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  1. We probably will not know her schedule until early to mid-August. We are definitely going to have our get together just don't know the date yet.
  2. Carverfest is fastly approaching. We did not order shirts last year but I thought we would offer again this year for those that might be interested. We will offer Standard T's, Ladies V necks and Sweatshirts, all in a wide assortment of colors. Full graphics will be the traditional carver logo on the breast pocket area, Carverfest information on back and a memorial badge on sleeve honoring Eddie Mackiewicz. You can also opt for the pocket carver logo only. As in the past, we will collect $5 per order to cover at least one, perhaps two, T-Shirts for Bob and Peggy. You will notice that the prices are up from two years ago just like everything else. I am attaching a proof from 2020 to show the graphics placements and a rendering of the memorial badge for Eddie. Beefy Cotton T-Shirts https://www.hanes.com/hanes-beefy-t-crewneck-short-sleeve-t-shirt.html Follow above link for color selection $16 each - $3 Surcharge for sizes 2X, 3X, $4 Surcharge for 4X and Larger Ladies V Neck https://www.gildanbrands.com/en-us/gildan-5v00l Follow above link for color selection $16 each - $3 Surcharge for sizes 2X, 3X, $4 Surcharge for 4X and Larger Sweatshirts https://www.hanes.com/hanes-sweatshirt-hp160.html Follow above link for color selection $24 each - $3 Surcharge for sizes 2X, 3X, $4 Surcharge for 4X and Larger Caps - Black, White or Charcoal with embroidered Carver logo $22 each Black or White Please message me with your selections being careful to use the exact color name from the websites. Some of the colors and names are close and we have had errors in years past. I will reply back with your total. Payment will need to be made promptly. Order will be placed with Screen Printer on July 15. I will take orders from those not attending CF but they will not be shipped until after CF. I will ship in a USPS Flat Rate Box, $10 to $22, based on how much you order Thanks, Ed Thanks, Ed
  3. I am not sure yet but I think I am bringing a pair of Ohm Walsh 5’s in Eddie’s honor along with his Black VTA180 Tube amps. I am hoping to have a beta unit of one of Bob’s new tube preamps as well.
  4. Martin and Charle put in their deposit yesterday for the full 14 days. Now everyone has put in their deposit. Thank you to all for getting this done. This is shaping up to be the best attended CF of the past several years. We still have time for some late comers to take a few in nights in the one bedroom tree house units.
  5. Ed and Randi's Seafood Boil We have normally had this on the first Sunday night. We are going to host again but the night will have to be determined. Randi has started a job as American Airline Agent and will not be able to attend all of the Fest. We will swchedule this for when she is there after she has her schedule.
  6. Stonewood Cabins Second Saturday Event Freda and Stonewood cabins will host the third annual get together at the yard on the second Saturday night, September 17. The details are forthcoming but if like the last two years there will be live music, food and drink. Bob Schinske can vouch for the quality of this event.
  7. Please use this thread to post any events that you are hosting.
  8. I am sorry to say that it looks as though James and his family may not make it. At any rate he has given uo hi sclaim to cabin 11 to Kirk. On the other hand I am pleased to say: Kirk and Darlene as newcomers Greg and Jenny returning Brian Lemmons returning James Lovell retuning RobertR returning after two years off LT will most likely make it for a day or two Carolee back after at least one, maybe two. Don't remember for sure. Rob and Zele will be attending but camping off site nearby also returning after a two year break. ....and.... Bob and Peggy back after a two year break. Rumor has it there is a possibility that we may even see George and Janice. It is great to see some newcomers and many old friends returning. All cabins are booked except for three treehouse units.
  9. I am not sure exactly what you have paid but I did look back at the calculator for the past four years. This is what I see for 14 days each year: 2019 $1695 2020 $1808 2021 $1891 2022 $2077 This is a 22% increase or $382 from 2019 to 22022. We anticipated a 10% increase from 21 to 22. It looks like to be right on it. Ed
  10. until

    This is the best number, (828) 222-0802. Try emailing keena@stonewoodcabins.com and asking for a call back.
  11. Yes. I actually reached out to the company that has done them in the past just yesterday. We are planning to offer T-Shirts (Ladies and Mens), Sweatshirts and Caps. Information about ordering coming soon.
  12. I am happy to Welcome Kirk and Darlene Shelvay to our CF2022 attendees. Kirk and Darlene will be in Cabin 11 from Sept 9 to Sept 16. We are pleased to them attend. Welcome!!
  13. I have not been able to get through to Keena on this line. The main number for Stonewood Cabins is 828-222-0802. Keena is struggling a little bit in her new role since Misty is no longer with Stonewood. Please be patent with her. Again, when you call to make your reservation know what rent you are anticipating from the calculator. If the amount she gives you is different by more than $50 bucks please ask her to recheck.
  14. Welcome to the CarverFest soundroom. I look forward to meeting you and your wife this Fall in Bryson City.
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