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  1. To me, the C4000 with its internal amps, confuses things..., 


    I have and use daily a 4000t.


    The surround channels are driven by proper external Carver amps, e.g., when set up for that purpose, I have an M4.0t on main L and R, an M1.0t on surround L and R, and C is driven by a power-steered m1.5.


    In addition to the technical thoughts above, this for me is Just how I like it..., YMMV.

  2. 23 hours ago, RBQ said:

    Yeah I had a great experience with White Oak doing the WOPL mod. 


    Welcome again, @RBQ.


    Well, I should share..., (been just slow at posting a thread on this...) but...,   A friend on the Phoenix site helped me WOPL my Carver Corp., C-500.  Very similar to the PL400, but with an extra row of transistors.  Fun project..., if I ever get spare time to organize all the photos, I may post a thread.  But, to be sure, a WOPL C-500 is one rare and interesting piece in my collection.


    WOPL folks were very good to work with.   ...oh, and yes, don't forget the DC Protection module... 😉 


    OK, realizing I'm the kettle calling the pot black, here..., a photo of proof that my C-500 WOPL exists...


    Looking forward to seeing your photos of your rig, too.



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  3. Welcome, @RBQ.  That PL400II is a nice amp.  The m1.5t will be a different but also excellent experience.   Your ears will tell you which you prefer.


    I have a Carver C-400, which is similar to the PL, but was the first amp Carver Corp put out after Bob Carver reformed post PL.  I like it.  and also like my m1.5's.


    OCCD is a disease that keeps many amps in the stable for different interests your own ears may demand.


    Looking forward to learning how your project to refresh your 1.5t amp goes.  Please post!  (and we like pictures !!)


    Oh, lots of good guys from PL days on that Phoenix site.  Glad you found it, and glad you found us too.



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  4. So I'm reading the Product Blurb on the pair designed for the MG3x series..., and feel like I might be getting into the realm of cables and magnets... 


    Made of seven individual types of material combined to optimize the performance of the speakers. Especially offering gains in transparency, sound-staging, added bass extension and authority. This design offers an almost spooky see through like electrostatic clarity while maintaining your speakers’ musical authenticity.


    I'm all good with that. Maybe there's adamantine steel in there too!  I like a little folklore, mystery, and beauty with a cosmetically attractive package.  Why, that's the difference between a lot of things..., and I'm all ok with that.   Falling into this abyss, 😉   hmmm, now where's the link to the Kimber Cable website LoL!  


    BTW, I'm being serious and silly - not trying to be critical, or light anyone's fuse..., I like cool stuff like this...


    The only thing about the MG3a magnarisers is that these speakers are already 6ft tall..., from my observation, the magnarisers are more about stiffening and providing a better anchor over the stock feet.  From the picture, it looks like they only raise the speaker about 1 inch (guessing).

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  5. 13 hours ago, chiroacademy said:

    Loved it. I watched in 3 consecutive days and wish there was more. I have over 70 Beatles albums (mono, stereo, alternate, different pressings…) have loved the Beatles since I first saw them on Ed Sullivan. 

    Hi @chiroacademy Good to see you back, and posting. 


    Hope you are doing well, Mike.

  6. Welcome to the forum, @Jaws  


    Nice handle.  My (very attractive) sister in law had "JAWS" on her license plate on her convertible..., and, well..., got some interesting reactions (and propositions) at stop lights... LoL.  In reality, JAW or J. A. W., were her initials, and JAWS was just a way to say the possessive, that it was her "Audi A-5 Cabriolet"...  It's amazing what conclusions people will draw. 😉 (and, no, I'm not drawing any conclusions here..., just sharing a funny story ! )  For the record, my wife is better looking so no one draws the wrong conclusion about me in my story above... Hah!


    Seriously, @Jaws, glad to have you aboard.  In a bit, you should be able to poste pictures.  There were some variations during production of the Amazing Silvers.  And, it can be an interesting forensic hunt to figure out which you specifically have..., changes to drivers, and to crossovers..., which, probably don't really matter in the grand scheme of using your amazing and awesome speakers..., unless you want to experiment.  Lots of info can be gleaned here, in the Manuals library as well as the schematics posted there, and even from some threads.


    Great (Amazing) speakers those are really awesome.


    Post some pictures of your set-up.  We love pictures !!

  7. 2 minutes ago, Dave in Md. said:

    Interesting info . Maybe I should re-phrase my question . If buying a CD player today , what is the best available unit out there ?


    Check out this recent thread.


    Best Oppo replacement - source reviews - TheCarversite!


    BTW, your question is a tough one..., it's going to be full of opinion..., and, what matters most is your own ears... 😉 


    Save those CD's !! and vinyl.  Prices are going up on that content.  LoL.

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  8. 10 minutes ago, Dave in Md. said:

    Fill me in on the oppos please . Is this a brand ? I am only worried about the Time Lens feature on the Carver , do these OPPOs have the same sound as the Carver DTLs ? Thanks for the reply Andrew .


    Oppo is a brand.  The no longer make disk players..., and many are very sad that they got out of the business.


    Their products are recognized as being able to read just about ANY disk, and they have generally top-of-the-line DACs that create the best result from the bits and bytes on the CD/DVD/SACD/BlueRay, etc disk.


    I have some CD's that the DTL-200 will not read..., but the Oppo will.


    Models people like"  95, 97, 103, 105, 205..., used, they go for a high price, on Ebay..., but are worth it - with patience, you'll find one at a price to fit your budget..., scour Craigslist, FB marketplace, and other sources...  Oppo also still services them, even though the company now is making Cell Phones.


    Regarding "DTL", Carver's Digital time Lens is something that was developed 30+ years ago to soften/improve the early CD's in production that were poorly mastered in launching of CD audio technology...  It was a great invention back then, but really unnecessary with modern CD mastering..., lots of opinion on this..., of course.  But A-B side-by-side comparison of DTL-200 and an OPPO will let your own ears decide.  I never run my DTL-200 with the DTL button engaged - others may have different opinions.  


    BTW, when I DO run my DTL-200, I run the output through a Musical Fidelity Tube Buffer, between it and the C-1 preamp.  That treatment I find pleasing.


    Good luck on your journey!

  9. Welcome @Dave in Md., glad you found us.


    On your DTL 200 CD player..., a few thoughts for you...


    If it's been stored for 30 years..., it's likely that all it needs is a new belt.  Do a search on the forum, or even on Ebay, for a new belt - that unit takes 2 belts, same size for both.  Easy fix if that is all it is.  Those CD players either die catestrophically, or just belts - most often the latter.


    I like the DTL in the stack..., it's a nice cosmetic match.


    HOWEVER, it's very old CD technology..., and, well, a modern CD player like an OPPO, or recent panasonic or marantz, with a modern DAC, is going to give you a much richer experience with your other Carver gear..., most here will tell you that upgrading that source unit is worth considering. 


    (Full disclosure, I have a DTL-200, for the "look" but also two Oppo's... and use the oppo for listening.)


    Welcome, and someday soon, post some pictures of your gear ! We love pictures !

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  10. Merrry Christmas To All.  And enjoy the time playing Santa..., 😉 



    Best Wishes to enjoy time with your family and friends and experience the joy of giving, sharing, and thinking of your fellow man.



    And, don't forget to remember for a moment, the reason for the season..., 


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  11. 4 hours ago, SteveFord said:

    That Rega Saturn-R showed up today and it's really, really impressive.


    I noticed that unit has digital inputs?  Is that to allow use of the internal DAC with other digital sources? 


    Hmmm, (pondering out loud) could that Wolfson make streaming content better?

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