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  1. OK ! @mr_rye89! You found a great place to hang. Reading your "audio" and "non-audio" fetishes, I think you will fit right in! Welcome. I built a WOPL kit for a PL-400 into a Carver Corp C-500 amp. And it's pretty cool! One of my favorite amps. It had to be modded a bit (but the PL-400 is very close to a C-500 (makes sense, the C-500 was the first amp out of Carver Corp, while Bob Carver designed his unique mag power-supply amps that followed. Kept the revenue going, funding innovation. The C-500 has another row of transistors over the PL-400. Other similarities too. Welcome to the forum!
  2. BIG Birthday Wish, @randog311 Make it one to remember.
  3. Welcome @3Phase Glad you found us.
  4. Do I have this posted in the right thread? 😉
  5. Happy Birthday, Greg. Play some Elvis LOUD - across the Wyoming landscape.
  6. My family had a Fisher 50 Amp, a BSR McDonald 310 Turntable and Fisher XP-55b Speakers. At the time, in the 70's, it was pretty high-end for my Mom and Dad to put the cash out for that. But everyone was musical, and played an instrument, and the classical record collection was pretty extensive. I still have all three of those components - they need service (OK, the amp needs service, speakers and TT are not worth much... LoL. It's in storage, or I'd post a picture. I have most of the record collection, too.
  7. Say Itch, are those the original pieces? Do you still have them?
  8. Yes, but it's the other three in the picture that are doing the "real" smiling..., ...just sayin' 😉
  9. Thanks, everyone. Great to be part of this community. I've never had this many people wish me a happy birthday... I spent the afternoon at AXPONA. And the evening with my wife. Good day all around. My new super-computer (seriously) arrived, and was a nice gift to myself. More on AXPONA in a new thread.
  10. Wah, Wait, WHAT? NEVER Too much "Metal..."
  11. Welcome @opusstuf. That C-1 and m1.5t are beloved components... I'm not a tech, but it would be helpful if you shared what the issues are that you may need help with? Symptoms, what happened when they stopped working, how long since they worked last..., anything helpful will get more tech-minded members thinking on solutions. Again, welcome! Glad you found us!
  12. Woot Woot !! Have a great Birthday !
  13. I'm in love with my Maggie IIIa's, that came out of the Detroit area..., @Robkindly helped me land and mule them. Super guy, super people here on this site!
  14. Welcome @Freaky_friday. Glad you found us. Your speaker journey sounds familiar! Try them all 😉 I didn't know your neck of the woods had that much vintage gear in the market..., Here in Chicago-land, for my tastes, it is a vintage gear desert..., mostly junk and undesirables in the listings. Welcome, and let us know what speakers you try, experience, and prefer..., on your audio journey (it's not a destination!).
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