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  1. Teaching this kind of responsibility to our "next generation" be it via parent- or other education-based approaches one of the major breakdowns making the current dissonance / confusion exist. @loner_t, you describe specifically how we did the same thing when our kids were in 6th grade, and we wanted the value that a smart phone could give us in all those ways. We had one issue, and when we talked to the other kid's parents, their response was "thank God, you are like us." They too were teaching their kids respect and responsibility on said medium(s) - and, they too were concerned that we might be like most other parents they observed, "unconcerned." Unfortunately, I fear, many parents don't apply this approach when enabling their latch-key or street-wise kids with technology. Hence, the potential exists for things to get way out of whack, very fast. As I get old, I find that for me, I just have a finite amount of time on this planet, and a long list of things I want to achieve. I know that if I (over-)do FB or Twitter, or ??, I'll rapidly lose precious time I could apply to those things I want to do, and that will result in a lot of disappointment (for me) in the level of impact I might make in other's lives around me while I'm still on this earth.
  2. It's happening everywhere... Fry's... Had a great A/V (videos and cd's) section... and were really the only place left after Radio Shack closed, to get RS type stuff, in retail.
  3. You'd have to ask him, I think. My thinking from anecdotal thoughts shared over time is that his focus is more on the technology, innovation, and such. Not really interested in the social media or internet forums... I could be wrong. Best way to answer that question in terms direct to the question is to attend CarverFest in the fall each year. He's there!. I recall a post from Greg a couple years ago at CF, where Greg showed him how to see TCS! on Bob's phone..., but ... I actually applaud Bob for having such a sharp focus on doing only the things he wants to do with his time. My observation, anyway. Jim Clark @Ar9Jim of Jim Clark Stereo, speaks with Bob regularly, he may also have more insight.
  4. That was from CES 2016. I wonder if the price came down..., or how sales went? LoL 😉
  5. Inside the walls of "advertisers" the challenge has always been where to spend money that will garner the most "attention." That is, the attention of the largest target audience. so, 15+ years ago, anyone trying to reach a target audience had to divide up their advertising budget between streams of advertising that were audio (radio, etc.), visual (tv, movies), location-centric (billboards, signs), news-related (stories, PR, the news, etc.) … and so on. With the convergence of "everything" and all media (and the mediums now called "platforms" like Twitter and Facebook, that media is received) into one device, the smart phone..., comes great potential, and great potential for harm. What is true compared to 15 years ago is that the "ability to creep into lives and arrest attention" from individuals, has never been greater. Human Nature for most, can't put down the methods that are used..., they (we) get sucked into scrolling to the next "story" even if it has no value. And, we get sucked into believing that all stories are true. The end of this story has not been written. It could go in a number of positive or negative directions... Marshall McLuhan's research on media theory can be connected to what we are seeing now. (...just an opinion, ignore it if it has no value.)
  6. Big Thank you, Greg for the migration..., looks very good, even with the loose-ends you mention.  😁 

  7. Thank you Greg. This is no small task, for sure. Much appreciation flows your way from the community. @Sk1Bum liking the new avatar..., 😉
  8. Welcome to the site, @Lance. Glad you found us. Lots of good info here and excellent friends to keep in touch with on TheCarverSite.com. You ask a good question - and I'm interested in the answer too …, just "What are the best speakers to run with an M500t, in the brain-trust experience here?" There are a lot of M500 and M500t owners here. Someone will pony up their secret best configuration. Me personally, I have my M500t driving a pair of EPI M1000 towers..., these are pretty rare and hard to find. But I like them, so I searched until I found them and bingo, for me. Start with recommendations of what others have used and found good combinations. There will be the specifications and the various measurable technical factors …, but in the end, use speakers that work best for your listening which will be based on: 1. Typical volume levels you listen to your music. 2. Your room and environment factors (size/volume of room, reflections, listening position, etc.). 3. The type/genre of music you listen to most. When you have it dialed in for your personal preference - those will be the speakers that are "best" for you. OCCD (Obsessive Carver Collecting Disorder) is a journey, not a destination. You'll likely swap in and out components, sources, and speakers over time as many here do. Oh, and that turntable is a good one - You will like it. Some here have or have had, that model. But, don't forget that the cartridge is yet another component that you can change and make big differences in your system. Good luck on your journey - and Welcome to the Jungle!
  9. Hmmm, that's a hard thing to find, I think. There might be someone here that has parted a pair out. Another would be to have a saved search running on Ebay. Some rare occasions, parts like this pop up there. Good luck on your quest!
  10. Have a happy birthday !!
  11. Super Karma ! A great way to get into OCCD for someone. I have more C-1's than I will ever use, so not in. (will this thread make it over to the new migrated site? - hope so - or we'll have a new term..., "ghost karma." LoL) ?
  12. @staticvar, @Steven Dean Jackson loved your old avatar (the dog)... I have to ask, why the new account? Are the feds after you? (LoL ? ). Seriously, welcome back. The site is much improved..., there are plans to do more that @Nahash5150 has on his roadmap. @RichP714 is back contributing, and while I don't consider myself an old-timer, I remember you from before your hiatus. just a head's up, Greg @Nahash5150 is migrating the site over to a new host, and I think Linux (over Windows)…, at this very moment. A few things might not make it over, like posts during the transition and testing..., nothing critical is getting posted for a few days. Welcome Back!
  13. I've never put a number to it, but the prevalence of smoking/vaping and a host of other vices seem to prove this point
  14. Is this Schitt, SOLD, then? Or, is there still Schitty negotiating going on? ?
  15. AndrewJohn

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    "Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision." - Sir Winston Churchill and it's complement: "Reaction is fear. A decision not to react takes Courage." - unknown
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