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  1. Just found this channel this week.. https://www.youtube.com/user/jpdylon/videos
  2. A belated to the three of you! @67bird @Kjohn1234 & @MLB111
  3. I started appreciating songs from these albums late 70's from my brother's (R.I.P.) cassette tapes..
  4. Two of my favorite albums
  5. Congratulations! That C1 look so nice.
  6. Thank you for truly a great work. Site's working good here in the Philippines.. ..I'm missing that Go To Unread tab though..
  7. Same here sir. Daily work seem to go around like this plus the in-house repairs. Only that we have three clerks who handles each area and type of job. Smartphones provide comms to the farthest provinces and staff who are at the stores/service centers where computer is not available. Same here again Today important papers are sent thru viber, messenger et al, and used as valid documents as attachments. Of course there are lots of grey area here. I find my smartphone as an upgrade to my WALKMAN. So sad that I lost my first pair of balanced armatures... I am a commuter, daily from house to work and again. Parents play a very big role in the training and upbringing of their children. My wife and I raised our kids differently from the common kids, first it was hard explaining to them why, we are seeing the results today.. that include smartphone use
  8. Have a Rocking and a Sir!
  9. Wishing you a rocking and a.......
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