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  1. Prepping for the third wave...
  2. Welcome to your journey back to Carver... Glad you found us. Tell us about your system, or your dream system ! 😉
  3. Welcome, @gkml, Glad you found us. Not sure about the bulb, another member may know. Or, may know how to asses the bulb's specs, so it can be sourced by specification.
  4. Welcome @gamerpaddy, glad you found us. Your journey of Carver OCCD is off to a good start..., And, your strategy is common..., get one item, refresh/restore it, then trade up... 😉 Glad you found us. No worries on your "system" and "listening environment"..., pictures tell a story, and it's never finished. Post your setup, everyone here is very positive. No worries, no shame in your current setup. We all started somewhere.
  5. Now this is funny... 😉
  6. Happy Birthday, Lee. Crank it Up !!
  7. Welcome to your new obsession ! Glad you found us, @Metalman111
  8. Have not tried that particular brand..., but have a couple of drawers full of "Best Drill Bits Ever...." that I've tried..., drill maybe one hole well, then seem to fail in many ways... I regularly fall back on "the right drill/driver unit + bit for the task and material"... E.g., for concrete and masonry, nothing beats the Bosch hammer drill and SDS bit set. Cuts like butter...
  9. Drizzle Drazzle Druzzle Dome....,
  10. Happy Birthday - Make it a good one!
  11. @Sk1Bum do you have the link(s) handy?
  12. Bummer, man. Any way to get all your gear to the attic? Cover it all with plastic? In plastic garbage bags? Seen some moisture really wreck gear..., good luck, and be safe!
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