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  1. Sorry kid - that's already taken! 😄
  2. Now if THAT isn't an excuse for the whole site to celebrate, I don't know what is?! Congrats, my friend, live it up!!!! BTW, what's the right form of older-er, intolerant-er, or openionated-er? Ornery-er works, at least. Or do we just jump to -est, instead?!?!?!
  3. I think that justifies moving him straight to the TOP of the list and pinning him there - preferably with switchblades.
  4. Good catch on those solder joints. Odds are one was a bit iffy and as things warmed it would start causing trouble. If it were an op-amp issue, it very likely would have come back. Here's hoping you're in the clear and ready to let the music flow, instead of the solder!
  5. You would think that hitting the EQ defeat would be the FIRST thing I'd do, wouldn't you. Well, step 1, Brian, and Common Sense, don't co-exist in the same plain of reality. Yes. I've been meaning to, but no, I haven't actually done that. Soon, if I can find that clue I've lost. Okay, tried it ....... NOPE!!!!1 Sounded like I was listening to a 70's transistor AM radio through a toilet paper tube. It may very well be the room (acoustics in there are likely a horror show), but it sounded dull, a bit boomy, and totally lifeless. i don't think my settings for t
  6. Gee, I thought that was what my Avatar already was? Do keep in mind that much of by babbling is largely tongue-in-cheek, and really just reflects people I've encountered elsewhere than amongst the great folks here! No worries, @PMAT - some folks just occasionally have very strong opinions. They aren't wrong, but I have to keep dealing with this weird state called "reality!" Again, the group, here, are FAR better than the average on The Net. In fact a truly quantum leap beyond the norm out there, which is what makes it fun to be with all of you.
  7. Thanks @oldtexasdog! The cabinet is actually an old, real wood cabinet that I picked up off Craig's List for $25. When I got my C1 & M1.0t I discovered, to my chagrin, that my current stereo cabinet was just a bit too narrow for the new gear. The double doors are actually glass - the doors being a necessity to keep naughty paws out. The lighting is actually very inexpensive LED strip lighting that I've installed, because I'm blind as a bat and wanted to be able to see things. I just stuck a strip at the front, bottom of each shelf, and wired them all back to a single power
  8. You would think that hitting the EQ defeat would be the FIRST thing I'd do, wouldn't you. Well, step 1, Brian, and Common Sense, don't co-exist in the same plain of reality. Yes. I've been meaning to, but no, I haven't actually done that. Soon, if I can find that clue I've lost. I'd say "maybe tonight," but I've actually said that several dozen times, or more. So ... maybe tonight. I do keep meaning to measure the EQ settings and make myself a template for the current ones, then I can feel free to meddle with them once again, and find a sweet spot for the NHTs
  9. Thanks for the info on the '275's - I know there are a number of folks here who have them, and many who are, well, drooling over them. We do very much like to hear what others are experiencing with them. I hope the suggestion helps, but do be careful - the last thing you want is to possibly damage the Op-Amps - they are a wee tad more pricey than a resistor. If it were me doing it, it would be a fait accompli - they'd all be fried, but then I can't wield a soldering iron to save myself (my fingers are still healing from my last attempt). This group seems to be
  10. I've had a couple of suggestions to do a quick update, and I do owe showing off the handiwork of one of our many talented members. Since first getting together my Carver based system, OCCD, and related illnesses, have not eased their grip on my poor addled brain, so more gear keeps following me home. My system now shows off my serious addiction to SH by having 3 different forms of SH to choose from and play around with: (1) The built-in SH (with Gundry mod) in my C1 preamp. (2) A bog-standard C9 unit (my first Carver component, and how I wound up o
  11. Welcome Pops!. Yes, tracking an intermittent problem is a tough go. A nice solid problem is so much easier - no matter what the subject. I can't help much on the actual electronics, but here are some things that ,ay help narrow things down. Does the problem happen on headphones, or just main outs? Does it happen with sh on or off. What about with the tone in defeat vs on? Is it on all inputs? Try to divide and conquer. These can help the tech's here guide you. Can you swap op-amps with another of your C1's? I totally understa
  12. Yippee, something really great to celebrate!!! Congrats Barry! Live it up, as much as you can.
  13. I had a suspicion they might be. Looking forward to when you can post a picture, or several. Interesting setup! Sounds like quite the interesting creation for the preamp. The DSP makes perfect sense for the crossovers. Well done!
  14. Welcome to the site. That's an interesting blend of systems you have hooked up. At a guess, is the Sansui doing double-duty as the preamp as well as powering the highs? Also, what are you driving with them? Yes. we are way too curious for our own good. You've clearly already taken more than a couple of steps, down into the OCCD rabbit hole - no point in warning you off. Besides, we like company down towards the bottom of that pit.
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