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  1. I've heard that about Fidelity..., but I'm a long-term holder..., I invest, and then avoid looking for months, even years... It's my approach, so I don't want too much information - I guess. I could be doing it all wrong.
  2. Welcome to the site! You'll find many here who share a similar journey... Post pictures of your new listening room and Carver Gear! We love pictures. Welcome !
  3. AndrewJohn


    +1 Ditto, on all points.
  4. AndrewJohn


    I found this interesting, perhaps some lessons. Posted on another Audio forum, by @Ar9Jim. It's ~36 minutes, of data and other learnings. The last 30 seconds is profound truth from a very exhausted professional in Korea, who led through all this.
  5. AndrewJohn


    Speaking of coughing and touching... Does anyone else see the irony of being instructed to sneeze and cough into our elbow sleeves, then replace hand shake greetings with elbow-bumps making contact with another human using that very same elbow/sleeve? just sayin'
  6. Put the Lime in the Coconut, … Call the Dr. and Woke him up.
  7. AndrewJohn


    I take a zinc supplement daily. I can't say for sure if it works and on what. But, it's been in my daily routine for many years.
  8. No, I have not come across that vehicle..., However, when the kids were young, we were driving somewhere in WI on the freeway, and we passed this vehicle..., I snapped a pic, but couldn't find it - this was from the internet. Kids at the time got a kick out of it!
  9. AndrewJohn


    Agreed on the media. I was thinking of saner, globally-minded heads.
  10. I agree with you. And more benefits to mention: The macro-economic benefits, strain/wear on infrastructure, burning of hydrocarbons for commuting, effect on the environment, and so on. And microeconomic benefits that no longer commuting will bump everyone's total comp reducing cost of fuel..., and more. And quality of life for workers, being home with family more, seeing kids events, participating in local life, and so on. There are some hurdles. The challenge some organizations may have is how to prevent/stop the knee-jerk fear that drives micro-management. Managers need some training both in the art of managing this way, as well as working through the transition in culture, as your experience points out. I'm with you on your observation..., but my recent experience as I get older, and work for younger managers is that there continues to be a deficit in remote management skills among many (not all) to be able to lead this way. Interesting recent observation from "webinarists" (a new species of internet "teacher" [comment omitted]). Many of the business/management/leadership webinars (that I get invites in my inbox to in the last few weeks) have shifted to topics on "60 Minutes to Master Managing Remote Teams. Register Now $100." I'm not sure that this culture shift can be taught to old-school managers in 60 minutes for $100. Quick look at the "webinarist" shows weak or no management experience or other credential. Irony or?
  11. … like a virus, OCCD just got me. Put in a 14 hour day (working from home is no picnic...) and crashed mid evening, yesterday. I would not have slept knowing this blessing. Charlie, you are a gem to have here. I don't know what to say but Thank You.
  12. AndrewJohn


    True. Some of my (former-life) professional circle of friends shared stories a couple months before that, about modular hospital construction setting construction time records..., the news was there, and probably, likely, some anecdotal and empirical data..., No one saw this coming? Seriously? Hard to hear now, through the static and noise.
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