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  1. Watched this British, just-before-WWII era movie. True Story. If you like history, the ancient kind, (Vikings as Early Explorers, for example) this is an interesting watch. Stars Ralph Feines, Carrie Mulligan, Lily James (of recent Cinderella remake).
  2. My time (ripping, configuring, dealing with IT...), is limited, at this point in life..., and is worth WAY more than the $1000..., (my perspective...) I now use my NAS for storing those things that I created..., or digital items (photos, designs, etc.) that don't exist anywhere else - and of which I am the lone steward. OTOH..., I took the day off yesterday, was literally on the phone with Netgear Tier 3 Support for over 5 hours in ONE call..., only to finally get them to realize that the T.O.L. gaming WiFi router they shipped me 2 weeks ago, was defective..., (somethin
  3. To your question, let me share some philosophy (mine)..., YMMV At one point, I tried to RIP all my content..., but eventually realized..., I was duplicating, and, well, that's time I will never get back..., time I could use doing something else, productive..., that didn't duplicate what was already out there. I got rid of most of what I had ripped to my NAS. From professional/commercial sources, It's better indexed, and, well, more complete, from any of the better streaming services..., I use TIDAL, there are others. I transitioned over to one of these
  4. "You got too many vacation days..., you should burn those off and take 3 day weekends for the rest of the summer. But first, can you get this (time-sink) project here done..., no one else here knows how to do it..."
  5. Welcome @NullPointerException. Glad you found us... Boy, that avatar brings back memories from my coding days in the late 80's and 90's... LoL !
  6. Happy Birthday Greg! Make it a good one.
  7. I have to have the blinds aimed up, to reflect light from the sky, back out the window.
  8. It has been my obsession to get TWO of each... Damn near achieved it, save for the TFM-75
  9. Thank you to everyone..., It was a good one.
  10. Welcome, @JRS, Glad you found us. hang out, enjoy. And, of course, that setup you have..., gotta' post some pics. 1400WPC, that sounds awesome - and I bet it does ! 😉 Great story on giving the receiver to your daughter..., I gave my daughter an M1.0t MkII Opt2, (from Nelion/Greg) new black faceplate I put on, and a C-11 (from DennisMiller) pre-amp driving Polk speakers and a Denon 47f servo-tonearm turntable..., WAY more than I had at her age..., but she's worth it. Your daughter no doubt has your genes, as she jumps into Carver-land. Oh, yea,
  11. Welcome to TheCarverSite!, @Esprit. Glad you found us !
  12. Happy Birthday ! make it a good one.
  13. Welcome ! You're going to fit right in. Love those JBL's, BTW. Can't wait to see pictures of you rig. Big thing here - photos!
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