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  1. Welcome Martin!!!!!!
  2. Not by me. I am pretty sure their position would be to purchase the trip insurance.
  3. I am sorry to say that Kevin has told me that he will not be able to make it at all this year. As a result, now Cabins 1,6 11 and one Treehouse remain available. Kevin, we will miss you guys.
  4. sea

    Carverfest 2020

    Carverfest 2020 Official Days
  5. Cabins must be paid in full by July 31.
  6. After this date Cabins not reserved by us will be offered to the general public
  7. Hi Ed, I am the Ed(Sea) mentioned above. I am going tp PM you my cell number. Give me a call. I would like to discuss your ribbon issues with you. Ed
  8. Version 1.0.0


    CF2020 Watershed Rental Agreement
  9. I have recently posted a file in the file section our CF2020 agreement with the Watershed Resort owners. Please take note that we renting directly from the owners. DO NOT contact the Watershed Rental company we have dealt with in the past. The website can be used for reference but DO NOT communicate with them through the website either. I also posted a file with some information concerning the optional travel insurance. I will include the agreement below as well. Carverfest Agreement for September 2020 The following properties on the resort are excluded from this agreement: Watershed 3, Watershed 5 and Watershed Pointe D. Dates of stay will be September 9th - 23rd. Watershed Resort will try to accommodate any early arrivals or extended stays before or after the departure date based on availability. Discounts are applicable for dates from September 7th through September 30th only. However, only September 9th through September 23rd are blocked out. If days before or after are available at booking time they may be booked with the discount if the nights fall in from September 7th to September 30th window. Standard LDW, Housekeeping, pet and tax fees will still apply. Reservations for available nights within the September 7th – 30th will receive the following discounts: 1-8 nights – 40% 9-13 nights – 48% 14 days or more – 54% Watershed Resort agrees to hold all other properties for Carverfest bookings until June 1, 2020. A non-refundable deposit of 50% is due at the time of reservation. Play Travel Protection CFAR can be purchased at the time of the reservation to protect the deposit. Balance of the reservation is due by July 31, 2020. Carverfest group agrees to have one member responsible for the reservation of each cabin. Ed Atkins agrees to provide a spreadsheet by cabin of the responsible person. Carverfest guests will coordinate with David Dean to make their reservation. His contact information is 828-736-4792 or davidmdean1226@gmail.com. Watershed Resort will have housekeeping and maintenance staff on site throughout the Carverfest group stay. Watershed Resort will provide mid-stay housekeeping and maintenance services for each 5 days of stay at no additional cost, which includes changing of linens and towels, freshening up of living spaces, garbage disposal, replenishment of amenities including wood, propane, paper goods and toiletries. Watershed resort will not be responsible for kitchen areas during the Carverfest group stay. Watershed Resort will provide live entertainment and refreshments Friday or Saturday the last weekend of the Carverfest stay at the Yard
  10. Version 1.0.0


    PDF file contains information for optional travel insurance that allows cancelation with a full or partial refund of deposit and/or balance payment. If you have questions address them to the rental agent.
  11. We are very close to terms for this year's rates. Longer stays are up a little bit while shorter stays, a weekend to 10 days, are generally down a little. You will notice that Cabins 3,5, and Watershed Pointe have been removed from the list. These are not available to our group. Right now if everyone follows through (I hope) we only have Cabins 1, 6 and 11 available. Please reach out to previous attendees as well as newbies. Let's try to fill the rest up. Look in the files section and you can download an Excel spreadsheet that will allow you to calculate your bottom line cost for your Cabin for the desired days you are attending. PM me with your cabin selection and dates if you can not get this to work. I will calculate cost and PM back to you. I will be posting the contact information to proceed with reservations tonight or tomorrow. Cabins will be held until June 1 before being offered to general public. A 50% deposit will be required when reservations are made. The balance is to be paid in full by July 31. The deposit and payment is non-refundable unless travel insurance is purchased. I am trying to get details on the price and terms of coverage and will post.
  12. Version 1.0.0


    This Excel spreadsheet can be used to calculate rates for CF2020 cabins. Use dropdown to choose Cabin desired and then Plug in Weekday nights and Weekend nights (Friday and Saturday). The bottom line cost including all taxes and fees will be displayed. If you have an older version of Excel the dropdown box may not work. If so, please PM me with the dates and Cabin number and I will PM you the rent amount.
  13. Eddie

    Hi everyone !

    Ed I just sent you a PM with 2018 & 2019 info for cabin 7.


  14. I have only had one response. The reason I need to see some of these is inconsistency on the part of Watershed in the past. It looks like some people are paying reservation fees and cleaning fees and some are not.
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