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  1. If times are good, people drink. If times are bad, people drink. If times are normal people drink. All that changes is what they drink, not how much. Sigh! Wish we had a profit sharing plan, but I'd have to drink to that, and I typically don't get to drink anything, because I'm always on call. Go figure. Guess that explains why my bwain is bwoked.
  2. Just thought I should add a bit of clarification to my last comments. I work in a largely automated Liquor warehouse, looking after the computers. No, we don't get discounts or samples - only all the breakage you care to sniff, and after a day or so in warn weather, that's no bonus, trust me. There are only a couple of folks here, that we would pander to, and I don't know how many of them are "good" customers - RodH, and a couple of others, in Ontario, Canada. I can tell they aren't doing their share of what we're shipping (probably pushing close to 200,000 cases per day), and we aren't the only one supplying the province. And now, someone's gone and done another study to say it's good to protect the brain. Thank's pal - you really couldn't have waited until it's a slow time, for us, eh?
  3. Yes, and having a heck of a time keeping up with demand!
  4. No, they're a very GOOD combination - each one contributes VERY well to the other!
  5. Oh good, our orders are already too high - now with all of you swilling away for all you're worth, I'll never get a moment of time off.
  6. Going back to the cassette question, if it was the cassette tape you are referring to it would have been Philips who invented it. But there were countless others in there that were similar, before that. It could be any of them that you are thinking of. Some were good-ish, and some were ... interesting...
  7. TOOO high a percentage!!!! Not to mention far too many aliens!
  8. I kinda figured that would be the basis to it's disappearance. I'm also not surprised that black holes form like that - it makes sense that a gravitational collapse of a massive enough star would have that result.Still it seems somewhat amusing to think of other possibilities.
  9. Okay, who'se job was it to watch the star...? How do you misplace a star for goodness sake? They aren't exactly small.
  10. Welcome!! Glad you found your way here, from the carveraudio site. There are lots of folks here who can help with your silvers, if you need it. And lots more who will be happy to offer moral support, in tackling the job. Make sure you have fun with it.
  11. Congrats young fella! That's an excuse for he whole site to celebrate!!!! LIVE IT UP!!!! Take care, and get back to 100% fast!!!
  12. Okay, it "used" to come as a zip. You just need a tool to mount an ISO as a drive ... or just write it to a USB drive or blank CD/DVD.
  13. Yes, they are basically a set of somewhat idividual tools for system admins. Use with a bit of caution as you can do some grief, but you can also work near miracles with them (as in making Doze work). There's usually an explanation of them, in there.
  14. Always worth having! You never know when you'l need it.
  15. OCCD isn't a typo. 😉 It stands for Obsessive Carver Collecting Disorder - an affliction that all too many of us here suffer from (well, we don't suffer, but our wallets do). Glad you got your plate back!
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