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  1. BaD Rod! Bad, BAD Rod! No Wolfie Biscuit!
  2. @EADG, That is QUITE the juxtaposition of topics between the first ones and the last! Good for you! Love the balance of tech and art!
  3. Congrats!!! Make sure you celebrate to the max that's possible in these times!! Stay safe and well, but live it up!
  4. WTF???? I spend half the day chatting back and forth with you, and you don't acknowledge it's your birthday, so I can properly wish you a good time? And you were STONE COLD SOBER!?!?!?!? What is all that about? 🙀 You'd darn well better spend the weekend or more living IT UP!!!!!! Or else, we'll make you do it again, until you get it right!
  5. NOW there's a good reason to celebrate! I was wondering what to live it up for this weekend, but this will definitely fit the bill! Congrats @Rockster2U - Stay safe, but not TOO safe!
  6. Yup, it's called using words with more than one syllable - keeps most Yanks thinking we're talking in code. (And yeah, I 'm sure I'm going to get sandboxed for that one - worth it, though !)
  7. Welcome to the group, Kevin! It's great having more of us from North of the '49th, here, even if you are way out on the left coast. Your story is all too familiar, so definitely welcome to the club of finally owning some fantastic Carver gear! Love your story - if you ever find that picture, PLEASE post it - that would be a fantastic addition, here! As for SH and DTL, SH, if you have an ear for it can be dangerously addictive. That was what left me overwhelmingly interested in all things Carver. DTL is far more subtle. For adding SH, pick up a C9 u
  8. Sorry to hear about the flooding @RPJIMENO - that really sucks. Yes, I can well understand not moving that Sub - short of building an industrial crane into your house, I can see it's pretty much a permanent fixture. Good luck sorting things out. Hopefully you can come up with a method of waterproofing them for the future - it sounds like you will need it.
  9. If you happen to take a break from celebrating long enough to drop by, know we're thinking of you and we think you'd better get back to celebrating properly!!!! Take care, stay safe, and make sure you find time to live it up!
  10. A really big Congrats on this one! Hope you are staying safe, but still get to celebrate it like you should!!!
  11. And where are the 4 elephants and the cosmic turtle?
  12. Done! Thanks guys! I'll let you know when they are off to you.
  13. No problem on the cost, Will - I appreciate having a chance to contribute something more to the site than my usual flippant commentary. I did PM Dennis to double check, but, if I don't hear back shortly I'll go ahead and get them.
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