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  1. Grand Funk Railroad I'm Your Captain (Closer To Home)
  2. Thanks @Sk1Bum and @Nahash5150, I can view the pages now.
  3. Greetings, Today I'm trying to open and read the "Mild Carver Car Audio Install:2010 VW CC" and this message appeared, this happened while I'm trying to open page 1 - 5. Help please. Thanks - Bobby1970
  4. Starting the New Year with LED ZEPPELIN Thank You
  5. Ripping, yes, one reason how the tracks sound, from my selection the tracks are mostly from 70’s to 80’s era selected dsf and flac files. Replay Gain applied a - / + on selected tracks. When listening a I feel there is very slight difference in the output. On tracks with + gains the sound seem to be somewhat stretched, I cannot think of another word for stretched.. BTW, thanks RichP714 and Brian_at_HHH for your thoughts, think I’ll have to read more about replay gain. Happy New Year!!
  6. Hi guys, am using Foobar2000 for digital files. The other player am using is Virtual DJ 8, not utilising the mixing features so much. IIRC it's been a year since I stopped VDJ. I have a question about the replay/gain feature of Foobar. I listen to albums but at times I need to do selections. I would highlight the whole selection and right click => select Replay Gain => Scan As A Single Album => a process appears and will show another box as Replay Gain Results so I can tick Update File Tags. Am I doing the right thing to level the sound output of the whole selection? Is there a permanent effect for each selected track that the next time I listen to their respective albums track's sound level will vary? Is there another way to use the Replay Gain effectively? (apologies for the not so clear screenshots) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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