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  1. Welcome HOME, Steve! Nice to see you've found your way back.
  2. I'm with @Sk1Bumon this one! Last time THAT kid will ask her for sex!
  3. Your OCCD is minor compared to a lot of folks, here - at least, so far. And, yes, follow @AndrewJohn's advice - it doesn't really help the OCCD, but you are happier with the "journey!" 😁
  4. Oops! Late again? I'm going to claim the cold weather slowed down the electrons and delayed me seeing this thread, before, now. @oldtexasdog, CONGRATS!!! Live it up BIG TIME! That number certainly rates some celebrating!
  5. Welcome to the site, @Hal, and I think I may have missed a welcome to @Blueprintt along the way as well. It seems that both of you are well and truly infected with OCCD, so I can't offer any worthwhile warnings about it's perils to either of you. Hal, you had the good sense to get things refreshed. Regardless of where or who, with your equipment having been boxed up for a while, that was a very wise move. Also good for you for getting back into it. Refreshed Carver equipment can stand up against almost anything short of equipment in the megabucks range, and something
  6. Welcome to the group @oakley104! No sense warning you of the perils of OCCD, it's clearly too late, which means you fit in here perfectly! There are lots of people who can help out with almost any Carver question, here, so do feel free to ask them. I won't promise to be of much use, especially for the more technical questions, but there are certainly those here who can. When you get to the point you can post some pictures, we would love to see some of your system. In the mean time, remember to enjoy the music!
  7. Looks like I'm a day late and a dollar short, as usual. Congrats @itchitch - hope you are still celebrating like you should be! And rock that drum kit!!!!!!!
  8. I'm NOT touching the main theme of that billboard with a 100 meter pole, but does that also imply that getting drunk IS an excuse for a date? F@#&!!!!! So much for Sweet Home Alabama!!!!!
  9. That's totally cool, Itch! Way to go to your kids!!!
  10. You DID just step in it! Just don't lose sleep over it not being absolute perfection. It will be very useful information to most of us, and that is very welcome. If anyone wants to take you to task over it, might I suggest they be invited to take a nice long walk down the middle of a busy highway wearing a "Hit Me" sign.
  11. Where are the UFO's?!?! There are supposed to be UFO's.
  12. Welcome to the Site, Taylor - always nice to have another fellow Canuck join - there are a bunch of us scattered around, here. Your dad had good taste in amps - as others have mentioned, a TFM-45 has incredible potential and will definitely set you on the slippery slope of OCCD. It's well worth getting going. For now, join in the fun, and take time to enjoy the music!
  13. Welcome to the site and the addictive world of Carver gear. There's a wealth of information on maintaining and restoring gear, here, as well as plenty of knowledge to help you get there. Join in the fun, and remember to enjoy the music!
  14. Crap - late to the party, again! Hopefully, you're still living it up, and will keep going for a long while (not to mention countless years), yet.
  15. How on earth did I miss something this important? At this rate I'll soon need a new image that says "Happy (Belated) Birthday (Again)! Sorry about that - at least my usual rule applies that you get to keep on celebrating it, as long as we keep wishing you a Happy Birthday (and as much longer as you can handle! (Keep) Living it up!!!!
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