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  1. If there is enough interest I am going to make available t-shirts (Ladies' and Men's), Sweatshirts (No hood) and for the first time, embroidered ball caps. To keep it simple I would like to limit the shirts to 5 colors each, 2 colors for sweatshirts and caps either black or white. The cap will only have the traditional carver logo, no mention of CF. The shirts will have an imprint on the sleeve honoring Wayne. I will attach. I am thinking of having the normal carver logo put on the breast (instead of CF 2020) and the normal graphic with the dates and Carverfest 2020 on the back. This way people could order plain shirts with just the front carver logo if they chose, with or without the RIP Wayne. I am waiting on pricing but the preliminary indication is up about 5 bucks from last year. Based on previous years orders these are my color suggestions: Ladies' - Sapphire, Orchid, Pink, Blue and Purple Men's - Black, Charcoal Heather, Purple, Navy and Natural Sweatshirts - Navy and Charcoal Caps - Black and White Here are the links to see the t-shirt colors. Men's https://www.hanes.com/hanes-beefy-t-crewneck-short-sleeve-t-shirt.html Women's https://www.mygildan.com/store/us/brows ... ctId=5V00L Thoughts?
  2. We only have 65 days to go until the official start of CF2020 Watershed will release the remaining Cabins to the general public soon, July 15 if not before. Cabins 2,6 and two of the treehouses are still available. I would love to see someone jump on the treehouse. This years rates are the best ever for short stays. A seven night booking of a treehouse is only $877 all in all taxes and fees paid. A long weekend is only a little over $400.
  3. James, Treehouse D is definitely available. I reached out to Russ. He is not going to make it this year. I hope you guys do!!
  4. Right here. We would love to see you and Susan in Cabin 2 or one the Treehouses. Russ (Unclemeat) has a treehouse spoken for but I do not think he is coming. At this point it would be first come first serve anyway since we are past July 1.
  5. Eddie’s reservation is all squared away. They first made an honest mistake and charged him about $120 too much. It pays to use the calculator and know when you call how much to expect. It should be with $10 of that amount. If it is not ask them to recheck.
  6. Eddie, are you calling the most recent contact? Ashlee Nelson to make their reservation. Her direct contact information is 844.366.1214 or Ashlee@watershedcabins.com If you are please let me know. I want to give them a call if they are not being responsive.
  7. Remember initial deposits are due before July 1. The Watershed people have told me that demand is high for cabins. After July 1 the cabins will be opened up to the general public.
  8. I made my reservation yesterday with Ashlee. The total was exactly as the calculator predicted. Remember our contact is Ashlee Nelson. Her direct line is 844.366.1214 or Ashlee@watershedcabins.com. Please let me know if you have any issues when making reservations. Also, I would appreciate if you let me know when have done so. I would like to keep the Reservation List up to date. It is only 91 days to the official start of Carverfest 2020. I spoke to Bob yesterday. He is committed to being there.
  9. The new agreement is posted in the files area...... Here is a link also...... Carverfest Watershed Agreement 5.27.20.pdf
  10. Version 1.0.0


    This is a new agreement with Covid-19 related information included.
  11. Ok. I have had a discussion with Watershed today. They are open for business and looking forward to our event. They were totally booked for Memorial Day weekend. There will an update agreement posted soon but here are the major points discussed today. Our main contact is changing to a lady named Ashlee Nelson. I think she is in the downtown office. It sounds like the Drinkwater's now have control of that office as well. We will have her direct phone extension and email. Our official deadline for reservations and 50% deposits is still July 1. However they are asking that we make reservations sooner if we can. They will put in the new agreement that deposits WILL BE refunded if Watershed is compelled to close by the govt or if anyone who make a reservation is in an area with an imposed travel ban. I will be providing them with a list of renters soon. One thing to remember is they holding the 7th and 8th. It is possible that someone would come in for labor day and stay until Wed morning. Our hold only covers September 9 through 22. I plan to go ahead and make my reservation early June. I have already booked labor day weekend. Watershed has increased their cleaning fees by 20% due to more intense cleaning because of Covid19. I asked them to waive this and in doing so agreed to not have the cleaning every 5 days. I think most of us did not really want them coming in every few days anyway. We will still have a contact for maintenance issues like firewood, propane, Garbage etc. I will post the revised agreement as soon as I get it. Ed
  12. I have spoken to RobertR and he is not attending unless he changes his mind. Greg and Jenny are also not attending. Greg told me they were doubtful even before Covid and the fire on their property. I will update the reservation list according. This means that currently cabin 2, cabin 6 and one treehouse are available.
  13. It is only 112 days to the official start of CF2020.
  14. Ray and Mike were going to move to 12 but will stay in 11 where they were last year.
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