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  1. Great Karma but I've got one in the closet too so NOT in.
  2. Hello all, I’ve finally settled on my system and have decided to keep the M-500t and the M-1.0t amps so I’m going to sell some of my gear. The price of $500 includes shipping in the lower 48. I pack very well so there will not be any surprises. This is a TFM-35 amp that was restored by Greg. It has the typical scratch here and there but presents very nicely. Less than 5 hours of use. I did notice a slight humming but from what I’ve read that can be expected. With the music going of course you can’t hear it. I’ll post some pictures this weekend. The specs listed below are from hifiengine. Power output: 250 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo), 700W into 8Ω (mono) bridged Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz Total harmonic distortion: 0.5% Gain: 29.5 dB Input sensitivity: 1.5V Signal to noise ratio: 100dB Dimensions: 4.5 H x 19 W x 14.5 D
  3. Ok, looks like the winner is Maytag with 24: Send me your info in a PM and I'll get this out ASAP. Happy New Year! Carter
  4. Congratulations Dennis!
  5. I do love my cognac....lol. Corrected.
  6. Ok, I’ve got the equalizer all packed up and ready to go. The following members are in so far: BarryG 69 Packratt 67 PhilDent 46 Fluidcool 93 Dadvw 42 Bluefan 37 Itchitch 34 Maytag 24 Compwaco 22 Good luck all....Carter
  7. Very nice Karma! Good luck to all but not in. Carter
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