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  1. I stumbled on this site a number of years after I had repaired my failed M-1.5t. After the repair it was working fairly well and sounded great, but it exhibited a problem with the right channel always showing a significantly higher level than the left channel. So I posted some pics of the crude repair I had completed, years before, and had several posts in response. Retreiver nailed it for me with his post addressing exactly the problem I was experiencing. With his help, I found faulty open resistors on the right channel amp card and effected it's repair. It's been playing perfectly for
  2. Happy Birthday Richard!! Hope it was a great one!
  3. Welcome aboard @347 Tony!!! Yup, it looks like you're well on your way into a nice case of OCCD!
  4. @Poncho455, Yes, it sure is! It is a 1970 455 Ram Air 4-speed too. Well, it is punched out +.030 or +30 thousandth's. So it's a 463 or so now. I still have it and love it. It was the UltimateGTO.com pic of the week for 03/30/2003 as seen in the following link: http://ultimategto.com/cgi-bin/showcar.cgi?pow=yes&pic=/pow/pow0313 Nice! I love the 66 & 69's too. I just sold my 68 goat last spring after owning it since 1981. Glad you found us here.
  5. Welcome aboard @Poncho455!!! Glad you found us here and it appears you are well on your way to OCCD with all your goodies!
  6. Happy New Year everyone!!!
  7. Welcome aboard @morzone!!! Glad you found us here at TCS!
  8. Wow! What wonderful generosity and a fabulous gift for @Ln310 to enjoy some gig recordings with!!! Just another reason I love this site more than any other, the folks here are truly a wonderful, fun loving bunch to hang around with and read stories like this one! Well done @Walrus Gumboot!!! And rock on @Ln310!!!
  9. Welcome aboard @Tomtfm!!! Glad you found us here. It looks like you're well on your way to an OCCD affliction!
  10. Welcome aboard @Enrique Jackson!!! Glad you found us here at TCS! I have an M-1.5t in my system now and love it! It sounded very harsh and grainy though when I first started using it some 15 years or so ago now. The dual caps in my unit failed on the right channel taking out several output transistors and I had just repaired and re-capped my unit a year or two before I joined this site. You can see my write-up in the link below: I was perusing many results from my google searches concerning this amplifier being grainy/harsh and found many posts to this
  11. Merry Christmas everyone! And may you all have a very Happy New Year too!!!
  12. Welcome aboard @tpoppa!!! Glad you found us here.
  13. I couldn't agree more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Mark, I don't believe you're a snob in the least. I totally relate to you and rather, I think you've discovered the vast differences in the way source material was recorded and have a system now that very clearly delineates those differences. I, like you, have found my musical tastes have changed quite a lot since I've been enjoying my old restified Carver gear. I find myself listening to classical far more than anything else lately. I have also been going to the Abravanel Hall, downtown, to enjoy the Utah Symphony live. We truly are very fortunate to have the Utah
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