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  1. Welcome to the group, @kevd16 Glad you found us. That MXR 150 is held dear to many of us as office or garage systems..., super unit. You'll also find a good number of parts for it. Les, @Circuits & Concepts a member here, runs an ebay store "Circuits and Concepts" (that's also his handle here) that has a good number of available parts, as you get into your project. Go direct, he often covers shipping for members? (don't quote me on that...) by sending a PM on this site. Skip the Ebay fees for you and him. Consider starting a thread !!, and document your work for the next guy..., And, there are some threads here - use the Search button, to see what others have done with that receiver.
  2. I fear that..., the rust on the frame is one of the most unchecked things in an old truck..., I just redid the rust to the rocker panels last spring on My F150. the body shop had to pull the bed, to do the cab-corners. They told me that my bed was rusted and nearly gone..., found a place that will pick up a bed in TX (no rust down there) and replace it on my 2002. Have yet to pull the trigger. That leaves the only weak link to be the frame. If I get a new truck..., or new to me..., I'll probably get an F250, next time.
  3. Welcome, @Riverside.Guy, glad you found us !!
  4. What a shame they don't make that car..., anymore. Seems like the new Corvette took notice, moved the engine to mimic the Ford GT..., one way to look at it !
  5. Oh, yes, to have an original. I had that unit, the box, instructions and goofy little brush thingy that was to hold the D4 solution in the handle..., but for me seemed to fall out. I don't know where it went after I got out of college. Probably loaned it to a roommate, and never got it back. The good news is that RCA purchased/acquired the brand..., and still produces and sells a modified kit... (storage pouch, not a box, handle is solid, can't put the bottle inside the handle, and the cleaning brush is different... the bad news is that the solution hasn't changed much..., D4+? I think that means it comes in a spray bottle? 😉 There are a number of nearly identical knock-offs for this very successful approach to cleaning records... EVEO, Big Fudge Vinyl Record Kit, Record Rescue, Opula, Allsop Orbitrac 3, Groove Washer G2, Fluance, Kaiu, and of course, Vinyl Buddy... (no kidding, there must not be a patent on this thing..., and RCA only acquired/licensed the logo and brand? Who knows...). I always wiped the nap in reverse direction of to clean the dust off mine, anyway..., didn't use that brush much. The unit I use is one I picked up used on Ebay..., one of the high-end complete kits with a Zero Stat...
  6. Watched a stupid Marvel movie..., last week. (sometimes you have to totally veg out..., Not my finest 2 hours spent..., that I'll never get back) Thor Love and Thunder... However, Maximus plays the part of Zeus. Thor kills him..., in a denied quest for an army to fight Gorr the God Butcher..., and ends up with the Zeus lightning bolt... In the scene with Zeus, I totally didn't recognize Russell Crowe... See him at about 6:00 in this clip..., you likely won't recognize him with long hair, flabby arms, and well, just out of shape dad-bod, (oh, and he doesn't actually die, if you watch the end of the movie..., a la typical Marvel movie style..., all characters are amazingly immortal...). LOTS of cameos in this movie. Guardian's of the Galaxy cast, Matt Damon..., Gorr, the villain (spoiler alert: redeemed in the end...) is played by Christian Bale, and is pretty good (I think the best acting in the film). Chris Hemsworth's younger brother (almost identical) is in early scenes... good eye candy for the young kids, I 'spose.
  7. https://www.amazon.com/Painting-Japanese-Pictures-40x60cmx2-Unframed/dp/B094QV6RFY It's on Amazon...., $24.90
  8. Yes, Happy Birthday, Mike. I remember meeting you at your first AXPONA (I think you said it was your first). You had your daughter with you, if I recall. Hope you had a great birthday!
  9. Awesome. When you are ready to move up to the HR-895, let me know. I have one I'll let go for what I have in it - with remote, tested by a tech..., works. More power for you ! 😉 (that is if I don't sell it first...)
  10. It's Idaho. Near Riggins. https://dnews.com/local/more-rockfall-will-keep-u-s-highway-95-closed-a-little-while-longer/article_b02608b1-810c-56ed-a288-93ff2fa80804.html From across the ravine..., the hillside that slid is pretty wide...
  11. The DBX 224X is the one that many prefer to play back DBX encoded LPs. And, LPs that are DBX encoded do sound more dynamic when played side-by-side with a regular LP. More details on HiFi Engine, here: https://www.hifiengine.com/manual_library/dbx/224x.shtml Here's the reference to DBX encoded LPs... interesting caution, at the bottom !!. 😉 I see these 224x units go on Ebay for 50 to 500 bucks..., there's a NIB listed right now, for over 500. The lower-price units I've found, usually don't work - need lots of service. A recap helps. If you are looking for LPs that are DBX Encoded, look for ones that have one of two different labels on them that indicates their encoding: or
  12. Thanks, Mark. Sometimes things just niggle at the mind until you figure them out..., I knew I had seen that shirt somewhere... Grunt Style (www.gruntstyle.com) makes it (right here in Carol Stream, IL (second factory down south, in ). My company supplies the contingent work force to keep their operation going. It's quite an operation! And, incredible volume in their production output.
  13. It's all fine and good. There's plenty of room for many players in the "reissue" market... BTW, this is nothing new..., Remember all the different pressings, some with even "coding" in them..., way back when. I have a pile of DBX-encoded LPs that only play back correctly (and quite nicely) through a DBX encoder.... If history is any precedent..., these DBX encoded LPs (and other pressings like them...) from the last 30-40 years have just gone through the roof. I used to buy DBX LPs at the local record swap meet for $3 a peice..., in the last 4 years or so, they have gone hyper-space prices..., the swap meet around here has one vendor that focuses on them alone, selling them for $20 on up, per LP. $20 will get you a junk LP..., And, the decoder units needed are also going up in price. ...just sayin' that this "event" may well be very good for MoFi in the long run. Good for them !!
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