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  1. Brian_at_HHH


    Take care, and try to stay well!!!
  2. Brian_at_HHH


    Welcome back to the land of the (still...?) living, @sKiZo! Take it slow and make sure you completely recover. Here's looking forward to next year's needle for you!
  3. It ever worked? And did anything useful?
  4. Stay safe, stay well, but CELEBRATE, John!!!!!
  5. Brian_at_HHH


    We don't have any, anymore.
  6. Brian_at_HHH


    Maybe those mercury pills were valid after all... Then again .... not!
  7. Congrats! Hope you manage to celebrate amisdt all the chaos!!!!
  8. Brian_at_HHH


    It's okay, just leave it set at 11 !
  9. That, unfortunately, is not a factor these days. One of these days, perhaps.
  10. I keep wandering over to their site, and virtually drool over them. Hearing the way you talk about them keeps them very close to the top of my want list.
  11. I haven't heard them, but I admit to being tempted a few times that I've seen some good deals on them. I suspect they would not be an improvement over what I currently have (Mission M74's), so I've passed, for now.
  12. I am SOOOOOOO not worthy..... sigh.... But I DO have aspirations!!!!
  13. Congrats AJ and to you TOO @Charlie - you single-handedly managed to get life from countless people who have not appeared active here in ages. Really nice to see so many of them are still here and clearly reading posts.
  14. Shouldn't we be experts on that, here?!?!?! Just sayin'.............
  15. Brian_at_HHH


    Sadly, things like child abuse don't make for exciting, sell-able news. 🙁
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