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  1. Welcome @Web..., with that description, I think you will fit right in !! Remember, you are embarking on a journey..., with no end to the road... 😉
  2. Super Karma, thank you Charlie..., "Mr Generous" is your new nick name... No need, I have an HD already, and, well, who really wants to see me in a zoom meeting, looking like I do, when working from home! Hah!
  3. This is a tough one, with some competing sources indicating RCA..., but I'm going to go with Phillips. According to Wikipedia, the story there says that in 1963, a small-ish device was invented for reporters, the press, to record and playback, portably. But most sources give the portable music cassette invention credit to Sony..., could be the loudest story-teller in the room, owning the alternative facts..., I'll go with Phillips.
  4. Why not! Happy Birthday ! Party like Elvis!
  5. Did you check the members map? I had to pick up an amp, once. And found a willing member that way.
  6. Showing my age..., I thought that was supposed to be Porter Wagner. 😉
  7. Probably all registered to vote, too. Heaven help us.
  8. They are all Whirlpool.., of course. and, well, that about says it all..., Nothing lasts like the old appliances of the last century... 10 years at best, then new ones... throw-away economy, at high prices. 🙄
  9. Oooh, yes, that will cool you off on a hot summer evening..., I sat out by the fire pit yesterday, thinking I needed a martini..., this would have been the ticket. BTW, is that a KichenAid 35" commercial range in the background? If it is, I just installed one in our new kitchen three months ago..., love it!
  10. I thought Tom Petty had the "Heartbrakers" ? Joan Jett "was" a heart breaker... LoL
  11. I'm guessing Joan Jett, but can't tell if that era is the Runaways, or the Blackhearts era... then again, I may be all wrong! LoL
  12. I've got to the point where I look at Ebay as 100% risk. Still has value, but going in, realizing I could lose everything, as a seller or a buyer, makes it less painful. just always hope you don't get the one in three buyer/seller on the other end that's intending on fraudulently screwing you out of both the money AND the item..., under the guise of "Ebay Buyer Protection." I adjust the amount that I'm willing to risk (down), accordingly, and get lucky sometimes.
  13. I never had Dish, but did have DirectTV for a long while. Like @itchitch, when ATT picked them up, their already bad customer service became worse (didn't think it possible)... That's when I went to OTA (over the air) broadcast, combined with Android TV via internet. Like @dennismiller55, it was cost that drove us to this choice. I installed a Channel Master digital antenna in the attic, wired it up to the coax in the house, installed a few powered signal amplifiers, and I get about 120 broadcast channels. Generally, if you are within 75 miles of a major broadcast tower, this is a great option. Think city - we're 48 miles from the Sears Tower in Chicago, which has the broadcast antenna. I can pull Madison, WI, Rockford, IL, and some Gary IN channels on some days..., but they duplicate the major networks coming off the sears tower. The device we use to choose channels or Android TV is a Channel Master control box (round thing) that works well. Of course, we get netflix through the OPPO, and I have a laptop set up that drive HDMI into the receiver for Amazon Prime. Has a remote, and a usb connection to a Channel Master (you can use your own) 1TB drive for recording shows..., and has a very nice User Interface... that's my story, stickin' to it. Saving just under $200 a month since I put it in, a few years ago. It was worth it. Want to know what broadcast channels you can get at your address? Go to this website, and type in your location: https://www.channelmaster.com/Default.asp
  14. OK, I saw this a long while back..., and thought it clever. Useful too, when behind someone going slow in the fast lane! The image at the right is the sideview mirror of the plate...
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