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  1. Sure got me beat! (wasn't easy... 😉 ) nice Setup.
  2. Love the colors, Feels like the 60's all over again. Or, is that a real flashback? 😉
  3. Elvis says, you should party! Happy Birthday!
  4. I certainly and absolutely, don't know for sure. However, I have pondered that it must have something to do with the specific "measure of work" performed. I.e., the physics equation "Work = Force x Displacement", or in English, "Work is the product of Force and Displacement." Sometimes, written replacing "Displacement" with "Distance." OK, so what is it that I'm suggesting it has to do with? it's the "displacement." Easy enough to see the horse, in the original figure, lifting the weight a displacement distance. But, what is the "displacement" of wave forces on the tympanic membrane? (or out the speaker cone?) Is it cumulative of both in and out displacement? And is it one cycle, or many cycles, over time, cumulative? I think the factor that has to have a standard metric is going to be displacement..., then, perhaps it's solvable in the form of some equation. (For that matter, someone probably already has done the calculus..., I haven't come across it, yet.) But, honestly, I don't know - just offering this concept as a suggestion to lead to the answer, or as a point of confusion that I have around the question/topic.
  5. Well, Happy Birthday To You ! Party like Elvis! Hat and all.
  6. From Wikipedia: Horsepower (hp) is a unit of measurement of power, or the rate at which work is done. [...] The term was adopted in the late 18th century by Scottish engineer James Watt to compare the output of steam engines with the power of draft horses. Bonus question: How many hp is a Carver M1.0t MkII Opt2 amp? 😉
  7. Wasn't it Bluto, or Brutus (both names apparently were used). Another story of Popeye, I found on the internet..., so it must be true, is that the character was based on a real person, named Frank "Rocky" Fiegel, of Illinois. Story here: https://rare.us/rare-news/history/frank-rocky-fiegel-popeye/
  8. I dunno, I sent him an Ebay message, he replied with "I sold the CC last year." Nothing else.
  9. happy belated b'day @Sk1Bum
  10. What a great guy. Prayers, always.
  11. We're in the 40s today (Chicago-land). 30's yesterday, 20s the day before, 50's the day before that... Chicago-land suburbia
  12. Congratulations, Kevin! Thank you Charley for your endless generosity.
  13. Welcome! The manuals section of the site is under construction - but someone here might have that service manual you seek. Other techs will come along... If nothing else, good to have you join. We love pictures of gear..., show off your setup. Curious, how did you come across silver 7t transformers? That's odd - are you selling? Someone might want those. Welcome to our little piece of paradise!
  14. Excellent deal. The TFM-35 is desirable over the TFM-35x (IMHO), if not just for the gain control on the front! With @Nahash5150's work on it, it's an even better value at this price. Good luck with the sale, @Zenith4me.
  15. Beautiful unit, champagne karma, super act of generosity. Thank you Charlie. I've got a 4000t, so not in. Good luck to all. Karma-returns are in your future, Charley.
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