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  1. Wasn't it Bluto, or Brutus (both names apparently were used). Another story of Popeye, I found on the internet..., so it must be true, is that the character was based on a real person, named Frank "Rocky" Fiegel, of Illinois. Story here: https://rare.us/rare-news/history/frank-rocky-fiegel-popeye/
  2. I dunno, I sent him an Ebay message, he replied with "I sold the CC last year." Nothing else.
  3. What a great guy. Prayers, always.
  4. We're in the 40s today (Chicago-land). 30's yesterday, 20s the day before, 50's the day before that... Chicago-land suburbia
  5. Congratulations, Kevin! Thank you Charley for your endless generosity.
  6. Welcome! The manuals section of the site is under construction - but someone here might have that service manual you seek. Other techs will come along... If nothing else, good to have you join. We love pictures of gear..., show off your setup. Curious, how did you come across silver 7t transformers? That's odd - are you selling? Someone might want those. Welcome to our little piece of paradise!
  7. Excellent deal. The TFM-35 is desirable over the TFM-35x (IMHO), if not just for the gain control on the front! With @Nahash5150's work on it, it's an even better value at this price. Good luck with the sale, @Zenith4me.
  8. Beautiful unit, champagne karma, super act of generosity. Thank you Charlie. I've got a 4000t, so not in. Good luck to all. Karma-returns are in your future, Charley.
  9. Excellent! Thanks for doing that, Charlie
  10. As a Beatles Fan, you are starting the day our right ! Happy Birthday Barry!
  11. FYI, Carlton parted out his CC stereo. Good deal to be had on the amps in this thread. https://www.ebay.com/itm/174145045609?ul_noapp=true
  12. Welcome to our little corner of audio paradise! No worries about touch typing..., no one here will know, or care! Glad to have you here. And, show us some pictures of your gear! Cheers, AJ
  13. It's hard to pinpoint - unless you were there when it happened. I was not. I don't think there is a clear and definitive numbering schema change that can be identified as the dividing line. There are some members here that have more close ties with former employees, and the politics of the end of Bob's participation at Carver Corp. To my knowledge, he left just before the TFM-75 was launched..., and it's design is largely Bob's, but had to be "finished" and delivered by his engineering team that he built..., so his finger prints are on that amp. Over the next many months..., Bob started Sunfire, while the people that took over Carver Corp ran it into the ground. The assets and designs for amps and such were sold to an organization called Phoenix Gold, that produced more pro amps... using the brand Carver, and many of the core designs. You'll find some amps were "re-launched" with some changes over those that were launched during the time Bob Carver was at Carver Corp..., like for example, the TFM-35 and TFM-55 amps. That latter amp is more rare, both are highly coveted. Post-Bob-Carver, they were redesigned adding THX technology for movie sound reproduction to meat the THX theater sound specification. The latter versions of these amps lost their gain control (on the front face) and to many, were harder to work on because the chassis design was changed so that the bottom panel did not reveal the board..., making disassembly necessary to work on and service the amps. The later versions were branded model "TFM-35x" and "TFM-55x." They are still very respectable. And have Bob Carver's legacy in them from their ancestor, but are different. That is just one example that sticks in my limited memory. I don't have a specific time-line of what were Carver designs, and what were post-Carver designs. Others may pipe up with more data. We (generally speaking) as members of the site, like the earlier amps and preamps. (Many of the other components, CD players, etc. were outsourced to Japanese makers - still good). Later, much later, there were some Chinese-made integrated amps as the owners of the brand tried to cut costs and meet needs of a changing consumer retail market - like the 1090, 1050 and 1020, less common - but look like Carver branded gear. Wish I could be more helpful ...and I may have some of the above wrong, too - I just don't have the historical data to answer your question, and the separation occurred before the Internet was the force it is to document things like this in real time..., It is pretty cool that Bob published much of the documentation on the amps he designed into the public domain... There's a VAST library here on the site that has been collected over the years - but alas, the site just migrated to a new host/platform and that section of the site is still under construction. Stick around on this site as people share new stories and read the past threads, and over time, you will pick up a lot of this folklore and stories that shape our perspectives on the bits of wisdom and history that do exist!
  14. Welcome to Paradise, @Butcher. Carver components of yesteryear live on - and don't be afraid to refresh, or have the units you have, refreshed. The 900 is a bit newer, and post-Bob-Carver w.r.t. the Carver Corp..., it may not be as nostalgic as the line that has his design and engineering fingerprints clearly visible... (hence all the references to the M1.0t and it's mods, above). I love my M1.5 (no "t") for crisply blasting the center channel on my HT. That amp, refreshed with new caps and full adjustments back to better than original (new capacitors are higher quality than those available 30+ years ago) just rocks, in my opinion. You have a nice collection that will take you far on your OCCD (obsessive carver collecting disorder) journey! Welcome to TheCarverSite, our own little slice of paradise.
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