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  1. I would like to welcome maddmaxx to our soundroom. We would love to see you engage and visit with us in Bryson City next Fall. Welcome!!
  2. It is simply a section of the general forum under browse and then sound rooms. It will be used to communicate to this forum information about upcoming Carverfest events. The vast majority of those of us that attend would like for thecarversite members to be represented and attend. We want the event to grow.
  3. I wanted to let the community know that I have asked Greg to reactivate the Carverfest Soundroom on this site. Ray will continue to use his site but we have agreed to keep the two synced up so that people over here can be plugged in without having to join another site.
  4. Robert Anzaldua has asked me to put his name on Cabin 2. Hopefully Greg, Jenny and RobertR will join Robert and Zele.
  5. This thread will remain open and unlocked. please post questions and cabin reservation requests here.
  6. This will be a continually updated cabin listing. You cannot post to this topic. To express interest in a cabin or discuss reservation related issue.....post to the Reservation Discussion topic. This list will be kept in sync with the list on Carverfest.com. Cabin 1 Previously occupied by Doug Henderson Not yet booked or confirmed for 2022 Cabin 2 Not Occupied in 2020. Robert Anzaldua has asked for Cabin 2 hoping that Greg, Jenny and RobertR will join in. Cabin 5 Could be available with special arrangements with Tim's group
  7. Carverfest Cabin Reservation Rules and Guidelines The following is an attempt to update and state more simply and succinctly the guidelines going forward. The changes are intended to protect previous attenders but also leave room for newcomers to attend and establish their claim for future years. 1. Members who have rented a cabin the previous year for a stay of at 7 or more nights, of the official 14 Carverfest nights, will have the undisputed right to the same cabin the following year as long as a stay of 7 or more nights is again planned. The intent to exercise this right must be com
  8. We did not really use this sound room last year after Ray started his forum. I have decided to once again have this forum activated and kept current so that the users of "thecarversite" and others can stay up to date without the requirement to be active on Carverfest.com. I will be sure that the information does not end up in conflict. There is not a reservation list or any information whatsoever about CF2022 on Carverfest.com as of yet. If a reservation request is made here I will immediately post it to the other site making it a timely and official request (of course as long as the cabin
  9. until
    CF2022 will be the 16th year. We are so thankful to the group that envisioned and followed through to create this event that has meant so much to so many over the last 15 years. There were about 14 attenders that first year. It would be great to see many of them re-engage and attend again this year. Most of this original group have drifted away over the years and attended sporadically. However, I believe Ray Campbell and Mark Lucas have attended every year and have certainly remained active and strong advocates of Carverfest.
  10. until
    Annual event will continue with CF2022 being the 16th year for this event. 2007 was the first year. Many thanks go out to the group that envisioned and started this tradition. It would be great for many of the founders and early attenders to re-engage this year. Of the original group Ray Campbell and Mark Lucas have remained active and I believe have attended every year.
  11. Ray has contacted me and asked to place dibbs on Cabin 6 for 2021 leaving Cabin 11 up for grabs. RobertR has asked me put his name on Cabin 2.
  12. Cabins 5 and 3 are not owned by the main owners and have been excluded from our discount structure.
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