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  1. Welcome back, @SteveFord. Love some of your epic posts of the past..., and some images that push the limits..., 😉 The more things change, the more they stay the same! Glad you're back.
  2. Welcome to the Carver Fraternity..., Let the Hazing Begin ! Shots of OCCD, until ..., well, it's a journey. Welcome !
  3. Great video..., thank you for posting. If you are a reader, these two books will fill in a lot of gaps, too. and
  4. Happy Birthday @oldtexasdog. Some call it "worthless information"..., but I learn a lot! Make your birthday your day!
  5. Welcome, @Tailgate. If you like cosmetic matches..., think about a Carver C-2. That's a great amp! I have one in my office system. Here's an image of another member's ( @zumbini ) system, all small-format components like your m200t. m200t on top, Carver TX-2 tuner, then Carver C-2 preamp, and under that, a DTL-50 CD player. (yes, the faceplate colors vary..., just the way it is with Carver 😉 )
  6. Welcome @Hal, Rolland will do good work. There are others, too, as your OCCD takes you down the rabbit hole! Welcome to the forum, glad you found us. When you get your gear back, we love pictures ! 😉
  7. Sounds good - good to know - and hopefully someone here is interestd... Pictures are of the essence! Welcome!
  8. Welcome, @submariner, you found the right place, and lots of good experience to share on your question. I'm going to guess, that you will want to compare for yourself! get both,..., you can't have too much Carver gear. 😉
  9. Some other "benches" here from members... Work Bench Challenge - Way Offscale - TheCarversite!
  10. Some one asked..., "what kind of trouble shooting gear do you have?" or something like that... Well, I think you'll do fine @gabbyhayes - looks like you fit right in ! LoL.
  11. Happy Birthday ! Make it a "perfect" one, Steve..., Here is the key to a perfect birthday...
  12. What a great accomplishment, to have assembled those, and to still have them. Gosh, I think of all the things that I "wish" I never sold..., and to see your system, hmmm, just WOW.
  13. Welcome @gabbyhayes, glad you are here ! Do you have any Carver gear? for listening? on your bench? Always like hearing bits of history and wisdom from experience. Some guys here play, and have guitar amps, they fix, and share stories here too... don't be shy about sharing a non-Carver story in a thread. Welcome to the forum.
  14. Welcom @Tomkat - you found the right place! I have one of those receivers..., waiting in my to-be-refreshed queue..., Too much gear, so little time. 😉 Lots of fun and good times on this site for the Carver offiianado in you.
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