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  1. I received this yesterday from Tidal. I've noted in the news a few independent efforts (poorly funded, IMHO) that are attempting to revive MQA as a format..., but without a business model, and fairly well debunked actual value (see Bob Carver's write-up on MQA in the ether-space somewhere) ..., I'd say that it's well beyond reviving, and, well, not even on life support. The fact that Tidal is dropping support for it..., seems to be a clear statement that the "corpse is rotting, and starting to smell..." Snake oil seems to have its season, then just fades away. Full transparency, I was never taken in by MQA, so this is somewhat vindicative of an earlier decision.
  2. Welcome @cmmonte92, glad you found us. When you get a chance, be sure to share a post picture of your new gear and setup. We love pictures!
  3. Welcome @djs4465, glad you found us. Post some pictures when you can!
  4. Welcome @John Howell, glad you found us. Hope to see more posting of your PM project. Oh, it goes without saying that we LOVE pictures of audio gear..., 😉
  5. Welcome @CARVER 1980, glad to have you and looking forward to your contributions. Start a thread on your system, and post some pictures! 😉 we love pictures.
  6. Welcome @ScratchyWax, glad you found us! That C-1 is an excellent component to begin with...
  7. Welcome @RangerTim, glad you found us. We love pictures..., show us your gear, when you get a minute.
  8. Welcome, @5xRi340G. glad you found us. this is a great place with super cool members with a focus on Audio, specifically Carver gear of all kinds. I love my FM tuners..., I have the top-of-the-line TX-11b, as well as a TX 12 (the only one from Carver with a remote control)..., and the TX-11 and 11a..., They are great. When you pair them with a super good/efficient antenna, they are even better! I live west of chicago, and with my antenna in the attic, I get a station on just about every frequency from all over WI, IN, IA, MN, IL, and MI. Again, glad to have you aboard. As you get comfortable, please consider starting a tuner thread..., or, post some pictures of your gear..., we love pictures! 😉
  9. If "scarcity" drives value, our Carver gear may gain as a result! 😉 ..., another positive!
  10. I like to look at this as a Bob Carver and Jim Clark SUCCESS ! It's easy to dwell on all the negatives - and much harder to look at, and relish the positives. Here's what I wrote a few weeks ago on the (stolen/hijacked) TheCarverSite Facebook Page @RichP714 set up way back in 2008/9 as a social media adjunct to TCS. I posted this because there were, as always on social media / the internet in general, the vocal "haters" focusing on the negative..., my post generated 97 positive likes/reactions as well as 4 shares and 22 congratulatory comments. There is hope and light when we look for it! (If you are on Facebook, scroll down and give it a "like" - let's see if we can push this over 100..., I think it's a record for a post on that FB Group.
  11. Welcome, @emanuele933, glad you found us. I think we have several members who reside in Italy. Some have done some good contributions (threads) here. I'm looking forward to your TFM-25 thread when you start it. Others will too! And..., it goes without saying, we love pictures!!!, lots of pictures..., they are worth 1000's of words in your thread. Again, Welcome to TCS!
  12. Welcome @Russr, glad you found us. What Carver components are you looking for? Maybe some of us have spares we need to sell 😉
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