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  1. Welcome to the group! That IS quite the collection - congrats on it! You are certainly in the right place for info on maintaining or repairing equipment - Carver and others. There are lots of folks here who have a mass of knowledge, myself, unfortunately, not included (what are all those pretty components stuck on that circuit board?!?!?!). Join in the fun, and make sure you take time to enjoy the music!
  2. Welcome to the group! You're obviously among those who know better, here. Those who make those claims haven't bothered (or aren't able) to understand how the technology in the Carver amps works, and they prefer to assume a good amp has to weigh as much as a small car to be good. I won't offer any advice on building or fixing (my knowledge on which end of a soldering gun to hold is iffy at best), but there are plenty of folks here who can help. In the mean time, you have my encouragement to dive back in and have fun, both at the build/fix end and at the all important - "it works, time to listen" end!
  3. Live it up @RPA-1 Man!!!! We want to read about it in the papers and on the trashy social media sites!!!! Barring that, just make sure you try to have a great time!
  4. Welcome Steve! Hope your neighbors love your taste in music! They're going to be hearing it, by the sounds of it - even if the nearest is a couple of miles away! Sounds like a great excuse for another sub. Tough choice to have to deal with! Good luck with it and let us know how it goes!
  5. Welcome @tgoggans! Your dad, and now you, clearly had some great taste in gear! Not that the Sherwood was any slouch, either. Sounds like you have a nice setup, there - enjoy!!!! I can't offer much in the way of technical advice, but there are plenty of folks here who can offer advice or assist in fixing your components. I'll let the appropriate folks pipe up for that, but if they don't - ask, and someone will, or will direct you to Greg (Nahash5150) at nelionaudio.com .
  6. A very happy birthday, and best wishes to you, Jen for a MUCH better year than last year! Hope you are feeling better and stay that way!
  7. @Kurt, are you sure you aren't just Canadian????? We do that all the time - it's normal, here!
  8. Sorry to hear about your brother, @Sk1Bum! Best wishes to you and all family!
  9. "Wait!" Was Tom Wait's EVER young? I thought he was already around when Keith Richards was born?!?!?! 🙀
  10. Best of all, it plays several groves at once - many of them more than once at the same time (or a few ms apart)...
  11. Glad to hear you're okay, Greg. But don't hesitate to let us know if we can help anywhere!
  12. Greg (and Jen), a very much belated best wishes to you. I honestly haven't dared say anything, kind-of holding my breath that things would be okay. Be well, and good luck with the endless paperwork, bills, chaos, confusion and, of course, Jen's still suffering effects and side effects. Keep reminding here things will and are getting better, and will continue to do so. As hard as it may be, keep your eyes on the fact that she should be well, again, and it's only time. Last, but now least, even though you've no doubt done it constantly, make sure you both know you are there for each other!
  13. Welcome to the group! I see the additive nature of Carver gear, already has it's hooks into to - too late to warn you about OCCD, so just embrace it and enjoy the ride! I'm not remotely technically inclined, though like many people here, I'm fascinated with it. As a result, I've watched many repair videos, including for the M400 series. They are a real challenge - it's very difficult to access the components to test anything in place, and it's a definite 3-D jigsaw puzzle to get it all back in that tight space. Just take your time, be patient, and don't let the beast get to you, and it'll work out great! Good luck, have fun, and enjoy the music!
  14. Welcome to the group! Hope all the components fire up and work flawlessly for you!
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