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  1. A belated welcome to the site, @boris279!!! That's quite the collection of gear!!
  2. Welcome to the site @JayGilb! Sounds like you'll fit in, here, perfectly! Though your work engineering is likely a wee bit at odds with the analog world in your Carver gear. Could be an "interesting" marriage, though?!
  3. All the best to you, Barry, and best wishes as well to your daughter, Amanda, for a quick recovery. I hope the new treatment works far better, and is far easier on you. Let us know if and how we can help! For you - Live much long and Prosper even more! 🖖
  4. All my kindest thought for you, Barry. May the chemo not be too hard on you, just on the cancer, my friend! There is still too much music to be enjoyed!!!
  5. Congrats Brian! Live it up, Sir, live it up!
  6. Either input should work perfectly for you, @johnbarleycorn. Tuners are typically a standard line level input. BTW, welcome to the site!
  7. Greg, does your better half know about your last 2 messages here?!?! I'm not going to tell her - she can see it well enough on her own. Wait - let me go take out an insurance policy on you - for once I foresee a realistic get-rich-quick-scheme!!!! 😆
  8. Congrats @chiroacademy - time to celebrate for sure.
  9. I don't know, Rob - I think I need to come and do some extensive Quality Control work...!
  10. And people wonder why I have a female doctor! 🙀😺
  11. Congtats!! Party like it's 2019!!!
  12. Welcome to the site! That sounds like a perfect combination of interests & talents for here!
  13. Congrats! The answer to the age old question of "Will he," or "Won't he," had better be he Will ... celebrate it properly!
  14. Welcome to the group, @nautinut! It's great to have you! That sounds like a great system. Good luck with the BillD conversion. We'll be looking forward to pictures when you get a couple more posts under your belt.
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