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  1. Those look awesome, and Fremmer compares them to Sonus Faber Amatti's. That's a helluva comparison. Sonus Faber is one of my favorite lines - always seeking them out at AXPONA. (Disappointed that they had nothing new to show this past April, after 3 years..., though.) This statement at the top of page 3 of the linked review, kinda' get's you wondering: " When I'd parted company with the Virgos, I'd willingly given up some of their astounding imaging and soundstaging prowess to get the Sonus Faber Amatis' rich, voluptuous, swoon-inducing delicacy and inner detail. I'd traded brisk athleticism and excitement for raw, seductive sex. The Avanti III delivered all that I'd given up and more, with surprising ease—in fact, without ever pausing for a breath. " @Ratamahatta Did you buy these New? Or did you find them on the secondary or used market? How do they handle the power you are feeding them?
  2. Isn't that a Bud Light ? And, no way is that guy picking up that amp, without a "Team Lift..." Physics, you know! LoL.
  3. Welcome, @GoldenEye09. Glad you found us! Lots of good info here. I have an M500 as well, driving sound in my office!
  4. Thank you, Melissa. It has been great to talk to you and see how you are supporting your Dad in these final days. You have my number, please call if you need to. Let me know how I can help you with all that you shared. Barry loved his grandson, too, sharing pictures here several times. Barry had clarity, the best attitude and understanding and it showed. He rose way above the fray, static, and noise here on the surface of this Earth. A true survivor who we'll see on the other side. Thanks again for sharing on this thread. No reason you can't stop in and say hello from time to time. AJ
  5. happy Happy !! Make it a good one!
  6. Great for playing in the background while focusing...
  7. hi Jim, Isn't this grounds for a "cease and desist" letter from those legal experts able to file a claim for damages, if not stopped? I imagine that if I used "Coke" or "Coca Cola" in such a way, I would find myself in court, being sued for punitive damages to the degree and extent that I profited off their brand name AND to the degree that it damaged and eroded their brand and confused customers. Not a small number. It just sucks that some companies are this slimy..., time for a wake-up call from a lawyer's letter..., or, better yet, since they just re-placed that advertisement, go straight to filing a claim in court pursuing an astronomical number in combined damages. Nope, this is not a time to feel flattered, this is a time to assess damages. Redirecting prospects that you should be selling to by overtly using the Bob Carver name/brand is not competition, it's technically theft, and there are laws against that. ...just how I see it. AJ
  8. Crazy to think how this applies to the dealer model of Automobiles..., a few entities out there are trying to disrupt this, e.g., www.Cars.com, and others..., but they are still a middle-man. Seems that Tesla may be selling direct..., others? I dunno. But it's ripe for disruption..., separation of service from sales..., (pretty much already separated in most dealerships - just housed in the same building)..., something to ponder.
  9. SEARCH is a good friend!!,... Thank you @itchitch 😉
  10. Best place to find an original, is to put a "search" with "notifications" on ebay..., there are a lot of listings there for old remotes from people that find them between the couch pillows, after selling their receiver. I'd search on text "Carver Remote" and look at each listing..., often, people don't recall what model receiver/component the remote they are listing matched to, and they are not listed by "6200"..., And, since you had one, you know what to look for by how it "looks" (button layout, size, etc.) That's the best way to locate an original remote. But it may take patience over weeks, and even months. But it will produce, eventually. Remotes.com will find an aftermarket remote. You might also post a picture of your broken remote..., I have a box of old Carver remotes, for example, and others here might, too. But I don't know what they fit. and one of us might have one that is the right one for the 6200 (we don't have the manual, I just checked, so I can't see the layout...) Good luck!
  11. Happy Happy !! Make it a good one, Greg!
  12. Ever wonder why sport-fishing boats carry a small baseball bat? True story, my brother and law and I were fishing in Hawaii, when we were younger, pre-kids..., our wives (sisters) were in bikinis enjoying the sun..., we hooked a couple of wahoo, brought them on board..., skipper used the bat..., blood went everywhere..., white bikinis were now red polka-dot bikinis..., puking commenced. LoL.
  13. And then, just when you thought ..., the damn thing evolves, and, well have a look...
  14. Welcome back, Chris. Did you look on Ebay for the Sunfire remote? There are three listings today - not sure if these are the right ones - but the search was for "Sunfire Remote" so you should be able to find them quickly. I think outside of an aftermarket or Ebay, a remote for a sunfire is going to be unobtainium.
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