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  1. Welcome to the group! Wow - they don't make them like THAT anymore. You have some very cool vintage toys there!
  2. Well done keepin' ahead of the old boney guy with the scythe, for yet another year!!!! Keep running, but take time to celebrate!!! 🎂
  3. Congrats @4RUNNER - you seem to be making quite a habit of this - at least once a year, it seems! Live it up!!!!! 🎂
  4. And we think it's cool to answer them!
  5. Redneck truck cap...?
  6. But does the other side of the sign say "Sidewalk Begins"....?
  7. What? Again? You're making a habit of this - you keep it up and in a few more years you'll start to get old! Live it up!!! You've earned it!!!
  8. Envy Of None - this is a new project including Alex Lifeson (of Rush) as a member. If you are looking for a Rush album, this is not it. If you are looking for something fantastic in the Rock / Prog-ish realm, it's fantastic. I'd heard one sample song before getting the album, and was somewhat uncertain about it. It turns out that was by FAR the weakest piece on the album. This one is going to live in my CD player and car for the next while. Easily the best new music I've come across in quite a while. BTW, if anyone thinks Alex is no longer on his game, you'd be extremely wrong. Amazing musicianship from all members of the group, and incredible sound - very well, and properly produced - just watch out for your subs!!!
  9. Does it, at least, play a tune when braking? Or is that breaking...?
  10. Solved that one, years ago. Seat AND lid DOWN!!! Not doing so leads to something called a "wet cat event!" 🙀 That is to be avoided at all costs!" Far FAR FARRR worse than a wet pussy event! 😾 Trust me on that!!! Just trust me - I'm an expert! 😹
  11. Happy Birthday... ?????
  12. Congrats on your new Radioactive Status, @RobertR!!! Whether it's a blessing or a curse is definitely up in the air, but an early thanks for all you manage to do. Good luck!
  13. Welcome, @bdc, from a not-quite retired old guy from Canada. Glad you decided to join in the conversation. Sorry I can't offer much on the CD Transport issue you have, but do watch for a suitable donor unit. Often belts will go and people sell them as needing repairs, for a good price, and the transport is still fine. Good luck on it, and if I see one pop up anywhere I'll let you know. For now, join in the conversation, and remember to enjoy the music.
  14. RIP, sir! Thanks for your legacy!
  15. What???? You're human?!?!?!?!?!?!
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