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  1. WHAT?!?! Are you still getting older? Thought I warned you to stay young and stop that nonsense! Getting old is not what they made it out to be when we were young! Oh @#$%, since you insist on being another year older, just live it up like you deserve!!!!
  2. I'm so terribly sorry to hear about Barry's passing. All my best wishes and thoughts to Melissa and the whole family. Barry was a huge part of this place, and his presence will always be a part of us. Personally, I will miss him very much, and I hope he is at peace.
  3. Keep it going! Glad you missed the target! No stops for the next 25yrs!
  4. Didn't you just have one of these, like a year ago....? Congrats!!!! May you manage to live it up in whatever ways you love the most!
  5. That's about as classic U.H. as you can get. Feel like I just stepped back to the early 70's. Very cool!
  6. Welcome to the site, Mark! Sounds like you are already in touch with the right person for the ribbons.
  7. And to think they both look so normal, now. 🤓
  8. I wish I were close enough to visit. Barry is one of the main inspirations I've had, here, and has always been a real pleasure to interact with. I only hope that what time he has is kind to him. Take care, Barry!
  9. Definitely a Birthday Memory for Mr. BillD. Thanks for all you did.
  10. Nothing you would say would likely come close to the truth, anyway, @4krow! Those were exceedingly weird times in prog. rock shows.
  11. Wow, I actually got one - ahead of all the super fast fingers out there? Cool!!!
  12. Fish from Marillion, or an odd one of Peter Gabrial that I haven't seen....?
  13. Welcome to the group! That IS quite the collection - congrats on it! You are certainly in the right place for info on maintaining or repairing equipment - Carver and others. There are lots of folks here who have a mass of knowledge, myself, unfortunately, not included (what are all those pretty components stuck on that circuit board?!?!?!). Join in the fun, and make sure you take time to enjoy the music!
  14. Welcome to the group! You're obviously among those who know better, here. Those who make those claims haven't bothered (or aren't able) to understand how the technology in the Carver amps works, and they prefer to assume a good amp has to weigh as much as a small car to be good. I won't offer any advice on building or fixing (my knowledge on which end of a soldering gun to hold is iffy at best), but there are plenty of folks here who can help. In the mean time, you have my encouragement to dive back in and have fun, both at the build/fix end and at the all important - "it works, time to listen" end!
  15. Live it up @RPA-1 Man!!!! We want to read about it in the papers and on the trashy social media sites!!!! Barring that, just make sure you try to have a great time!
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