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  1. Say, BTW, in addition to the Welcome, what town do you hail from? We have a member in Bloomington, I'm up north in IL. East Central IL..., is that Champaign Urbana area?
  2. Welcome @Elecdonia, glad you are here. What Audio Gear to you run, these days? Interesting you mention the C-500. I am attached to mine, with the later 4000t preamp driving it.
  3. Congratulations @Zenith4me. Lucky day, Lucky week! Unlucky that all your gear is packed, and you'll have to wait to hear this amp ! When do you arrive at the new digs? We know the first thing you will need to unpack is your Audio Gear..., right? 😉
  4. The 27th letter of the alphabet. Yes, in 1830's teaching of the alphabet, there was a 27th letter. "&" Latin translation for the word to speak the character "ampersand" was "et per se". "et" meaning "and" and "per se" meaning "all by itself. Over time, its spoken form evolved, until it sounded like the current word "ampersand" pronounced: [ˈampərˌsand]. The character "&" was the written form as the 27th letter of the English alphabet. It's meaning was to have a single letter written form of the word "and". There are, of course, variations on this etymology. But for sure, it was not named after "Ampere." Several references to this etymology exist, of course. Wikpedia LINK, and this one I like, the Online Etymology Dictionary. What are other lost/dropped letters of the English Alphabet? And the phonetic sounds they represented? References list as many as 6, and sometimes more! (you may need to insert an image to show these...;-) )
  5. Every time I think I disagree with "Notorious RBG," I'm reminded by my wife that she herself would not have the success in her (male dominated) profession without the road being paved by RBG. Her penetration through glass ceilings, gender-based discrimination, and mother-father equity that RBG fought for has enriched both our lives in many ways. And, RBG is damn funny with a quip! R.I.P.
  6. According to the Skilled Survival Guide,... Link Here: https://www.skilledsurvival.com/emp-preparedness-you-only-really-have-2-options/ You have only two options. One is for conductors. The other is for devices. Conductors need to have a grounded shield... Devices must be inside a Faraday Cage. Interesting read.
  7. Rock On ! Have a good Day ! Happy Birthday
  8. Welcome @wkj672. Ahh, yes, you just merged into traffic from the OCCD on-ramp. 😉 Your journey begins. Many here have the AL III's, A few more posts/likes, and you'll have to post some pictures of your rig and continue the OCCD. We love pictures. Welcome!
  9. Welcome @cantrele. Glad you are here. What kind of gear do you have? and..., have on the bench! Looking forward to your contribution to the community !
  10. So much love !!, temptation is there, and this Conn organ specimen is a beauty. I believe in science, and the physics behind tubes..., for the record. Alas, I have been blessed with a karma amp for the year, and am only just now getting the M4.0t from Charlie, warmed up and broken in. I'm going to kick myself later..., but I'm going to pass, and let others have a better chance of winning. (Kevin, what else do you have on the shelf in the lab (trailer)..., maybe I'll purchase another project amp..., and work with you and OTD to put it in back in shape, and fill the void?) Good luck, everyone. Love ❤️ and Peace ☮️ to all. Flower Power 🌻, too.
  11. Brief update... A week after the Capital "One hard Inquiry", on August 19, an American Express card was opened in my name. I got a call from AMEX, since the address was in AZ, not my current address. As noted earlier, in the start of this thread..., I had shut down any applications for credit by putting a freeze on my credit report..., so, how did AMEX approve a new card after that? ... well, AMEX told me that for long-time customers (I've been since 1982) they don't do credit checks (hard inquiries)..., but luckily, something tipped them off to make a call. They closed the account immediately, before any charges occurred (I hope...). I followed up doing the following: filed a police report, so it is on record. went to IdentityTheft.gov, (site set up for this by Consumer Protection Agency) and filed a report. Nice site, intuitive, not typical government in terms of UX. IdentityTheft.gov gives you a recovery plan..., I had done' much of the steps already. filed a complaint (ID theft) also, based on the info I had, with SS administration, they have an online way to do this. AMEX offered to give me the address of the perpetrator's (thief's) location and a copy of the "online" application that they applied for a card. But, I had to sign an affidavit, committing to help Law Enforcement at the federal level pursue the criminal if they asked, as well as share a copy of the police report and my driver's license..., all under the auspices of "privacy law and protecting the criminal's privacy." Did all that, now I'm waiting to get a copy of the "application." Why? because I want to see what the address is. I'm not likely to stop by, but will look at it on Google Maps..., I suppose. Maybe do a little research if it's a residence, but it's likely an empty warehouse..., a la "the movies," I'm guessing. More to the point of "why..." I am collecting all the data I can and keeping it on file, for sometime in the future should this mess blow-up again - prepping now, keeping records, doing a little footwork, and such, could be beneficial later - I've learned that with age. Today, I got an email from IdentityTheft.gov, the site set up by the Consumer Protection Agency, asking if Capital One had reversed the Hard Inquiry. Hmmm, Nice Follow-up! Some things in the Gov't seem to be working (at least for me, in this case)..., I'll take what I can get. And, they have a place to go online and file a complaint against Capital One for not following up, and removing the Hard Inquiry, as they promised..., so I did. I don't expect much to happen..., but I am doing what I can to follow up. The hard inquiry will roll-off after about 2 years, worst case, but dammit, Capital One should not make getting credit cards this easy, and not have some small portion of the profits go into helping victims of fraud..., IMHO. Hoping this thing settles down, and goes away . If this is helpful to anyone, Happy to share.
  12. Welcome ! Max! Looking forward to pictures. No worries on any messes..., if it sounds good, that's really all that matters ! Where about are you in Sweden? Been there many times. Spent a lot of time in Göteborg (Gothenburg), in the 90's for business.
  13. Prayin' - it's beyond control, higher power in charge. Stay safe.
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