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  1. AndrewJohn


    Not picking an argument..., just sharing one of the factors in play. There is a thing called "Crisis Triage" or "Crisis Standards of Care" that kicks in for the medical industry, when the patient flow reaches a level that approaches "system" capacity, and like on the battlefield, medical professionals have to weigh "likelihood of survival" as a factor before treating a patient. It's based on a convergence of time, supplies available, and other factors such as available hospital beds. Ancillary to this, optional/elective treatments are put on hold, to increase potential capacity. I'm sure this weighs heavy on the minds and conscience of good medical professionals when it happens. I don't envy that situation the medical professionals in it must go through in making those on-the-fly decisions at the ER. There's an article on Wikipedia on how this was applied in Spain. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/COVID-19_pandemic_in_Spain And, there is discussions of this for the state of AZ, (and probably applies to other states where cases are spiking). https://kvoa.com/news/2020/07/01/arizona-under-crisis-standards-of-care-triage-protocols-in-place/ There's a link in that article to the AZ State's crisis triage plan - which likely all 50 states have one: https://www.azdhs.gov/documents/preparedness/emergency-preparedness/response-plans/azcsc-plan.pdf. As noted, this situation is sad. Imagine how many of our retired friends in AZ, in retirement communities like Sun City, and others in that area are feeling as they are going through this time. ...I'm just sharing data, information, and/or perspective... - reiterating, "I'm not picking an argument with anything anyone has said." Perhaps this is a test of our system for "something yet to come." We haven't really tested our systems since the last great war. I dunno, just heard a lot about this kind of thing from my Uncle, who served as an Air Force Chaplain in WWII, Korea and Viet Nam - he saw a lot of this "Crisis Triage" giving last rites to many that didn't make the cut. Something to ponder around the complexities that exist today with converging industry, political, scientific, medical, and other influences in all this.
  2. Here's another comparison analogy..., Digital photos, today, compared to the ViewMaster of our child hood. Of for some of us... I used to use one of these, to analyze stereo air photos, as a geologist when I got out of the university..., Up until the 80's, that's how the military looked at photogrammetry..., Now, with digital image processing, the missile silos, troop movement, geomorphology or ore deposits, are all identified by algorithms in the cloud. DARPA NET changed everything..., even the backbone for DARBEE with ethernet/WiFi feeds.
  3. Great Idea, Ed. KISS, is good, your color choices are a good selection. Please put me down for 1 - Mens T-shirt - XL - Charcoal Heather 1 - Mens Sweatshirt - XL - Charcoal 1 - Ball Cap - Black 1 - Ball Cap - White Thank you for doing the legwork on this, it's not easy, I am sure.
  4. Glad to have you here, @ORCA SONG. Welcome! Would love to see pictures of your gear... Welcome!
  5. Congratulations, Will - Now, we will have to request video-chat on the forum... LoL 😉
  6. Welcome @Web..., with that description, I think you will fit right in !! Remember, you are embarking on a journey..., with no end to the road... 😉
  7. Super Karma, thank you Charlie..., "Mr Generous" is your new nick name... No need, I have an HD already, and, well, who really wants to see me in a zoom meeting, looking like I do, when working from home! Hah!
  8. This is a tough one, with some competing sources indicating RCA..., but I'm going to go with Phillips. According to Wikipedia, the story there says that in 1963, a small-ish device was invented for reporters, the press, to record and playback, portably. But most sources give the portable music cassette invention credit to Sony..., could be the loudest story-teller in the room, owning the alternative facts..., I'll go with Phillips.
  9. Why not! Happy Birthday ! Party like Elvis!
  10. Did you check the members map? I had to pick up an amp, once. And found a willing member that way.
  11. Showing my age..., I thought that was supposed to be Porter Wagner. 😉
  12. Probably all registered to vote, too. Heaven help us.
  13. They are all Whirlpool.., of course. and, well, that about says it all..., Nothing lasts like the old appliances of the last century... 10 years at best, then new ones... throw-away economy, at high prices. 🙄
  14. Oooh, yes, that will cool you off on a hot summer evening..., I sat out by the fire pit yesterday, thinking I needed a martini..., this would have been the ticket. BTW, is that a KichenAid 35" commercial range in the background? If it is, I just installed one in our new kitchen three months ago..., love it!
  15. I thought Tom Petty had the "Heartbrakers" ? Joan Jett "was" a heart breaker... LoL
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