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  1. Last time I checked, gas stations didn't work w/o 'lectricity, either. 😁
  2. Welcome to the site! You are not "dangerous on the bench," sir - at least relative you Yours Truly! The ONLY advantage I have is that I know I'm dangerous on the bench, so my soldering iron lives in a box - not close to the bench! All jest aside, glad to have you join, and for giving that MXR130 a home. There are folks here who can help guide you with it's TLC if you haven't already sorted that out. In the mean time, enjoy the site, and do feel free to join in with the conversations.
  3. A belated congrats!!! Hope your day was a good as you were hoping for!
  4. Had a hard time deciding between the Happy Birthday faceplate and the OCCD Lives Here one, for this occasion! Hope you have a great trip home!!!! Live it up, Will!!!!! Congrats, sir, and may the celebrations last! 🎂
  5. I do notice the CD says Analog-Analod-Digital, though. That now seems to be invalid, and could go against them for that lawsuit. Odd they would do that, given the true background.
  6. Itch, I'm sorry to say that you have it so very very wrong and backwards. Most atheists consider belief to be a fundamental aspect of life and a key element for those people who believe - not something to be looked down on at any time. Religion, however, is a totally different thing - it's all too often something that acts to control and dominate people through their beliefs. Most may start innocently, but rarely do they remain that way. Hold tight to your beliefs, whatever beliefs they may be - they make you who you are, and that's a good thing. 🙂 'nuff said on the matter - move on to the humour, and if you don't, I'll post a real picture of myself and you will all wind up in therapy!!!! 🙀
  7. Which one of them...? 😇 Yes, I think I just qualified for the title, myself!
  8. Congrats! Sorry for the belated well wishes, but hopefully you are still celebrating and keep doing it, all the way to the next one!
  9. Congrats!!! Sorry I missed the actual event, but good luck with the move. Hope it goes smoothly. I see you have some of the important stuff moved and set up first!!!!!
  10. Can't wait to get a copy of this. Absolutely classic APP! I've only heard the couple of tracks that were pre-released, but they were enough to make this a fantastic album. Wow, another time machine! No question they still know which end of the guitar goes where! I definitely have a couple of albums to add to the collection!!!
  11. The real question is "What is John Galt!" Answers: Subject of much fun heckling by his fellow Carverites! Not Dead Yet! Another Year Older! Celebrating a Birthday! Totally cool! Congrats!!!
  12. WHAT?!?! You survived another whole year?!?!?! Alive?!?!?! Guess you'd better get around to some serious celebrating, then, eh? 🎂 Congrats!!!!! Now live it up like you deserve!
  13. I'm Not Dead Yet! -- N. D. Fred In the all too short time I've been here, I've sadly seen many of the folks that were key members that attracted me, drift away, or sadly pass away. That has been offset by many new ones who have come in to take their place. I've made an effort to try and promote or make the most of the audio related threads that have come along, but given my ineptitude WRT actual electronics, I tend not to venture more than support on anything involving a soldering iron, multimeter (beyond extreme basics - no more basic than that!), or (God help us) an oscilloscope, as I would not be able to speak above Kindergarten level at best in those. 🤐 There are many many aspects to this group, and the all come out - good and bad. We're human, presumably intelligent humans at that, and as a result, we are going to disagree. Hell, I disagree with myself over things, let alone with others. Just remember what brought us all together here!
  14. All of that, in a nutshell, is what always drew me to Carver designs, and is why I have admiration for the man. Thanks Bob, and Team!
  15. Yup, the British needed something to add to their steaks as they watched the battles across the pond.
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