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  1. Rock this Birthday !! Happy Happy.
  2. Happy Birthday !! Make it a good one, @vinylnut.
  3. I'm pretty sure many hear that quote nightly... 😉 Followed by this quote: "See, no one ever regrets it, afterwards..., I don't know why I resisted. "
  4. See, and you worry about waking the neighbors with your chain saw..., next door they started at 7:00AM.
  5. Nice set-up..., like that sliding barn-door hardware on your cabinet. What speakers are you driving with which amps in this rig?
  6. Tell us more about Pi-Hole?
  7. Read that yesterday, too..., good one. Sparked some interest to try it (again...) LoL. My quote for the day: "No $4!t, there's definitely a leak when you lose 1" an hour."
  8. No problem, I'll clean it up with a Swiffer.
  9. "Oh, it won't be ready until Monday, parts are on order."
  10. Welcome @Brent U - this IS the Carver Place to be.
  11. Like your stereo HiFi gear, I recommend separates... Get a Cable modem to drop that dang rental fee, and then consider what kind of WiFi router and Switches (for more ethernet-cable-connected devices) for your printers, and smart appliances..., etc. Others are really loving these modular "mesh" systems, like "Orbi" - especially if you like everything to be wifi... (I have a lot of trouble with that, and devices getting forgotten... so I like wired devices, whenever possible). Brands are like religion..., I have used many of them, over the past two decades, Aires, Cisco, ... a lon
  12. Welcome. This IS the place. Love to see pics of your rig..., when you have time.
  13. Barry, you've got this. 🙏
  14. Here's a link to the current Ortofon 2M 78 True Mono cartridge. Ortofon 2M 78 true mono cartridge
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