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  1. Rock On, Dude! Today, and the next 364 un-Birthdays!!
  2. All passing are sad. Some hurt far more than others. I only knew Wayne from postings, here, but somehow, his passing really cuts deeply. RIW, Wayne, the world is a better place for you having been in it.
  3. Whimper! You, sir, have an evil streak that is truly in keeping with your current avatar!
  4. @jazzman53, I'm so sorry for you and your family - this has been an incredibly sad time for so many of us. Grief seems to be waiting around every corner, of late. All my sympathy.
  5. Thanks for letting us know @sea - that is truly very sad news. All my kindest wishes for him and his family - I only hope he is able to spend his time without too much pain or discomfort.
  6. Crap man - hope you have indoor plumbing, and it doesn't freeze. We often get a touch of that later on, but that's wicked cold! Try to stay in, stay warm, and consider hibernating until Spring .. Likely around July or so!
  7. Welcome to the group. You're definitely in the right place for help with your Carver gear. There are plenty of very knowledgeable people, here, who can guide you, or in serious cases, do repairs. Carver gear is eminently maintainable, thanks to people like we have here. There are also those of us who are more comfortable with the covers safely screwed on, where our clumsy fingers are safely out of the way of things that can go Zap! I'm sure the techs will offer advice on your amp and receiver issues. With respect to the Silver 7 components, what are you looking to do? Sell them, build something with them? Find the rest of the pieces to (re)create Silver-7's? In the mean time, welcome, and remember to enjoy the music!
  8. Will the cops have to carry munchies to feed it after a positive result? And what level is impaired? 4.20?
  9. Having watched a few videos of people doing teardowns and repairs on Carver Cubes, it's left me with a few thoughts: I admire the Bobfather even more for being able to pack all that electronics into that little space. Wow. Any tech brave enough to venture repairs or updates on one deserves total admiration (or help getting to a shrink). I don't think I could bring myself to ask anyone, here to take on a Cube repair - I like you all way too much! The idea of not being able to test things while it's running because it all has to be "together" is not for the faint of heart. Basically you make a SWAG and put it back together and hit the switch ... then do it again when it still isn't right. Carver cubes are extrememly cool! But for me, I'll stick to something that you (meaning a competent tech) can take the top off of and have easy(ish) access. @Bonzoro that's a great set of gear, and a total trip down memory lane. @jeffs see point 2 above for even contemplating that fix - here's hoping it turns out to be really simple to find and fix. Good Luck!!!
  10. What can I say - I've spent far too many years in the industry, and had to fix far too many computers for friends and family.
  11. Thanks @Charlie - I appreciate the tip on REVO - I'll defnitely have a look at it. I don't suppose I can run it on myself, eh? I was getting the nag screens, typcally a couple of times a day, and sometimes they would not give a "go away" option. That finally irritated me too much. I've been using Avast to good success, with Malwarebytes to suppliment it. I also have Spybot Seek and Destroy on my systems, but I only run that on occasion. Of them all, Malwarebytes finds things that nothing else does, and fixes problems that other A-V packages only report and tell you to do a manual fix.
  12. Great A_V, but the "please buy the pro version" popups got to be seriously overwhelming. Doing a proper, full uninstall also left countless services running chewing up resources, so do beware. It did (and still does on some of my systems) provide(s)good protection. I do recommend you also install Malwarebytes, and just use it every once in a while - with ANY A-V you use. ☠️
  13. Congrats Barry! Hope you are still celebrating by the time the next one rolls around!
  14. Now, THAT, is a nasty one! Thanks, @Charlie!
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