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  1. Welcome to the site! I dare say not many folks would trade a TFM55 for much, but the Sunfire is probably one of the few things that can be worth such a trade. I can't offer to help much with any Sunfire questions, but there are folks, here, who very likely can, so ask away. In the mean time, join in the fun, and remember to enjoy the music.
  2. Welcome to the site! Love your handle, BTW! You certainly have a taste for the best gear that can be conjured up for an even remotely tolerable price - very nice setup! I'm still stuck in the SS world, and afraid to go too deep into the black hole of tubes too much, but I completely understand the allure! Join in the fun, and as others have suggested, once you get past novice, we'd love to see some pictures of your setup. Actually, we'd love to hear it, but that doesn't translate so well over the internet. 😉
  3. Congrats @4krow! You're still young enough to go paint the town red - just not enough to carry all the paint cans needed for that. Have a great birthday!
  4. Congrats on your new toys! I'm sure both will benefit from some serious TLC, as would yourself, by the sounds of it! Take care, and get well - no more injurious (mis)behavior!
  5. Party time at A-J's!!! Let see how far away we can drive the neighbors out!!! Congrats to you - celebrate as much as you can!
  6. A belated welcome to the group @Imafed! The Chris(?) at Circuits & Things is part of the site, if not on all the time, and he's probably right to point you here to try and find bits and pieces like that. I'm afraid I can't help, but perhaps someone here will have a doner system they can help you with. At least you have it working which is the major part of the battle. Join in the conversations, and enjoy the music.
  7. Welcome to the site @C-Dub! can't offer any worthwhile guidance on the parts you may need, other than to agree with others that there are a lot of cases where it becomes necessary to "create" new capacitors out of multiple smaller ones. I've also seen where some people are creating adapters to allow a newer format cap to be adapted to the footprint of older (now unobtainium) caps. There are certainly options, and the various tech-oriented among us will help out - as some already have. In the mean time, please join in the fun, as well as tracking down how to refurb your amp, and
  8. Welcome to the group, Lee!! There are certainly plenty of folks, here who are happy to share their knowledge & wisdom, though I will except, myself, WRT the actual electronics.
  9. Avery belated Happy Birthday, my friend! I do trust you are still celebrating, and if not, you had better get to it, and do it right, this time! And yes, ROCK ON!
  10. @Receiver2000, I think I may have hurt myself. I haven't laughed that hard in ages.
  11. Those kids have come a long way! Thanks @Sk1Bum
  12. No angst over remotes in Chez @Butcher, is there? The Philips remote that Sk1Bum shows is used to drive a replacement volume pot, that some of the techs, here, who are brave, foolish, and willing to indulge those of us with C1's who are too lazy to go turn a volume knob. Not a trivial surgery, as they will tell you, but one that I have greatly appreciated - thanks Mark! I don't know what else might use the same coding as that one. It does sound like the Marantz and CT-3 are the same. I vaguely recall seeing something about that, here on the site somewhere, where the
  13. Just don't be downwind!!!!! 🙀
  14. Saw this one in my travels, today, and immediately thought about a few folks, here.
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