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  1. Your computers! 😈 Literally , yes - checking if you are exposed (tie the belt on your trenchcoat). You would be surprised how often I use the little USB key in my pocket to save the day at work! This little RPi gizmo looks interesting.
  2. Thanks a WHOLE bunch, Berkley - I am SO screwed!!!!!
  3. Sorry Daddyjt - you are WAY too straight & sober, and not into mysticism enough to understand Jon Anderson lyrics. 😀😀
  4. Lies! Based on that, I should never need to sleep, instead of the 26 hrs/day I need!
  5. A moment of silence for the doomed member, please.... Congrats @Zenith4me - a whole new world is about to enfold you, from which there is no escape. I'd recommend Hotel California as your first musical selection. Heh heh!
  6. Welcome to the group! Nice set of equipment! The upgrades will give you a huge step forward, even from where you are enjoying things right now!
  7. It's always great when someone who was involved with Carver, back in the day, joins - especially when they are active in looking after gear, still. You'l find lots of kindred spirits, here, along with a mixed bag of other nutcases, like myself. All of us share a love for great audio, with a particular interest in the creations of Bob Carver.
  8. Congrats, my friend. As always, you have impeccable taste. May you actually wake up one day and find that Morgan in you driveway with your name on it. For now, live it up the best you can.
  9. I volunteer to hold the pizza! No guarantees you'll get it back, later! 🍕 Good luck - let us know what it's like!
  10. If Only... Yes, this is something I would love to do someday. For now, thank you to those who post their experiences, so the rest of us can enjoy things vicariously.
  11. Welcome to the group! You certainly started at the right end of the OCCD spectrum! No need for warnings about it in your case - it's clearly far far too late - but what a way to go.
  12. In spite of seeding the fears of an out of control, OCCD-like feeding frenzy, I do need to acknowledge that the sound that emanates from decent Tube Amp can be absolutely magical. They one caveat, as has been noted, is that relatively efficient speakers are better suited. Good sounding ones are, of course, recommended. It is, however, possible to get a combination of tubes, amp, speakers, and source/preamp together that sound like you just came off second-best to Olga in a mud-wrestling contest, where, in the solid state world, odds are the worst case would just sound Meh! In short, it's a much more of an interactive journey, when playing with glowing bottles, instead of lumps of silicon.
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