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  1. I agree with the "Beautiful system " comment. As to the temperature, I don't see a freaking minus sign in front of that number. What? Too hot to go golfing. 😉
  2. Congrats on the Maggie's, @Lance! Glad you're getting the C1 and M500t reworked. 😀 It's a shame so many bands just focus on the loud rather than the good sound. Far too many soundmen just don't get it and can't do a decent job as a result. When they do, the results are fantastic. Big Sugar should have been a great show - sorry it got blown out.
  3. Great - it's good to have someone filling the gap between the West coasters, and those of us, more mid-country (I'm just East of Toronto). Not much, from the East Coast, at least among active participants, right now.
  4. Welcome, @Chris Della Mattia! Nice setups, indeed! I can imagine that the only way to reasonably get those Amazing Silvers, up, North of the '49th, would have been an epic roadtrip, and I suspect they would not have appreciated the trek. I'll second @DrummerJuice's question, as to where in this snow buried, frigid land are you (and Owen, you can go do something rude with your weather out there - I had to dig out my snowblower, today!)?
  5. Happy Birthday @67bird, @Kjohn1234, and @MLB111! Hopefully you will all sped the week celebrating another happy spin around our favorite star!
  6. Move over Greatful Dead, there's a Wall of Sound to take the crown. 😮 What's scary is that's only one of each, not pairs.
  7. Sorry Zack's Dad - how did I manage to miss such an important event?!?! Hope you are still celebrating!
  8. Congrats indeed - it's clearly headed to a very good home.
  9. You can see and hear in all of them, what that Unification means. At that time, the company I worked for had a couple who worked as our German sales reps. As fate would have it, they were in Berlin at the time they first opened the borders. They were visiting us less than 2 weeks later and some of the stories they told were nothing short of amazing. You could feel the sense of reunion and restoration from them. Truly an amazing time. 🙂
  10. I wish I had the time and energy, or I'd happily volunteer. 🙁
  11. Very cool - I can sure see where and why I stopped listening to pop.
  12. Or perhaps positive AND negative directions simultaneously. 😔
  13. Yes, likely juse the closing scene - without the horses...
  14. Full mark on all the answers, above! I'm just dreading the day someone tries a remake of Blazing Saddles or any other Mel Brooks creation.
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