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  1. Awesome Karma as always Charlie. I'll go in with 17
  2. I really like the C-11 paired with a TFM45. I've settled on this combo in my home office .... I have a pair of LRS coming next month. Something tells me that trio is going to end up together.
  3. Can we no longer edit our posts? I make a lot of typos and like to clean them up, but that ability seems to be gone?
  4. jeffs


    Johnny Nash came to my middle school in 1973 or 1974. I think his manager had gone to school there in the 60s. Performed his hit along with a few other songs. RIP Johnny.
  5. Happy Birthday Charlie!
  6. Assuming the TV has digital audio out (optical or coax) you might want to consider a low end DAC. The analog outs of the TV are certainly the weak link in your chain. You would need to set the TV up to output PCM audio and also make the digital audio level adjustable.
  7. If you sell those items on ebay for realistic prices, after ebay fees, you're going to have to throw 3-4K in cash at it?
  8. I'm hardly a guru. The 90dB number seems more than a bit on the optimistic side. I could not find that in any documentation that I have. No efficiency rating that I could find. My personal opinion is that they are the least efficient speakers I've ever owned. In my experience ,901s need gobs of power. They demand it. m1.5t is a good match. Before they changed the spec fairly late in life they were power rated at "unlimited in non-commercial applications". The brochure indicates the amp can provide as little as 10w.... i think that's a joke?
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